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One of the stories that I have read that is so Predictable yet hilarious.

Bakarina, the MC, is really lovable in her own way.
1st- is that despite everything has gone favorably for her, she is very oblivious and she acts as if she taking precautions for the bad end yet it really is just childish preparatiobs and that' s why she is so ADORABLE! 2nd- everybody is friendzoned around this story but don't get dissapointed that's what's funny, yet makes you think who is gonna win! *Wink**wink**nudge**nudge*

3rd- she... more>> is the center and cause of her own harem yet she is so dense! She doesn't see that. I mean really SEE that, not think nor feel, first is SEE. Bakarina doesn't show any flirtatious hint to the harem, that's why she is unique PLUS she is very charming despite not giving effort to. The story may seem fast as it skips time per Target Capture, but its really interesting and funny to read. There are some side chapters that tells you how others see bakarina through their lives. Which is helpful and again cute. Overall 6/5
Could've been 7 because I wanted another chapter of her more oblivious days. U know what? Just read it. Really though click on that 1st chapter. Just a sneek peek will do. Coz thats what I did <<less
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Well now, almost skipped a good read cause of a few unfavorable commenta here and there.

The story is not one of those - I have OP power I shall put it to good use such as reforming the logic of this world! Muhahaha!- stuff.

No, but still I really love it. Reading this cures me~ I love the adventures of the " family". I love the side stories from the views of others.

It's plot is well focused on raising the children. In all honesty, I don't know how... more>> the stories will progress... Who will join, how will the god and the MC interact more, how will the children grow, all of that stuff.

I recommend this a good read 8.7586/10 for those who just wanna have chill from life. Coz well if life throws you lemons, u grab that lemon and take a bite at it like a boss! <<less
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MiloSalad rated it
Kenkyo, Kenjitsu o Motto ni Ikite Orimasu
April 7, 2017
Status: c88
It's one of those stories where you find yourself relax but yet excited at the same time. And since its one of those transferred or reincarnated types, I thought that the protagonist would excessively be calculating on how to not have her bad end. But, reika handled it like normal person would and even though she was a different reika than the original one, she was still misunderstood at times. Despite that she still struggled to have friends and while wanting to not have to do anything with the... more>> 2 yumyums, not everything goes her way.

Reika is honestly one of my favorite female protagonist. I could sometimes see myself in her shoes when it comes to stuggling with studies and the signing part.

I find myself mumbling or perhaps shouting "AREN'T YOU SO ADAWABLE !!! " and " YOU CAN DO IT! GANBATTE! "while reading this.

IN regards to shipping! While my main one is under construction and idk if it will sail, my other ships have sank! Those hints, THOSE LITTLE TINY HINTS! [email protected]$*! And her onii-sama, hats off him! He is the best!

The story is easy to understand and read.

I didnt re-read twice a paragraph except those in which ones that my heart would pop out from my mouth out of the tickling sweetness that is described. Really!

And there were cultural details in which was hard to imagine but thankfully the translator did a great job of giving information about it.

All in all 8/5

Really... It's beyond... though this is just my opinion I really love it. Internet is scary. <<less
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MiloSalad rated it
My Death Flags Show No Sign of Ending
June 1, 2017
Status: c69
I wholeheartedly agree for the reviews so far. The positive ones.

The story just sucks you in like there is no tomorrow. Like omg! Like I swear, I would sacrifice sleep to read this.

But the story, and the characters, I've come to love them as the story goes. The plot is eh... has a few needle size holes JOKE! Its GREAT=AWESOME! MUCHO GUSTO

... more>>

What I like:

I like the MC, his strong, good looking (i think, coz ya know that one scene DAMN!), hard headed but kind and really thoughtful. And as you read the story further, one would just pity those who doesn't realize that characteristic of him. Don't get me wrong, it's not their fault, the author made a great way to make that difficult to happen by BA-BAAM! (A tincy little prickly and when I say prickly I mean it!) -If I was a character I'd get stabbed through my heart and be cryin crazy,

coz damn those words cut deep - "SECRET FILTER."

That's what makes the MC so "unique".

What I also love about the characters is that they dont know nothing,

no one knows nothing about anything, yet somehow arriving to a part of a truth among illusions or delusions

but still they stay true and judge whats appropriate on their own.

The plot... I can't say anything about this because well its not really a hole but left as a mystery that is tackled as the story progress.

The story is.... a vacuum, it sucks you in not leaving anything. Muahahhaha---


Anyway, this is one heck of a novel about misunderstandings that sometimes one would want to get inside and be a fairy god mother that just "FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!"

I recommend this 20/10, and don't you skip this story like I did based my judgement on the freaking summary that it took me a year to finally give in and read it.

Now, break your he--i mean enjoy

Toodles <<less
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