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The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor
March 13, 2019
Status: v21c4
This Webnovel is easy to enjoy early on, but later, I do see where most readers complaints come from.

First is how the MC is rather plain and his defining characteristics hardly change, his core being Greed and Family, the Greed is notorious and easy to perceive, and being so strong as a point of this Protagonist, the Writer painted himsleh in a corner because of it, he cannot make any huge character development on the MC that's easy to sense within the Story progression without causing harm to his Core.

Second... more>> is how 99% of everyone he knows is rather incapable of seeing through all his faults, his qualities being put on show, but easily his faults would make them moot, one example is how he Scams players and NPCs all the time.

Third is that his build on his game character can be easily put as the most capable of all simply because of it being greater on late game, but mediocre on early levels. His super hardworking nature all for profit (Uncle Scrooge levels of hard work), and willingness for grind (which realistically speaking, should have ended with him being sent to hospitals quite often, since he stays 12+ hours inside the game, with his body barely moving, and his exercise routine wouldn't prevent issues with such ridiculously long game sessions), but he keeps complaining of how he always need to work hard for it to stay powerful and how Sculpting isn't worth the effort (he does diss ALL art, profit is what he wants, maybe IF he because a Black market Art dealer he would rethink of such ideas; he fails to notice that the only types of jobs that would cover his desire for money would be ones that require acute skills and experience to gamble at (Action papers market/Investors), or be outright gray area if not 100% illicit, which even the creator of the Unicorn AI dabbled into real deep for his megalomaniac dream), he got a combination that synergizes completely with him, but money is all he wants, that's what piss most people off.

His scamming is something that should be outright enough to make him suffer a lawsuit or end suffering endless PK attempts, if he ever met Scrooge MC Scrooge, both would end being good friends with how much they want profit over everything else (or end up becoming EA's CEO or executive, or go to Activision Blizzard, either one would welcome his greed).

All in all, the Story goes well and flows decently, the sore spot being a Character with horrible core issue covered by a partially justifiable reason, if it's not family or well known friends, his actions are basically Sociopathic to a T, and he keeps with such behavior always, I do wonder how even the Psychiatrist that's helping Seoyoon's treatment CANNOT perceive the subtle signs of such issues (it's a psychological issue, not sociopath/Antisocial behavior issues, but something that can reek of such).

Some things I saw rather annoying but samll were how the Unicorn corporation meeting board acted openly xenophobic to the possibility of having a foreigner achieving the end reward; and how the guy who spent 40 damn years to create his dream device, the AI that controls the Game AND the dirty crap he has done to achieve his desire, hasn't even perceived WHY he got dumped by his ONE love, he's a WORKAHOLIC and one that's probably would be diagnosed with NARCISSISTIC disorder, these two issues while small for the Story end up being rather clear signs on how some characters and the narrative is rather flawed like most Webnovels and light novels that are published on Asia (all tend to overly inflate their Nation's power to absurd levels, LMS having an AI and one guy near death housing enough power and influence to cause an economic crash globally in case any Nation's tries to defend their interests, just look at the Gate novel of Japanese source).

Yes, I can enjoy the novel, but some of these issues are issues from the core of it, any fix is probably a bleak future for the novel, so I think the writer ought to see the world more and do more in depth research to avoid some of these traps he set to himself from the start. <<less
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For a Slice of Life Story centered on a VRMMO game, the pacing of it is nice and steady, a lot of what Casual playing is, but I rather fund the Bashing not that easy to understand.

Yes, the MC levels rather fast, takes decisions that are of questionable order for his situations, but the first can be shrugged by the "Players have no Levels, Only Skills have", and with the system on how some things on the game work, leveling depends not only of grinding, but also on taking paths... more>> of relevance to the skill being leveled.


the MC when doing things on crafting, he's constantly doing new things and crafts, not just a massive supply of his proven projects such as the Compound Bow or Metal arrows, skill progression may as well take that you must hone the skill by always seeking a higher level and not just doing the same action like a dumb bot would; The Thief skill wasn't a sure choice when introduced because it's a huge EXP investment and it requires constant usage, Vanguards would rarely jave time for several of the skills it offered, with only Danger sense and trap detection having some worth, yet paying a value stated to be rather high for a Skill set where only 2 of them wpuwo be of use is for the generic player a waste (these 8 EXP could very well be used to Advance on Skill tier or acquire something else with better Attack focus) ; On medicine and Apothecary, they were considered useless probably because like the Bow, they're skills that only have their full use with the proper combination (such as Earth's Bow, Kick, Wind and Stealth, too many skills that require parallel usage to make a single one be worth it), and spending 3 or more of your 10 starting skill slots to build an optimal set for a select few within is probably considered not effective, for them it would be the same as making a random or balanced stat Character on other RPGs.

The user who criticize his battle with the Fairy Queen must have forgotten one extra chapter long after that arc, where the AI of the Fairy Queen was rather Serious and Conceited/Arrogant, with a proper reasoning of being imposing and one that looked down on other fellow AIs, such as her Sister AI who ended Submissive from interactions with her; also at that point on the Story, Bow users were almost non-existent to general public of the Game, and her experience on PvP was from the time with Grad as his Contracted Fairy, it's implied he never had a PvP with a Bow user, Magicians could easily be denied casting spells and Frontline Melee ones would be dealt with distance and kiting, but Bow users are hard to force them to stop shooting an arrow, are rather mobile like Vanguards, and Bows have only their Pull force limit the Time to Fire, the Fairy Queen was also a Magic centric foe, with Cloth defense to boot, to Arrows with proper preparation would bypass any defensive spell and she couldn't carelessly enter Melee range as Casting takes time (Bows in that Game are countered by Tanks, Magicians counter the Tanks and Bows are natural enemies of Magicians), her affinity with Earth was bad and he also had LOTS of methods to bring harm and stop chantings from either close or far ranges.

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