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Honestly idk why this is rated r-15... because of the kidnapped thing? Well if you take it at heart it should be r18 because MC is 30 and kidnapped girl is 15 xD

r15 tag is wasted, there are not even bad words.

I couldnt continue reading after random sister introduction (i did read some random chapters to verify if there are bad words, blood or implicit s*x scene nothing xD)

It seems people compare this with death march, that one I hate (MC more than anything) this one is bearable (MC... more>> is interesting)

And death march is a world of lolis (below two digits year old) at least here there are people of random age.

MC and party (idk if harem but I seriously doubt it) have a rather easy life considering he kidnap the kingdom’s princess and there may be some movement of the demon race (like come on even if the demon race is just a group of sheeps a wolf have been summon to kill them)

The lack of plot with that introduction is really bad :/

I cant say it is a casual read because most of the time the reader will be pissed and that is not casual xD

All in all if you dont care about plot or wasted tag read this, if you dont care MC and want decent plot read death march xD <<less
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it is a fake shonen light novel...

no true sense of danger when the world has fall apart (believe it or not, it is a post-apocalyptic world)

inteligent MC but only think with his muscles at non crucial moments... (why the world end like this? meh idc)

... more>> it is shonen because MC is op, intelligent and solve things with punches.

it is fake because there is no sense of danger, no blood, no deaths

now tags, they are not that bad so far...

he is not dense... I see no romance in the ln yet, he knows there are tons of problems around the world, he just ignore it because... it is not related to his dream? I am not sure why he ignore it..., and well he was a freaking genius in his time so I believe that his common sense back then was not the standard of common sense of the time either...

genre on the other side... I see no harem, no romance (perhaps there was something for 1-2 chapters but no more after 171 chapters so far)

i see no school life... sure he lived in a school (it is not mentioned though) but other than the implicit him as a teacher instead of a student, there is nothing of value (and pretty much 150 chapters are related to school lol)

the novel is ok for amusing, I expect it will be cut down though... why? well MC said this "i want to fight those universe beast (or something) but I need 300 years and a solid team to be ready" after 171 chapters only a bit more than 7 months has passed, it is slow paced as a snail <<less
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Maracas rated it
Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyusoukyoku (WN)
March 18, 2016
Status: --
if you want to see a MC that love young-mature women but is surrounded by lolis < 11 years old read it.

if you want a MC to see him puke and summon a loli read it.

the plot is ok, but the desire of the author to try to add but fail miserable mature implicit content reduce his work by whole 6 levels. if author removed the wanna be mature content his work would be great. (i stop reading this when the MC said he wants to have s*x but cant... more>> with the golem and cant go to a brothel because of guilt with the other lolis... that seriously pissed me off XD)

independent of the author's wanna be implicit mature content, translators and editors were great in all those chapters I read, for them I gave 3 stars lol (if it is only for tl and edition I would give 5) <<less
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