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Just Blame Me For Being Blind in the Beginning
January 2, 2018
Status: Completed
This wasn't exactly a bad novel by any means, but there were some things that just didn't feel right. The following spoiler stuff includes big spoilers for the story so don't read it unless you don't have plans on actually reading the novel. If you don't want to read it, just know that in my personal opinion, the male lead is not a prince charming, nor a "sexy cold stone CEO". He's one of those arrogant young masters who are usually the villains in every other novel.

... more>>

Why did the male lead suddenly fall for the main character? Her legs?... Really? Well, alright.. but why did he almost instantly become obsessed with her? It felt like there was going to be reveal where in the past without knowing him, she treated him really nicely or something and he's always remembered it. I know not all stories need something like that, but the way he acted almost implied that. It just made things kind of never connect, leaving an odd taste in my mouth towards the relationship.

The more important reason I didn't really like this story was because the male lead is kind of a horny a**hole. Every other thing out of his mouth was how he wanted to sleep with her, and then proceeded to. However it wasn't done well. He just came off as a s*x starved pervert who only wanted her for her body.

Also, he shuts down a movie role she worked her to get because there were "intimate scenes" in it. She gets mad because he doesn't respect her and her career and he rightly apologizes. You think he'd learn, right? No.. Later on when she's gone for five days due to a movie shoot, he suddenly flies/drives over there and sees the director yelling at her (and rightly so due to her nervous/poor acting at the time) and in turn yells at the director, telling him not to yell at the main character in front of all of her coworkers. How is that in any way respectful to her career? Yet does she even get upset this time? Not even remotely. Ermm.. ok? He then goes on to tell her to act like a completely different person when she meets his parents, more elegant and restrained. So.. you're basically telling her not to act like herself in order to please your stuffy pretentious parents. She of course screws up and he's actually upset with her until some s*upid thing happens and it's not brought up again.

All in all, he never changes his ways of completely controlling every aspect of her life, whether it comes to secretly setting up the movie deal she becomes famous for or trying to convince her to just stop working and let him pay for everything. I mean, I'm sure a lot of people in reality would love to be in a relationship like that, but this is a story about a girl who was more or less abandoned by her family and worked hard on her own. In the end it just left a bad taste in my mouth

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Demon Noble Girl ~Story of a Careless Demon~
January 6, 2018
Status: v4c1
This is another one of those Japanese novels where everything (story details, conversations, action, narration) is vague. Sometimes it's even difficult to figure out who's speaking what sentence, as there's usually no "So and so said". Anyway, for the story itself, it has an interesting premise. However, it doesn't really use it to it's fullest extent. I understand that the title itself says the MC is lax/careless/lazy, but that usually makes the story extremely dull. You realize you're just waiting for the end of each volume where something interesting actually... more>> happens. Saw that some other reviewer said that this is the best novel on this site... Would like to try a bit of whatever he's smoking..

The MC is pretty dull herself, even while you get to listen to her inner thoughts. We get it.. You're a demon who's being hailed as a holy saint/princess. Can you not repeat it every chapter like it's a surprise to you?.. Can Rick not grab your arm, drag you somewhere, and do a tsundere act every chapter? Can Noel not say something gentle/extremely embarrassing while blushing every chapter? It's just the same of the same in every chapter/volume. At the end of every volume, the MC let's loose her demon self and kills a bunch of bad people. While the first time it was pretty interesting, by the end of the third volume I just kind of shrugged.


Especially seeing as how that's when the dark beast reappeared. Felt like such a waste in how it was done. "Come back with me". "No". Battle battle battle. "I'll bring you back next time!" eh... ok?


I've actually noticed this in quite a few Japanese novels, but they don't seem to really care about detail a lot of the times. Each character will have more or less ONE personality trait that's always up front. For example, Tina, one of the MC's attendants is obsessed with the princess. Anything she does or say just HAS to be related for that. It's ridiculously flat, detail wise. The MC herself is one of those MC's that does whatever anyone else tells her to. If she doesn't want to do it, she'll say something like "no... but..." then end up doing it anyway. It's like she has no say in the story itself, and just follows along whatever the author thinks of, without thought to how a person would actually react.

I dunno, I think giving this novel a 3 is pretty generous. Besides the beginning premise of the story, it really doesn't offer anything substantial. Very plain and boring.

EDIT: Unfortunately, most of the chapters are now on moonbunnycafe, which has to be the absolutely worst site to read on an iPad in reading mode. The page CONSTANTLY crashes and reloads before getting to the end of the chapter, making it almost non readable in that sense. Every other website with a novel on it that I've ever visited and read on didn't have this problem as long as java script is turned off. This site is the only site that crashes this way regardless of whether or not Java Script is on or off. I've messaged them about it multiple times, yet they've ignored the problem. Due to that, all novels on their site automatically drop one star in reviews, making this novel a 2 star now instead of a 3 star. <<less
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This is a VERY generic "great doctor girl has a second chance at life in the body of a tr*sh young miss". Her whole family hates her. There's one prince (who's "crippled") who likes her, yet has a secret identity. Her marriage was broken with the jerk of a crown prince who regrets it. She finds out she's not really her family's daughter. Etc. etc. All of the cliches you can think of. The thing that kept me reading for close to 400 chapters was the really well done translating.... more>> It breathed life into this generic novel.

Unfortunately, around chapter 400, it changed translators. The new (and current) translator does a sub par job. Everything reads EXTREMELY stiffly. Instead of saying "Yes!", the translator has the characters shout "Well!". How does well mean yes? It's weird things like these in every chapter that make reading it very uncomfortable. We've grown used to the male lead teasing her by constantly calling her "wifey". The new translator uses "lady" instead. Doesn't lady sound like something ANYBODY would call a woman? It sounds like it's creating a distance rather than closing the distance, affection wise. The main character's name IS Baili Hongzhaung. The male lead's name is Dibei Chen. With the new translator, they separate the names. Baili Hong Zhaun. Di Bei Chen. Now, where I'm currently reading, the new translator writes below a chapter that they don't like the names "Little White" and "Little Black" for the MC's summoned pets. They want to change to to Xiao Hei and whatever the other Chinese version would be. Things like this aren't necessarily a problem, and usually wouldn't matter if it was only a few chapters in. However, after close to 400 chapters, stuff like this is really selfish of the translator to change, simply because they personally don't like the way it sounds.

However, little things like this, while annoying, aren't enough for me to say the translation isn't good. It's stuff like the main character shouting "I will fulfill you!!" in response to a guy trying to kill her. I will fulfill you?... What does that even mean?.. Here's another example sentence. To find it, I literally just looked down at my iPad on the current chapter I'm on, and it was the next paragraph. Wasn't hard to find an example, is what I'm saying.. "After all, with the Beast King in her hand, how could she worried about other Wicked?"....... Seriously?

Sorry, but this is a bad translation. It's such a shame coming after a great translation too. The sad part is I've looked ahead in chapters, and it unfortunately looks like the translator ignores any comments that attempt to point out recurring mistakes they make. They seem to have no intention of trying to improve themselves, making me assume the future chapters are never going to be any better. I may be snobbish about this, but I don't want to have to read low quality translating when I'm using my free time to try and relax and enjoy myself with a good story. I hope the current translator drops this and lets someone more experienced pick it up, as while it's generic, with the right translator, it has potential still. <<less
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Mavsynchroid rated it
Thousand Face Demonic Concubine
January 26, 2018
Status: c106
This novel disappointing me in a different way than other novels do. That's because it started out with a BANG! The beginning of the story, not what happened at the very end of her first life (this isn't a spoiler as it happens in EVERY rebirth second chance novel), but the first revenge action she took was amazing. It was cruel, almost in a sickening way, but still amazing. It was something DIFFERENT from the normal schemes between women in these types of novels. It actually gave me really... more>> high hopes thinking... This is a woman who's definitely going to take revenge to the extreme, rather than trading petty tricks with the people who ruined her entire life the first time.

However, this excitement was immediately followed by disappointment. After that one extreme revenge point, it became another generic novel. Every plot she's accomplished in these last 100 chapters is a scheme I've read multiple times in other novels.

The evil step-mother and concubine step-sister want to drug her and have her caught in the act of adultery?... She'll turn things around so it happens to the evil step-sister instead!

It's only these kinds of situations that happen over and over again, each more generic than the last. Normally, I wouldn't have minded it so much, as these kind of plain generic tropes are what we've come to expect from novels like this. However, again it's the beginning of this novel that got my hopes so high. I mean...


Peeling the skin from the man's body, having her master of disguise servant wear it to provoke the guy's brother into "killing" the guy, making the brother think he killed his own brother? Awesome! Then, taking bones from the guy to carve a flower, using his blood to color it? Crazy, extreme, but ridiculously interesting too!


This gave me high hopes. She did all of this with a smile, even excitement. It showed that she in a way was actually and realistically broken in a sense from what happened in her previous life. Except.. all of that went away. It became a boring "I've lived a full life already so I'm calm, always prepared, and can't be caught in all these schemes" kind of novel. A novel where thousands of times when reading you want to slap the MC for saying things like "they haven't suffered enough yet, so I'll keep them alive longer". Damnit, just take them into a dungeon and do those awful things you did in the beginning. Make it a REAL novel about revenge. After that, I dunno, have new characters appear, maybe ones with relations to the people who died become her enemies. It always annoys me when these MCs constantly keep her enemies alive and just poke at them with a dull stick.

I'm sure she'll eventually get her revenge in the end, but 90% of the middle of the novel shouldn't be generic filler just to get there.

The only thing that leaves me hopeful in changing this review score is that this novel is only close to 500 chapters long, instead of the 2K long novels. That hopefully means it won't be dragged out. I guess we'll have to see.

As for the translating and editing, I rate it a 3.5/5. This is strange since the translating/editing job is close to perfect. There are randomly some words missing here and there in the chapters, (actually kind of odd, never wrong words, just missing words) but that's not why I've marked it down.

The reason I marked it so low is because the author made it so every time you click "Next Chapter", it opens up a new tab. This happens to me whether I'm reading it on my PC or my iPad. As I'm reading on my iPad 99% of the time, this is EXTREMELY annoying. That plus him cutting each chapter in half (chpt 10.1, chpt 10.2, chpt 11.1, chpt 11.2), makes trying to read this a suffering experience. I don't know if he did this because some how it'd count as more clicks to his site (I don't know how it works), but it's obviously something he did intentionally. On top of this, between each SENTENCE he'll create a bunch of empty lines to make it seem like the chapter is longer than it is. Example....

Sentence sentence sentence sentence sentence sentence sentence.

Sentence sentence sentence sentence sentence sentence sentence sentence sentence sentence sentence.

Sentence sentence sentence sentence

Sentence sentence sentence sentence sentence sentence sentence sentence sentence sentence sentence sentence sentence sentence sentence.

(The spaces are actually double as wide as what this is showing, but this site seems to automatically delete those spaces to save space. Makes me wish the translator's site did the same thing.)

That's my example of the format. This plus tiny chapters means on an iPad at, even at normal sized font, you're CONSTANTLY scrolling just to read each sentence. Even when you're constantly scrolling, you still only get about 5-7 paragraphs or so content before you have to click next chapter, then go back and close the previous tab or else they'll you'll have hundreds of tabs after a half an hour of reading. This is an extremely uncomfortable way of reading. I honestly would have given a 5 out of 5 if he or she didn't try pulling these, to be honest, easily seen through tricks. I'm the type of person that reviews translating and editing just as much as the story, as it has just as much potential to make or break the novel since it's a translation. If he or she fixes this, I'll gladly change my score. <<less
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To Be A Virtuous Wife
April 25, 2018
Status: Completed
An extremely well written and translated novel. This is NOT one of those female MC novels where the MC is some super assassin or genius doctor who goes around amazing everyone at every point by accomplishing the impossible. It is what I'd have to call a "realistic" time travel reincarnation novel.

It's about a normal modern day woman who ends up in the body of a weak willed girl who's just been married to what is pretty much a prince. I know, sounds generic, but it isn't. There' no... more>> cultivation in this novel. Nothing supernatural at all besides the fact that she time traveled into this body.

This is more about a fight for the throne between princes, and even more so how the MC decides to live her life in this ancient era. There is definitely no instant love connection between the MC and ML. They both play their parts in the marriage while keeping their true thoughts to themselves.

It's hard to describe anymore without spoiling things, so I'll just reiterate that this is NOT one of those female MC novels where every "chapter" is really a page and a half long and the MC cultivates to grow stronger and pills, refiing, pets or men living in her body's secret space, yaddah yadaah yaddah. None of that silliness. It's a mature novel for mature readers. It's as realistic as a time traveling novel could be.

The only gripes I have with this novel are two things. First, the translator decided to leave WAY too many words untranslated, like fei, wei ye, ce fei, etc etc. When I say way too many... let's put it this way.. the first chapter had 36 foot notes, each when for translating a word, like Ce Fei means secondary wife. 36 of them!! Even things like courtyard, concubine, first wife, and eunuch were all left untranslated. In my opinion, this is extremely overboard. It got to the point where sometimes I didn't know what status a person had, and had to rely on remembering their names alone. That would have been easy enough except the characters also had multiple names!! The main lead was known both as He Heng, his real name, and Duan Huan, I think? Not to mention other names like er sao, or er sadi.. or something like that.. whatever brothers call each other... the translator should have just written Second Brother, or Third Brother. It was needless confusion in a fruitless attempt to make the story seem more authentic.... 36 terms to remember in the first chapter alone!!

My second gripe is a small one. I'm just always annoyed in these time traveler/ reincarnation stories where the MC NEVER ends up telling their loved ones the truth. That they come from a different time. They NEVER use information from the modern era to do anything. It always makes me wonder.. why do they bother making the MC a soul from modern times. Why can't it just be someone who doesn't take crap from anyone, without soul swapping? I get the whole going from a weak timid useless person to a strong one transformation, but why make it supernatural when it'll never again have any bearing on the story? Just feels like a useless trope they always add.

Anyway, loved the story. If you like strong female MCs and mature romance, give this a shot. It's completely translated too! <<less
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In the first couple of pages, the main character actually acts like an assassin and kills, but after that one time, the next 50 pages go back to word play, face slapping, and schemes to humiliate each other. No different from every other female lead novel, except the writing is much more generic. After page 45, the novel is now being translated by someone else, and to be honest it's terrible. Broken English mixed with past and present tense screw ups. I could only... more>> last 8 pages of this before having to stop. And yes, I've been saying pages instead of chapters this entire time on purpose because that's what they are. The second chapter alone was cut into 10 "parts", other wise known as pages. Sometimes feels like translators do this so they can say they've released more "chapters" than they really have. Either way, it's a poor practice. I'd rather wait a few days for a full chapter than read a page of it every day. It's more honest that way too to the readers.

EDIT: Dropped the rating even further after coming back after a few months to re-read and catch up. All chapter links after 84 are dead. Even clicking next chapter on the site itself gives dead links. <<less
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Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss
February 25, 2018
Status: c103
This novel is just like most other female novels, only it lacks a certain something. While the MC is just as "badass" as any other in a female MC novel, you have to wonder... Why? She wasn't some assassin or killer back on earth. Wasn't she a university student? Granted she was a genius in medicine.. so what? Now she stands up to emperors and people wanting to kill her? It doesn't make any sense. Keeping this in mind, it's hard to believe half of the things she does and... more>> says. It's also confusing that she can cure any illness, especially when she's in a different world and looking at cultivator patients, not normal people.

This plus the fact that the translator cuts the chapters into four pieces, if not FIVE pieces, greatly annoyed me. Especially when reading on Qidan, it's really a pain to have to go into their pointlessly complicated (relatively anyway) menu on the side bar just to go to a new chapter every 30 seconds, since the "chapters" are tiny. While they say they release two chapters a day, in reality they're really releasing half a chapter a day. Instead of there currently being 103 chapters translated, there's really only 30 or so. I can at least say the translating itself (after chapter 30 or so at least) isn't bad. It's just that the "chapters" are way too short, like most female MC novels. Makes me wonder what clown started this awful money grubbing trend. <<less
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Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear
October 19, 2019
Status: c250
If I had only read the first 100 or so chapters, I would have rated this at 4 stars or so instead. I really, REALLY enjoyed those chapters. However, after that the main problem of this novel begins to creep up on you.

This may be my first time saying this, but this novel eventually becomes TOO slice of life like. I say that being a huge fan of easy going slice of life novels. I think it's because after 100 chapters or so, the pacing just drops horribly. You'll be... more>> spending like 5 chapters or so with her creating a strawberry short cake and showing everyone tasting it. The battles at first are somewhat interesting due to her "cheat" like powers, but then you begin to realize they never evolve into anything new. Even the boring battles happen less and less, and it slowly evolves into something of a children's book. A 15 year old girl spends most of the novel hanging out with 10 year old girls, cooking food for them and acting SOMEWHAT like a big sister. It just loses the interesting aspect that was originally in the novel. She gets a new ability exactly when she needs it due to the plot genie, but even this is extremely rare. The enemies she comes across are extremely 2D and barely last. It just gets so... boring. In my eyes, slice of life has never equaled boring, but this novel makes it so.

The worst bone I have to pick with the novel is the character's personality transformation. She begins the novel as an OP character who kind of has a "blas

I used to wonder why there wasn't an anime for this novel series, but now I think it's pretty obvious that after the first couple of episodes, it would have just petered out into something gruelingly boring. Who knows, maybe it gets MUCH better in the chapters that haven't been translated yet. However, based on the way it was going so far, I don't believe that's the case. The author, proven by the many foot notes he leaves at the end of the chapters, doesn't have any sort of roadmap or direction for this novel, merely writing the chapters at a whim as they come to mind. This may explain why the pacing of the novel turns terrible 100 chapters in or so. I'm going to finish the last 30 chapters or so that's already been translated just so that I'm caught up, but if I'm being honest, I'm really not looking forward to it.

Maybe it's a communication barrier due to different languages, but I've always found dialogue in Japanese light novels to be extremely bland and monotonous. This novel makes it even more so, especially when any snarky or witty things are only said in her mind, while she's walked all over by everyone.

EDIT: One thing I forgot to mention. You'll start to actually get annoyed with how almost EVERY SINGLE CHARACTER doubts that Yuna is an actual adventurer. Now, I know that this makes sense with how she looks, but the author makes it a point for EVERY character she meets to act this way. Some of them even treat her rudely, but at this point she's already in Doormat mode, so never says a word in defense. The first time this happened, when she was still the somewhat cool MC, she beat the snot out of the person who offended her. Now, she doesn't even respond. While this might make sense in reality, it's both extremely boring and annoying for a reader to watch her get insulted and looked down upon without trying to even defend herself, even verbally. <<less
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Womanizing Mage
January 4, 2018
Status: c20
This is disgusting. That's coming from a guy by the way. The synopsis doesn't mention the guy enters the new body right BEFORE he rapes the girl, and decides to r*pe her anyway. So far every good looking girl he's come across turns him into a raving s*x maniac. Peeps on a girl bathing in like chapter 5 and jerks off into her underwear. Same girl later is meditation and her robe slips a bit and shows cleavage. Apparently his only options are.. A.) Push her down and r*pe... more>> her or B.) Fix her robe. Of course just leaving her alone is impossible right?... so he picks option B (barely) and still touches her breasts.

Honestly think the author is just a pervert with no real writing skills. It's not even funny. The girl gets peeped on and he's the only person anywhere close by, yet she believes him instantly when he makes up some retarded excuse of how it couldn't be him. Anoter few words and she's traveling with him. It's like the author was thinking.. "I want this scenario to happen so I'm going to say it happens. Who cares how badly it's written, as long as my never-to-be fantasies happen in the story.

Don't bother with this novel if you have respect for women or writing.

EDIT: Almost forgot.. translation/ editing gets a 2 out of 5. Horribly done. <<less
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World of Cultivation
March 19, 2018
Status: Completed
I'll go in to this review saying that this novel felt like two completely different novels.
... more>>

I absolutely loved the first half, with the MC being a lazy yet greedy ling plant farmer. His personality and interactions with pu and wei were a constant joy to read. Then came the battalions and the battles. After this idea was introduced, it became a completely different novel. Characters that were somewhat relevant completely disappeared. For example, after saving xiao gui and the other girl, they were never even spoken of again! Every other chapter was describing a, in my opinion, dull battle between battalions led by people who's names began to blur together. I don't know what the author was thinking, but I think he should have written a separate novel about war, rather than letting it take over this interesting novel.

Also, the MC's personality which I loved so much pretty much disappeared. I'm all for a character evolving and growing as a person, but I'm disappointed to see that he grew into another generic wuxia MC who could do absolutely anything with a flick of his fingers, walking around with a gentle smile.
The second half of this novel, plus the absolutely horrible and rushed ending really disappointed me. Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised to find out some crazy fan broke into the author's house and demanded that he finish the novel within two chapters by gun point. That's how horribly rushed it feels. The epilogue was pretty much two sentences of dialogue!!

To cut it short, I almost wished I stopped reading half way through.

P.S. Did anyone else find the explanations and descriptions of cultivation and skills extremely boring? Sometimes I'd even skim over them, and it wouldn't impact the story in any way.

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You can tell after reading the first couple of chapters that this author is not very good. Rather than feeling like you're reading a novel, it feels more like you're reading someone's day dream. "This happens, and then this happens! So she punches him. He gets really angry so he yells and threatens her." There's no flavor to the descriptions. Another way of describing it could be that it seems like a written script for a movie, explaining what will happen in each scene in a plodding manner. I think... more>> it was in the second chapter where her mother finds out she's not mentally disabled anymore.


"Mother I'm not retarded anymore." Mother tears up in relief. "Mother I want to practice martial arts." "Ok"

Then the next chapter starts with her mother training her in martial arts.

... Really? So boring! Were we supposed to feel something from that?.. Anyway, this plus the awful editing (another translator who can't seem to grasp the difference between past and present tense so decided to use them both randomly) makes this a novel you should skip. I'd only recommend if you're fairly new to novels and have next to nothing to compare it to. Once you read any novel that has substance to it, you won't be able to get through many chapters of this one. <<less
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Quick, Hubby, All Aboard
November 27, 2019
Status: Completed
Really shocked that this can be considered a completed novel. Not the translation, I mean, but the actual novel itself. Everything was going fine, a bit slow paced but fine until chapter 70. Out of absolutely no where, the author decided to end the novel. There was no leading up to it. There was no.. "Hmm, this seems like a good spot to end things". Nothing had even happened yet besides the female lead meeting the male lead and marrying. The chapter before was her worrying that her sister would... more>> end up taking her place and going through what she did in her previous life.

Here is an excerpt of the last chapter to show what I mean, as you won't possibly think it can be as bad as everyone has been saying. It IS that bad.


The days were a bit ordinary, but husband and wife got along well, and they treated each other with respect. Yet Dongting was not so lucky. Her past bit by bit once again fell on her. Third Prince put on a hypocritical show of affection and attempted to obtain her and thereby obtain the world.

Dongting saw the vicious, cruel Third Prince and was itching to hack him to pieces, but when she thought of what she had endured in her previous life, she felt that killing him would be too good for him.

She wanted to spare him and ruthlessly torment him instead. With Dongting and Song Yuming working together, they exposed Third Prince’s many evils. The emperor was furious and stripped Third Prince of his conferred title at once and reduced him to a commoner. Third Prince from then on was melancholy and lacking in ambition. After all this, Dongting went to see Third Prince and told him everything that had happened in her previous life.

Third Prince suddenly realized that everything that had happened to him had been Dongting’s doing. In his anger he wanted to kill her, but Song Yuming came to the rescue. Because he had plotted to murder the wife of the crown prince, Third Prince was ordered by the emperor to commit suicide.


This is more than half of the chapter by the way. There are maybe 10 more sentences. Each sentence was double spaced by it self, but I condensed them into three paragraphs so it didn't take up space needlessly.

In the novel, while the third prince (the villain who used her in her last life, not a spoiler as it's spoken about in the first chapter) is talked about here and there in her thoughts, he hasn't even shown up in the novel! Suddenly he shows up, tries to get her, then gets schemed against by her and her husband, then finally dies all in less than ten sentences.

It's obvious that the author just didn't want to write anymore, and couldn't even bothered to put in any effort to at least SOMEWHAT end the novel naturally. At first I thought the translator decided not to translator anymore, and just offered a summary of the rest of the book. Sadly, that's not the case. This novel was abandoned, and because of that, I don't think it should be considered a complete novel.

To speak really quickly about the novel content itself, I'm not really impressed. The interactions between the couple isn't really anything interesting or super heartwarming/fluffy. She gets jealous a few times, almost a bit unreasonably since they just met/married. He doubts her identity once, but it's cleared up within a chapter or two (TINY chapters, I might add.) Then the novel just ends.

Don't read this. While it may not take up a lot of your time, it will leave a bad taste in your mouth. <<less
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Mavsynchroid rated it
Virtual World: Peerless White Emperor
November 2, 2017
Status: c257
(some extremely MINOR spoilers)

Haven't been this disappointed in a novel in a long time. The reason being is it started out pretty darn interesting and extremely funny!

The first time the MC went nuts trying to loot a boss/chest was pretty funny with everyone blocking him due to his bad luck.

... more>> The third time was pretty funny since we already knew the reason behind it.

.... The tenth time?... Are we still supposed to be laughing at this every time it happens?

The same goes for him cooking something gross and people fainting or being sick after eating it. Must have seen this joke at least 8 times already, each one pretty much having a chapter dedicated to it. I don't get it... Did the author see that readers found it funny the first and second time, and just think he could KEEP doing it OVER and OVER again? It's to the point where it actually instantly annoyed me when I realized it was one of those two jokes again.

Next.. The background of the MC is pretty interesting. Granted, it may only seem as interesting as it does because the author gives us not even half a chapter of information every 50 chapters or so. The rest are a mix between what I mentioned above, and incredibly boring MMO boss fights.

The author seems to suffer from the same condition that plague a lot of authors who write MMO novels. They get obsessed with creating their own MMO world, leaving behind the character's stories themselves. I have to think that 75% of people who read these end up skipping over the stats of items and character sheets, especially seeing as how stuff like that almost never actually matters in the story, with the MC and his companions winning no matter the odds.

All in all, this story started out as something pretty interesting, but dove into something terrible and generic once the author must have realized he didn't have very many original ideas of his own. What a shame, as the three brothers are decent characters themselves with a great dynamic between one another. If they were put into a different story with a different author, I think they could have been given their just due. 200 chapters before they even left the beginner village.... though that may be due to the translator purposefully cutting the chapters into pieces to make it look like he translated more.

P.S. I can't stand the Thorny Rose character. A typical good looking but angry to the point where she seems like a mental case woman. Every time the MC does something that would cause a normal person to maybe glare at him, flip him off, or at worst shout at him, she physically attacks him to the point of biting him. This is another thing that has happened close to ten times. Forgot to add this "joke" with the other two above. Then she suddenly wants him out of all the people she knows to pretend to be his boyfriend?.. Why? She seems him as a lowlife. Why pick him? Why not any other guy she knows?

Ahh sorry that was supposed to be a short PS, but this story just really miffs me. <<less
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I'm shocked to find myself saying this, but there's a MTL version that's been edited to the point where it seems like a normal translation. I'm something of a grammar nazi who CAN'T STAND sub par translations, and that pretty much goes for MTL as well, so the fact I'm bringing it up should let you know the quality is good. It's completed, too.
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Sorry but this is just absolutely terrible. To begin with, the pacing is just horrendous. 3 years go back in like a chapter. He goes from being fat to in perfect shape in another chapter. He goes from being a newbie at blacksmithing to being better than his own master in yet another chapter. It just feels so uncomfortable to read. That's not even close to the worst part though.

The worst part is the MC himself. He's the biggest groveler I've come across in a novel. There was one Lord... more>> who randomly came to his territory and flat out demanded money and items from him and his father because his territory was starting to do really well. At first the MC acts pretty brave, telling him it's impossible and to get lost. Then, the Lord brings up that he's friends with the prime minister. The MC INSTANTLY turns into a groveling coward. As the Lord keeps insulting him, he merely repeats "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry." and "I'm sorry. We can give you items, but not money." Things like this............ WHAT!?!? He's the MC for crying out loud! Not one of those weak side characters who the MC ends up saving!! This wasn't some plan of his either. He was flat out groveling. Luckily, he's friends with the prime minister's daughter, so nothing happened, but he acts like this all the time.

It's so uncomfortable to read. No one wants to read about an MC who gets bullied and does nothing about it.

Besides that, the writing in general is one of those novels where it feels more like a disjointed day dream / fantasy the author has and just jots down. There's next to no description, and the jokes are so cliche and repetitive they just aren't funny. Seriously wondering if this novel was a novel for children and I just didn't notice. Feels like it should be for 10 year olds. I know this is a somewhat vague complaint, but if you read the first couple of chapters, it'll make sense instantly.

Lastly, the translation isn't awful but it's not that great either. The translator seems to have a problem with past and present tense, and the editors are taking him for a ride, leaving a lot of errors behind. Also, lately, around where I stopped reading, the translator has started the taboo of inserting "jokes" of translator notes commenting on the story in the middle of the chapters. Experienced readers should know that's a sign of a bad translator. Randomly making notes about how the MC should kiss a girl, then another note about how he's an idiot for not doing it. -_- No one wants your opinion man. Stop interrupting the story.

I'm always a little tougher on Japanese novels because I can't help but feel like they're a lot blander than other novels, usually lacking in description. This novel in my opinion, however, is absolutely the bottom of the barrel. <<less
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This honestly has to be one of the worst novels I've found on Novel Updates. This is nothing but a woman's wish fulfillment diary. The plot itself is pretty much non existent. It's about an immortal cultivator who just gets to the very top before being cast down into some cowardly princess (of course). However, after that it leaves that mediocre genre and just goes so much more downhill.

First off, is she a cultivator or a vampire? She randomly starts needing to drink a guy's blood after like 10 or... more>> 15 chapters, and the author suddenly mentions that blood was her food while cultivating... What????? She also has next to no personality. Not a real one, anyway. What I mean by this is, it's not like she never smiles or is really indifferent all the time. Instead, she almost acts like a side character, getting furious at a sentence a guy says, then worries about him in the next sentence, then acts smug and all knowing in the following sentence. Normally, having a varying personality would be great for a main character, but none of these emotions she shows matches a woman who's supposed to be thousands upon thousands of years old.


Close to the beginning of the novel, when she pretty much first arrives her in her body, she finds out one of her consorts got his eyes gouged out by her elder sister/princess. She then finds out she treated him like garbage after it happened. Her response to that is to first sit down next to the guy and literally just say... "..... Sorry." Then a couple chapters later, she ends up gouging out one of her sister's eyes for pointing a sword at her..... What??? You're both princesses! What the F is going on? You can just gouge out her eye like that? Why do you even care? You literally spent 10 minutes or so with this guy. "No one touches my people." Such a cliche and boring line.


It's just more random and senseless garbage like this, chapter after chapter.


In a brothel auction, she sees that one of the people being sold is a demon. Takes him home, and literally minutes later, another demon trying to kill him shows up and takes her hostage. So.. She bites his neck and drinks his blood..... WHAT!? The guy easily managed to take her hostage, but she can somehow bite into his neck and take the time to drink his blood with him just "pushing her away" after?? He then turns into a wolf or something like that. Just... so childish


It's like the author just thought up these silly cool "moments" and tried writing them down, but the other huge problem is that... Well, before I say this, I have to say it very well may be the translator screwing up and translating everything in an extremely simple manner, but I somehow doubt it. Anyway, the other huge problem is the writing is just plain awful. It lacks absolutely any details. If you actually take ANY amount of time to think of any of these situations in a realistic manner (minus the cultivation and all that of course), you'd realize none of it really makes any sense. It almost feels more like a script than a novel. Telling people the broad strokes of what's happening, and hoping the actors in our own heads do a good job of letting the "plot" come across well.

This novel is really... REALLY bad. I'm honestly absolutely shocked that there are people rating it five stars. FIVE STARS!!! You can't go any higher than that! That's as close as you can get to claiming that a novel is perfect on this site!! Pretty sure these stars are from the people who go.. "like it! five stars!" or "didn't like it! one star!" with no in between.

Anyway, if you're hoping for anything like all the other female MC bad ass second chance etc etc novels, you will be utterly disappointed with this one. Whether it's the plot, the characters, or even the writing, it's just honestly all bad. Skip it if you value your time.

Umm, hey poster hiohbye up there... noticed that you have the same unique name as the translator... and website that the novel is translated on... Might be a good idea to include that fact that you're the translator when saying things like "other reviews" are too harsh.. Obviously there's no actual NEED to do it.. but it looks kind of off. This is just my opinion of course. Also, while you gave it five out of five stars, your review doesn't sound ANYTHING like a 5/5 review. Sounds more like a 3/5 star review or something.. hope you're not just trying to bump up the review score for the novel you're translating.. <<less
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Mavsynchroid rated it
Assassin’s Chronicle
February 23, 2018
Status: c60
A very boring novel. The author uses the fact that the MC is an assassin to make his character very plain and dull. Actually if I'm being honest, I haven't discovered one interesting character in all these chapters. The magic and sword play in this novel is also very boring and not very well explained, at least not at this point. I'm actually incredibly shocked there are 5 star ratings for this novel. I don't know if it does a complete 180 later on and gets incredible or something, but... more>> even if that's the case, we shouldn't have slog through boring chapters just to get there.

The last and biggest reason why I dropped the novel at around chapter 60 is because around there, the translator gets rid of his editor and tries doing it himself. It's bad. Very bad. I checked ahead and he's "edited" all the chapters from the 60's up until the 300's. Not going to suffer through that for a boring story. s*upid mistakes like writing... "Joking fun at so-and-so's expense"... Joking fun?.. huh?.. "For them to bath".. You mean bathe?.. Writing "I" instead of "You".... How do you make this mistake!?!? Mistakes like these litter the chapters. <<less
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Mavsynchroid rated it
Kenkyo, Kenjitsu o Motto ni Ikite Orimasu
January 18, 2018
Status: c216
Utterly shocked there are so many 5 star ratings. This has to be one of the most boring novels I've read. It's more like a girl's diary, actually. Absolutely NOTHING happens. The fact that she remembers her old life is absolutely pointless plot wise. It's like the author started this novel with some idea in mind but got caught up with this alternate life in their head and just started writing the diary instead. The MC is the absolute worst too. You get panicky and scared when a kid in... more>> primary school glares at you? Are you kidding me? You're a frigging adult mentally. You get a crush on a kid in middle school or whatever? Are you a pedo? She's also the kind of MC where EVERYONE pushes her around. "Will you do it reika-san!?! Please!?" "Well I'd rather not due to----" "I know you can do it! Thank you!!!"...... So utterly annoying. Just want to walk up and slap her for her weak and pansy like attitude.

There's nothing wrong with slice of life stories. Actually love quite a few of them, but that's not what this is. There's absolutely no point to this novel so far. It's been 63 chapters and the whole point of the story, (her being brought into the world of a manga she read where she's the bad guy) has yet to happen. The protagonist hasn't even shown up yet! It's just blathering on and on about her elementary school days, and then her middle school days. Wtf? The manga took place in high school. Also, the "Emperor" (Japanese kids are really retarded if they actually name classmates stuff like this and really act this way around them) who's the main MC in the manga treats her like absolute tr*sh the couple of times they interact. Not in like the "I'm somewhat interested in you but I'm going to tease and harass you" way, but the "You're going to be my little b**** for today and get what I want done, because that's how things should be."

Ugh.. Just everything about this novel... ugh. Only thing decent going for it is the quality of translating. Too bad the decent translator is a racist who can't keep his mouth shut at the top of every chapter. Writing things like calling the readers fa**ots and making "jokes" about Mexicans... Immature child.

Skip this if you don't want to be left with a bad taste in your mouth.

UPDATE: Went back to the novel and read it from the beginning again after a few months. Currently I'm at chapter 100. Everything is EXACTLY the same. The whole Otome thing is pretty much forgotten. Yes, the protagonist of the otome game has shown up, but so far the female lead has said ONE sentence to her. There's also only been I think one or two things that "happened in the game". It also wasn't her dealing with it in any way. Just mentioning once or twice "I think this happened in the game", then it's on to her extremely dull daily life. She's still the same old passive lead character who gets taken advantage of every other chapter. Constantly being a push over when people shove favors they need done at her. You at first think she might be witty due to the narration, until you realize she doesn't say 99% of what she thinks out loud. She's EXTREMELY boring and timid in reality. It really is a diary. I'll stick with it up until the current translated chapter, in the 200's, mainly so I can see if there's any change. It doesn't look good though.


Another nice looking guy had a pleasant conversation with her and she's thinking she might fall for him now. How old are you again? It was two lives, right? So you're like 30? And you fall for people because they call you dainty?


Just... NONE of it makes sense. It's a bunch of genres mashed up in all the wrong ways.

UPDATE 2: So I've read all the way to what's been translated, chapter 216. And yup, just as I thought, this is the most boring novel I've ever encountered. The main character isn't even really the main character. She's a side character who watches all the important things happen around her. Although when I say important things, it's INCREDIBLY rare for something interesting to actually happen. Maybe about 5 times since the novel's started, something interesting has happened. Other wise, it's all about her eating food and being pushed around by other people. It's 200+ chapters of a pushover living her daily life, and having absolutely meaningless conversations with fellow students. Also, these conversations repeat themselves in almost every chapter. The girls surrounding her imply that she likes the two big shots at their school, she weakly denies it and they don't believe her. Then one of the big shots comes up to her and uses her for something without any consideration for how she feels, enforcing the theory the other girls have. This is pretty much the only thing that happens for over 200 chapters.

Once again, I'm SHOCKED that people are rating this so highly. If this was tagged as a novel about a girl living her daily life, and had nothing to do with the whole otome game thing, then I'd rate it at at least 2 stars, for at least following the genre it's in, regardless of how boring it is. However, the author seemed to pretty much give up on the whole otome thing, and decided to live an ideal second life by writing about this girl who has everything's daily life. Seems as though the author wants to live vicariously through this character, and has thrown any actual plot to the wind. This will be the last time I update this as I have no intentions of coming back to the novel. Wanted to give it a fair shot though by reading over 200 chapters, in case something changed. Unfortunately it didn't. <<less
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Mavsynchroid rated it
Ze Tian Ji
January 14, 2018
Status: c700
Favorite novel by far hands down. There are two main reasons why.

The first reason is that the characters in this novel, including his opponents are actually believable for once. By that, I mean most of them aren't these arrogant young masters who are trying to constantly kill the MC either due to jealousy or because the MC spoke a sentence that hurt their pride. They are his opponents, sure, but not his enemies who can't live under the same sky as him. Even the real baddies... more>> later on in the story are more reserved than the most basic enemies in most other novels.

The second reason is the mc's personality. You may think other MCs are calm and collected, but after reading this novel they'll seem like maniacal serial killers. This MC always thinks before speaking, almost never lets his emotions control him, and is so polite and respectful that it actually causes some funny situations.

This is NOT a novel that lacks description. The great thing is that I actually want to read all these details and learn more about the world, including the cultivation (which honestly a lot of the times in novels I find it so boring that I skim over the cultivation details.)

Can't recommend this novel enough and I'm extremely excited for the day it's finished being translated.

Oh and an absolute 5 out of 5 for translating and editing. The new (relatively anyway) translators are actually going back and re-translating all the earlier chapters so the terms and overall flow of the story sync up. Extremely high quality work all around. <<less
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Mavsynchroid rated it
My Master Disconnected Yet Again
February 10, 2020
Status: c700
Really enjoyed this novel at first, but then I realized it's pretty close to being the same novel as my dad is the galaxy's prince charming, written by the same author. It seems when the author runs out of ideas, she resorts to the generic cultivation, virtual mmo games, and planet hopping. Was really disappointed with how similar both novels are.

Also.. The further on the novel progresses, the.... how do I put this... the s*upider the translation gets. By this, I mean it's not... more>> so much that the person translating/editing it is low quality, but that they're just incredibly lazy. Each chapter eventually begins to be peppered with the most absolutely careless mistakes that could have easily been avoided if they had just proof read their own work. Here's a sentence..

Little Shortie at the side stunned. <---- I think they mean WAS stunned.

"That your body can't be used anymore". <--- Another careless mistake, only a page later.

I won't keep spitting out examples, but the novel suddenly becomes infested with s*upid careless mistakes like this every page or so, making it hard to enjoy. Score lowered by another star. <<less
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