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Mango Guy rated it
CEO Above, Me Below
May 22, 2017
Status: c11
Idek what to say about this.. first time I have rated something so less. I have only read 11 chapters, but I REFUSE to give a rating after reading a few more chapters. First off.. idek if this is supposed to be ero or a fetish. I am not gonna consider it as such.

Also, as I am in only 11 chapters this might get better in the future. But I will not be changing my rating.

You have a female character who is raped by the male MC. Because he thought... more>> she was the one who seduced him 3 years back to get a child and climb up the social ladder. This is ridiculous by itself. (You are super rich and intelligent!! Just get a doctor?) But he then seeks her a week later, and when she still claims she was never pregnant... he raped her again. In public.


he then takes her to his house... and gets a lie detector. She is not lying. So? He raped her again... and that too after she has fainted, trying to protect herself by biting his neck.


At this point, even if this was a hentai I would have dropped it. But this is supposed to be drama, mature, jousei and f**king romance. I have added the adult genre. Why?

Even if the author makes this a sweet story later on where she loves him...I REFUSE to accept it.

Even the worst of r*pe victim falls in love is better than this... considering the descriptions. And... the synopsis. It promises a lot more of this 'heroic, manly and dominative' MC loving her.

Call me whatever you want, but this start doesn't promise much to me. I have read other works where female MC is forced but this is the absolute limit. The 2 star rating is because the writer did a good job at portraying the angst. This is probably the first time I am reading about a girl being raped in CN and then going, "f**k that bastard!! Why do you have to do that? Just leave the girl alone!!"

Conclusion: this is an irrational review that I am writing immediately after reading. And I intend to stick by it. Gave 2 cuz good grammar and reader mind f**kery. Is this recommended? Go.. try and gain some experience as to how being repeatedly raped feels like. This is not Mango approved. <<less
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normal guy rated it
Skyfire Avenue
June 5, 2016
Status: c241
Now this is interesting. A futuristic space mecha/super power novel by TJSS? You know that it is going to be awesome. I read about seven of the different books of TJSS and know a little about the rest. The result? SA is my favorite work by him. First off, the characteristic writing style of TJSS = humor and detail is a huge plus to this story. And, it is a fresh setting. The MC is called Zeus. ZEUS GODDAMIT!! He is OP and he is OP from the start. Only... more>> that there are others who are even more OP. But, it means that you don't have to go through much leveling up.

The side characters have got a huge role to play and their characters are master strokes coming from the author. THE ROMANCE!!! One of THE best romance in all of Chinese novels that I have read. And it till isn't confirmed romance (till 241). Any way, you just know that they are going to end up together. Add to it the slight bit of mystery/unknown history and you got yourself a series that you won't regret picking up. I myself caught on late to it but I read the 241 available chaps (at the time of this review) within 3 days. Only thing is that sometime I feel like it would be nice if it had a prequel or something, covering the growth of the monarchs and also the love story between zeus and hera. Could be that it will be covered later in the series. Also, it has only 900+ chapters. I mean, REGULAR size chapters. That is a big plus. Just go for it. (You might find the action sequences a bit drawn out but that is probably because there are only a few sequences till 241).

EDIT: Currently on Chapter 455, and my rating stands. Also, I forgot to mention last time.. the antagonists in this are not no-brainers. First off, there are very few. And the ones that are there are just insanely well written. There is an arc where the MC becomes a teacher.. and you will read the entire arc in a single day. I pretty much guarantee. Overall, it holds to its potential. This is Mango approved!!

EDIT: Currently at c529. And damn..I want to give it 6/5. We are starting to see the first hints of a possible solution t the mystery. However, we still don't know who it is. We don't know how it is. All we know is...A suspect is at large. And that is fantastic!! I am seriously disappointed at how the fan following for SA is. We need more support for this work! And as I stated earlier... Romance is big plus for this series.

Edit: I have now read the entire series. First off, it is one of the most unique CN out there. TJSS gets full marks for concept and plot progression. Character development is also good. The focus is there on cultivation when it is needed to be, tho it is more often than not not on cultivation.

However, this is a rushed job. No, not as per the chapter number wise. More on the writing part, he should have thought more if he was forgetting a very important character somewhere later in the series. The pace of story is good. Not too quick, but it catches up. But towards the end, writing does get a bit shoddy.

THE ENDING IS NOT RUSHED. A major plus for this. This also has probably the best case of betrayal that I have ever read, so far in CN cultivation novels.

Also, most of the characters get some kind of closure. The villains are quite OP, and they have solid 3D reasons for their villainy.

However, there is quite thick plot armor and it is even acknowledged.

All in all, very close to 5. A must read with far too small a fan base. I consider this to be a TJSS masterpiece.

Mango approved <<less
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MangoGuy rated it
Jun Jiuling
December 5, 2017
Status: c170
Sigh...I will have to review this just so that more people can give this a try.

This is hugely Mango approved. 5/5

This is one of the more (if not most) under rated novels out there, with reasons ranging from QI hate to general dislike towards female MC CN. Well, here we go.

First off, the female MC kinda gets a reincarnation in the same time line, as she is reborn as a not tr*sh girl from a doctor family who is currently under the so called care of a merchant family.... more>> First off, so far, there is next to no cultivation stuff going on. So, you know what to expect.

I ABSOLUTELY love the protagonist. Her personality/character. She shows that she is a very young woman who has gone through betrayal and death, but still young and sometimes immature. She is not God like and what not, but she has the potential, due to her master in the previous life and her actual talents.

For a change, the family that mistreats her doesn't get killed to the 9th generation by her, but is instead used by her to survive, in a Live and Let Live policy. Great writing, and the writer did very well to make it look fresh.

Not to worry! She still has got them face slapping abilities! She has some divine skills in medicine, but in some other... unique aspects. She is shown to be both a badass and a relatable protagonist in a very good manner, especially considering that I am not even the supposed target audience!!

I will say this though, the story is slow. Perhaps, excruciatingly slow at some times. But I am able to get past it because of how good the other chapters are when the story picks up- you will want to read them again and again!

Also, so far, the romance is a VERY big question. I will not talk much about it, but I will say one thing- This is a novel that I recommend for the protagonist, the supporting cast around the protagonist, and the clever dialogue. But not for the romance (non existent right now, though if the perceived early ship sails... yada yada).

The supporting cast gets a surprisingly high screen time due to the nature in which the story place out with little violence. We get to see and her them all, and we actually see some A grade character development with the way people change as the protagonist begins to exude her brilliance.

I have to say, the maid of the protag will annoy you to hell! She means no harm, but is a VERY annoying one. That is one reason why even though I approve this and gave it a 5/5, I am pretty confident that I will be coming back to check on this review in the future.

In the end, a kind of a hidden gem that is Mango approved, especially for those who are looking either to start reading about a female MC, or want something that breaks the mould. Because this is different from the Imperial harem kind of non cultivation novels with female MC.

I mean, c170 and I am still not sure if I have even set my eyes on the male protagonist!! The writer is very talented with the plot, and there is a pretty solid foundation for a series which can be about 850 or so chapters. Anything more than that, it will need a genius move to keep me interested.

PS: Translation is also pretty neat.. it is by Mangocat (Not my cat xD) <<less
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MangoGuy rated it
Master Devil Don’t Kiss Me
September 18, 2017
Status: c30
This story contains some REAL BAD b*tchES! YES. I didn't censor the word bit*h so that you get the severity.

Now, why did I only give this 3? For the love story of humongous abuse designed by the author. I have no issues with the existence of abuse... it's just that in 30 goddamn chapters, we have gone from morning to the lunch break of school. That is something that no can do. And I have been taken to hating a bit*h over 9000 mode.

The male MC has no positives. No,... more>> he isn't a cute innocent guy who just randomly force kisses and slaps someone. And no, there is no comedy saving grace. And the female MC... is not realistic. Am I complaining? No.

But I have to say... the amount of hatred that this series has managed to churn in me towards ALL the characters is quite unbelievable. That is good writing. Unfortunately, not my cup of tea. However, I will still be reading this cuz apparently it has a drama and all and... it has over 930 chapters? Continuing?

Please... save CN from turning into something that I will hate.

This is a good read if you want some random entertainment, but the writing is seriously childish. Like they wanted the girl to go through all levels of hell without any plot, so we are still stuck in lunch break after 30 chapters.

This is not Mango approved.

EDIT: c42.

It is here that I realized that it is not just the female characters that I am not very happy with... It is the guys as well.


if the MC is in a bad mood, then don't mess with him. Standard.

MC is in a bar, so girls will try to hit on him cuz he got the Greek body... standard.

The girl should be scolded/roughed a bit before she is told to back off... standard.

But nope. Here is where it changes. She is gangbanged by the bartenders. On orders from the MC. And it looks like there is even a special room for such activities. Just so you know, her boyfriend is on another side. And our MC is not a kid. He is supposed to be at an educational institute of some level so...I can only say that I am not satisfied with ANY of the characters. As in, personal opinion.


This is not Mango approved. Managed to hold on till c42. but considering it has over 900 chapters...I am 100% sure that it is just going to be a repeat of this... horror. I sincerely hope that I am wrong, for the TL and readers who still persist. <<less
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Mango Guy rated it
Pivot of the Sky
January 14, 2017
Status: c12 part1
I generally don't come to a judgement this early in the story.... But this one forces me to!!! Simply well written.

This is the story of the Chosen MC. It might sound similar to a lot of those others but MC is not reborn, doesn't have old guy inside his body and so far has no cheats other than his talents. The writer seems to be willing to write about some hot romance as well. Also, there are a lot of details in this one, similar to TJSS. However, I personally... more>> like it.

Definitely worth picking up. If you don't like it till chapter 10, then well.. Maybe not your cup of tea. But I strongly recommend this.
EDIT: After first major arc (30 chapters), I have to say.. it lived upto my expectations so far. The foundation is splendid. And there is even a huge amount of mystery element..A lot of opportunities for world building.

EDIT 2: After chapter 59, I am going to still say 5 star. The mystery and fantasy elements are really taking off, and the world is slowly being shown to us. Great character depth as well.

This is Mango approved. <<less
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MangoGuy rated it
Monarch of Evernight
June 18, 2017
Status: v2c8
Highly recommended series. But, it has a lot of dark elements. So, age restriction is probably in need.

First off, TLed by Alyschu means that the grammar and pace is great. Now, onto the actual review.

I love the dark elements of this series, because the author is able to make the MC actually look like a villain in a world that is already very dark. The setting is great. And the concept of guns as weapons is refreshingly new in CN.

And vampires?Hell yeah to Silver!! There is obviously... more>> some back story to the MC, causing the super talented him to be robbed of it. yes, robbed of his talents. As a result, you are always drawn in to know how the author will make him an OP guy, because there actually is some logic and science involved here.

Currently, there is no romance involved. However, I am willing to bet that this has a great romance. Why? because the writer has already show great skills. Stuff that you almost never see in the opening chapters of a regulation CN appear. And for once, the MC doesn't care for women. So, if he actually will fall in love... The hype is real!!

Also, this actually seems to be written n a Western type format, so I am interested to see where it goes.

Also, there seems to be a lot of negative comments about a particular chapter containing an orgy.. Grow up. That is a single paragraph at most. And it is not even descriptive. As I mentioned, this series is mature.

This is Mango approved.

Edit: This is mainly going to be spoiler. But essentially, the writer might be losing it. I hope I am very wrong, and that this is just a phase.


First off, the romance. I so wish it didn't exist. So so much. Because it shouldn't. It has no reason to exist. It is not even the terrible type of lustful romance. It is just... Filler.

And the MC character. It is not changing. It is just not being handled properly. A girl tries to kill him, and he let's let live. And this happens again. And once f*cking again! It is like a cockroach character, and this is bad simply because the writer has no reason to let her live.

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normal guy rated it
Gu Fang Bu Zi Shang
July 14, 2016
Status: Completed
This is a gem. A masterpiece, I feel. This review is being written after reading the entire work.

First off, the translations are otherworldly. As it is in pdf format, it is easily attainable. Kudos to the translator.

Next, the actual story. It is a complex love story between two intelligent and stubborn people. The feels are REAL. VERY REAL. There are three main characters, with a few other characters who can almost be considered to be main characters. And all of them get sufficient screen time to leave a deep imprint... more>> in your heart. A VERY DEEP IMPRINT. The battle strategies are a part of the historical setting, but not the main thing in the story. It is much more about the struggles of the love birds. Few deep questions relating to human nature, cause of war, who is right and who is wrong etc are asked and they make you think really hard. If someone makes a good soundtrack, then this can even be made into a TV show (if it is not already made).

The characters are very well made, with questions of betrayal and human relations around. There are no clear heroes and villains. There are only people who were forced by fate to take action. After reading, you will definitely sympathize with the characters.

This one is definitely recommended to even those of you who are not looking for romance/drama/historical/feels. I personally rate it 5/5. Some people may feel the ending is a bit of a letdown, but do not fear. It is a satisfactory one.


There is a happy ending at least for the main couple, so fear not about tragedy.


Personally, I feel that it is under appreciated. I mean, it is not too long either. I just can't find any faults with it. <<less
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MangoGuy rated it
Milk Princess
September 8, 2018
Status: epilogue
A good eronovel. It has a clear target: the boob fetish. And boy did it extrapolate well.

It lacks the variety factor, which is why it is not a perfect 5 for me. But the depth given in the scenes and the general descriptions are quite fulfilling.

Do you really need Mango approval to read an eronovel?
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MangoGuy rated it
Demon Wang’s Golden Favorite Fei
December 8, 2018
Status: c141
Dropped at c141p1. I will NOT be picking this up again

A repeating theme in this series is the saying there is no pill for regret. I quite agree. I will only have to live with the memory of this series, live with the regret of reading this.

First of, looking at it's general rating and my own rating, I am convinced that this series is purely for female readers. Otherwise, I can't see how it got such high ratings. In fact, I am not sure how even female readers felt... more>> this series was so good.

First of, we have the standard male and female leads. The female lead starts off strong, do the story starts off well on her part. However, there is absolutely zero credible character development for her aftet that.

The male lead has some spike. He seems to be the role model male lead in the eyes of the author. For me, he is far too perfect considering the context which I will talk more about. Like, his only flaw is he is too jealous when the female lead ante close to another man. This is surprisingly similar to other male villains in this series, except their women are raped unlike the MC.

Next up, the side characters. I didn't even want to take the effort to remember their names. The empress Dowager character has some character. The rest are non existent, be it for the plot, comedy or sweetness.

The antagonists. Aaaaah. The ONLY motivation for them seems to be the fourth law of Newton: Anything wrong with your life, including that bad coffee, is due to the female lead. Even if you literally only saw her once in your life. Like, people who are smart enough to run a country have just seen how dangerous this guy is and they also get advice from their close confidants but they still wanna go to destination f***.

I was thoroughly surprised when the author expected me to feel bad for people who got one paragraph explaining their bad personality before their death. And then... of course, the Murong sisters.

These people were finally (probably) dealt with in c139. They have been around from chapter 1 onwards. In ALL this time, their only motivation of anger towards the ML is a poorly explained jealousy and their faith in the above mentioned Newton's Fourth Law.

In fact, the first signs of people with actual character were a father-son pair whose character is... being sadistic rapists. Again, poorly explained. This author should honestly write NTR, looking at how well she built their character.

The so called sweet moments of this novel are probably highly female oriented as I failed to differentiate then from filler paragraphs.

This novel could have become such a wonderful dark and deep novel with the plot (I bet I can guess the plot till the end, but still it is half decent). Instead, the author just had to not know how to give a reasoning for a character to even exist in this novel.

I am deeply disappointed in this novel, especially considering it's high rating. Perhaps, this is a very highly female reader oriented novel but I don't buy that explanation.

This is Mango banned <<less
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MangoGuy rated it
Destroyer of Ice and Fire
September 12, 2017
Status: c51
This is not Mango approved. Pretty below ordinary. Already very lenient by giving it 3 stars. Yup... sigh. 51 might seem too soon to decide, but keep in mind that this is only 700 chapters long.. that makes it less than 10%. Dayem..I just couldn't go on any further.

So yeah, a very VERY shounen anime type novel. Unfortunately, the colors and flashiness of an anime weren't being conveyed properly. The story in itself is terrible. Yes, that is a strong word.

The MC is a naive guy... and I mean the... more>> annoyingly naive shounen type MC. And his VERY VERY PLOT HEAVY SPECIAL POWERS AND CHEATS AND LUCK...too much.

There is the mandatory group of good friends slash rivals but... they just cannot be termed as good supporting characters, considering that the MC himself is so lacklustre.

And of course... if people take 2 years for something, MC takes less than 3 months. Ok. Plot. But his friends are just as fast and good? Why don't you just make this into an anime or something?

Considering that there were a lot of times where I could just tell the name of some anime which used that thing...I mean, rock smash is a move in here. Pokemon anyone? There is the dropping of weights by Lee from Naruto as well...I will stop here.

This is just disappointing, because I went in expecting a JP style CN that was fresh. Instead, I got a Google translate of a stale JP. This is not Mango approved, again.

And PoTS is at least 10 times better, if someone is looking for a better version of a similar series.

I completely forgot about the comedy... which gets VERY repetitive and stale as the series progresses. And... this wasn't a comedy! I could have just gone back to gintama or konosuba!

EDIT: Oh, also.. did I mention the plot which makes it hard for me to think about nakama power up causing the MC to never lose? Even when the baddies are... evil dragon followers and stuff? <<less
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I have to say, I am thoroughly disappointed by the way this series progressed. We have three protagonists: A main female lead and two male leads to choose from. Both male leads obviously have a lot of background emotions and characters to read into, and there is some actual development in them. The female lead, on the other hand... Is just poorly written.

There is absolutely no change in her till the end of c48, which is where the current translations are halted right now. And to be honest, the writer... more>> messing up with the story element of this series isn't even the main reason why I gave this such a dismal rating. I mean yeah, it does get very annoying at times with regards to the repeated and cliche drama plots but...

The sex. It is passionate, youthful, erot*c and everything good about smut. It is vigorously violent in a perfectly romantic manner and yet, the writer decides to limit it to far too few chapters. And poor plot writing means that they seem to be even more far apart.

This is not Mango approved.

A couple of chapters got good smut. Those are the best parts of this series. <<less
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MangoGuy rated it
November 24, 2017
Status: c83
This is Mango approved.

I am actually surprised at how low key this one is, even though the other novel by the same author (ZTJ) is so popular.

I have read until c83, and till here I can say with ease that this has one of the BEST starting arcs in all of CN cultivation type novels. No questions asked.

We have a protagonist who is, essentially, OP. He is cold blooded, and there is a backstory. He is looking for vengeance, and he had to survive since his childhood in forests and... more>> battlefields. His constant companion has been a girl who is less like a romantic interest and more like a very important female character.

The slight shades of comedy, whenever they do come, are golden moments. The action is ridiculously well done. And the actual language is print quality.

So far, I can see the parallels between the writing style in ZTJ and Jiang Ye. However, the two protagonists are essentially different in their disposition towards fights and violence. At least, initially.

Our MC is so OP... will it become boring? No. because he cannot cultivate. Because he has NO talent towards qi manipulation and what not. This gives me a handicap that he can only overcome with skills and intelligence, and he has delivered spectacularly.

The last TL was forgettable, but it looks like Jiang Ye got picked up by QI. Hopefully, they can get someone like Binggo... That is one fantastic TL! At least, I hope that the CN to EN conversion is done while keeping the original flavor... this is one series that I am even willing to read mtl.

I would say that this is not a series that you should loo for romance, but it is still far too early. I can see potential interests, but I think it would be better to not jump to conclusions.

At just 1000+ chapters, it is decently sized. The chapter size is also decent.

I would say that my only issue is with the rather vague cultivation realms so far, but I assume that it will get cleared up once MC starts doing it.

Also, a warning. This story is just a bit dark/mature. Expect good action, but the action will be graphic.

On the whole, a read that is well worth the read time. Been a long while since I have wanted to write a review for a series so early... It is definitely Mango approved, at least till c83.

PS: The MC has a clear goal of revenge, so at least it is better than ZTJ with its slightly vague-ish goals early on. <<less
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normal guy rated it
World of Cultivation
June 16, 2016
Status: Completed
Great work. Simply great. 5/5. This review is valid till chapter 278. As there are a total 915 chapters, the story is completed about 30%, I believe that I can say something about it.

You have an extremely mysterious, hilarious and out-of-the-box MC by the name Zuo Mo. He is totally not OP. But he can still kick some major ass. That itself shows that he is a smart, intelligent strategist kind of guy who tries his best in battle. Hell, he is not even a sword immortal kind of guy.... more>> He is a farmer/pill maker/formation master/beast tamer/clown. When you see MC finding a glorious weapon, you imagine him to wield it to destroy sects. BUT, he sees it as jingshi waving hands and beckoning him. Jingshi is the term used for money in this novel. He has a female silly bird as a companion who only proudly stands and shows off her feathers. You have the mysterious guy living inside his body. But that guy doesn't help the MC for nothing. HE WANTS MANEYYY/JINGSHI. He is just too interesting and funny. The sense of humor of the author only keeps getting better in the story. While some people might initially say that MC has no ambition/reason to strive for strength, reading a bit further will let you understand. I assure you that the issue is addressed.

There is no definite romance in it till chapter 278, there are a few possibilities. And the romance, if perfected, will compel me to get it to 6/5. Man, I just love all the ways he tries to earn money. According to me, the names of the three released books should be:
Book 1- Farm Ville
Book 2- How to pis off your teachers and elders
Book 3- Clash of Clans

I definitely recommend this one to any one who is looking for a good, funny and mentally long read as there is still about 70-75% of the story remaining as on seventeenth of June 2016.


I have now completed the series. This is simply beautiful. The author knows what we want, what he is good at... And he sticks to that. He doesn't try to build romance. Yes, the romance is just left like that.

While it is true that some plot points are forgotten later on and characters are also forgotten, the opposite also happens. This is the one series where NOT JUST THE MC, but other characters are also well devwloped. The antagonist is alao very well done.

In the end, this is a masterpiece at only 915 chapters. The less number of chapters mean that there is less filler. And honestly, I would love to read some filler of this particular series, due to the comedy.

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Dropped it after 150 chapters so I will be able to talk a little about it.

Unlike other reincarnated MC, the MC uses the methods of modern day earth. Good. What about the methods of the new world? We can just cover it up with lo~ve. I mean, she was an assassin. She met a guy who was good to her. Bang, she loves him. This kind of romance seems childish. And she is too OP. Especially considering that she uses the methods of the modern earth. And, I personally like... more>> my MC to have a rather proper reason for excessive violence. Considering the shallow love, I just can’t take it as a proper reasoning. AND, the stuff that needs more screen time doesn’t get the required screen time.


she fights along with an entire army against two nations officially and many others in the shadows during one part. It translates to ONE god damn chapter. And each chapter is about 1 page.


As I am not up to date with it, I can’t talk about recent chapters. I suggest that you go for something else like TDG or something like that for a good reincarnation/time travel. If you wanna check out DOP, you an probably give it about 60 chapters before taking a decision. <<less
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This is a beautiful romance..A romance, that is literally a match made in heaven. First things first: The writing might seem amateurish, but that is because the story itself is pretty simple. The plot is paper thin, but this plot is perfect for a 50 something chapter series.

However, I warn you that there is NO misunderstanding between lovers kind of drama in this. It is the story of a couple who grow from fierce haters into a divine couple over a period of 7 lifetimes. It is a good read... more>> as it is short and simple.. Not so sweet though. The 7 lifetimes are inter related so it doesn't feel discontinuous at all. Recommended. <<less
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MangoGuy rated it
November 15, 2017
Status: c15
Aye...I like cute stories. More often than not, they involve little to no plot and only run on glucose.

But this... is a bad attempt at a cute story.

It is painfully obvious how hard the writer was trying to make this into a cute story. And cute stories shouldn't be handled that way.

On one side, we have a lolicon hero who has fallen in love at first sight with the demon Lord. This speaks volumes about the strength of character/ideals of the hero as he fell in love at FIRST sight... more>> with hi enemy knowing who she is. I basically have a 'hero' who is a lolicon. Dot. He does stand to the royal decree later on to protect his lover but really... it was already established that he is the strongest of them all.
(I got no issues with him being a lolicon but him just doing a complete 180...I mean, dude! You really changed your case there.)
The Demon Lord. For a 200 year old Loli, all I can say is that she disappoints with her null dimensional character. Her ONLY 'cuteness' card comes from her Loli appearance. And her innocence?? She has been shown to not care about human life, and thus let her subordinates do as they please. Killing so easily... is not innocence. When she gets beaten and thrown into the hero's mansion, she continues to live there doing... cute stuff.

Again, both of their characters are pretty much non existent. But this is a fluff right? Why care??

I care because this is BAD fluff. And not to mention, the romance. A series of sexual harassments that eventually (probably) get her to love him back.

While I might be cool with this kind of a romance in a CN or something else of other genres.... this book kinda like had ONE genre/job. And fluff is essentially fairytailesque. And this one falls just short of that, at 3.

I am being lenient here, as I have only read 15 of the 22 chapters (this is short). But from what I see, romance and fluff have to be the only two things in this. And it fails, imho.

This is not Mango approved. <<less
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MangoGuy rated it
The Eunuch is Pregnant
September 16, 2017
Status: c83
This is Mango approved.

First off, this is not a serious read. This is 96% comedy. Of the remaining 4%, at least 3% is cuteness and snu snu. The rest 1% is plot, I guess.

I rated this 5 though it has no great plot. Why? Because I didn't start reading it expecting it to have too great a plot. The ridiculousness of the name itself is alone! However, I might be wrong as I am only 83 chapters in.

That reminds me.. The translation is NOT the same as the original. The... more>> translator has repeatedly said that she edits the original, and what we get to read is the original minus the filler and repetition. However, I am still willing to give it 5 because of how great these moments are, even with that filler. Not to mention... The translator does a good job of presenting what is presentable, though it would be nice if we could get another version that shows us the original at the same pace it went.

When I said that there is no plot, I mean till c83. Meaning? There is a very good chance that there is a mysterious backstory here, as to how our adorable and cute female protagonist got into the body of a eunuch. oops.. the body is also not of a eunuch.

This is all about the cuteness and romance, but there is no mascot kid or pet. The MC herself is the mascot. And the romance.. for once, there is no rape! There is the sexual assault tag but really... When you are serving the prince who is called a Hell King, you know that he could randomly kiss the adorable eunuch.

I have been thinking long and hard if this could be called yaoi, because the prince and the 'male eunuch' do take part in.. Disney love. But I will just leave it at that.

However, this is not a series to binge, as it can just feel pointless due to the slow plot progression (time dilation?).

I recommend reading this novel, at maybe 4 chapters a day or something. However, I also challenge you to limit yourself to reading only 4 chapters a day. it can get addictive, I swear goddamit!!

Basically, my rating is only for the enjoyability of this series (Is that even a word?) and not its literature/plot thingy. It is more of a fresh release from the daily hectic schedule.

Edit: c225

Ok, my rating is still the same, the plot does thicken but more in the romance direction. It was good to see a conservative prince accept that he might be attracted to men. But it all works well, as the ship has sailed.

Please note that the series get very steamy. Like handjobs and intense kisses and all that stuff. <<less
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MangoGuy rated it
Same Place Not Same Bed
August 20, 2017
Status: epilogue
This is Mango approved.

A refreshingly good modern day romance with drama that isn't just derived from jealous misunderstandings. This is a cute and funny, short and sweet...mature romance story.

I am surprised looking at the low number of fans this one has. Yes, it is short. Yes, it is not perfect. But it is miles ahead of the good stories.

The romance doesn't only exist for the pair to fall in love, but also for the pair to live in love. And an awesome job by the TL, as all of the... more>> raw emotions and the passionate love is perfectly conveyed.

We have characters who are real asf. Except one... who is a necessity. Why? Cuz the cute mascot!! And it is well done. The conflict in this one is also very mature and real, and yet the story doesn't indulge too much into the darkness. That is something that made me give it 5, though I feel it is something more like 4.8 but... I can round it off to 5 because of the sweet grandpa~~

This series has some surprising hot and passionate love that is a wee bit descriptive, so personally I would say this is for people who are older than 13.

Beware: The antagonist can be termed as ugly bastard. If you know what this means, then you are prepared. If not, it doesn't really matter.

The ending is happy though, so no worries. I just wish the series was at least 3 chapters longer, so that it could feel like a more real romance. The story itself is quite real, but the romance.... it is more of a fairytale made in heaven type.

This is Mango approved. <<less
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MangoGuy rated it
Sansheng, Wangchuan Wu Shang
July 19, 2017
Status: bonus story 3
This is Mango approved.

I think that whenever someone reads this series, the first thing that comes to their mind is: This is better than 'Seven Unfortunate Lifetimes, All Thanks to a Single Moment of Impulse', which is a series with a similar theme. Except, it has seven lifetimes as opposed to the three lifetimes of this one. Why do I feel so?

Because we have only 3 lifetimes (and 18 chapters), we are always hooked on to this one. There is never a dull moment that will make you feel that... more>> this one is not worth it. It is natural, considering the length. However, the 18 chapters themselves make you very teared up~

Their romance is really good, with a healthy dose of both comedy and feels. Here, the female lead almost always stays an 'immortal' throughout her mortal reincarnations, and thus gets termed a demon. This adds a really good amount of conflict into the story-A conflict with no real antagonist. And this lack of antagonist helps this series-There is no lacklustre antagonist. Because frankly having an antagonist would be bad. And the writer did well.

This story, even though it has its mature moments, mainly stays in the cute category. Read it. You will not be disappointed...I mean, it is kinda small~~

Also, the side characters who actually don't get too much screen time are also very lovable. we have enough understanding of their characters to appreciate them. And the ending of the story is really well done- It is not an end. It shows that their further life will also most likely contain hardships, but they will have to support each other to glide through the difficulties. <<less
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MangoGuy rated it
Trafford’s Trading Club
July 9, 2017
Status: c78
This is Mango approved. Nothing less, nothing more.

First of all, the setting. Modern day with fantasy elements. And we got tons of macabre elements. Not to mention.. This is hard-core seinen.

At first glance, it might look like a regular series, with MC getting OP powers and then living his life.

But this is far from it. First of all, it is kinda like episodic, with arcs rather than episodes. However, each new character is developed beautifully. We see a reason for their struggle, and also.. we see why they are willing... more>> to strike the deal with the devil.

However, you never feel disappointed when they disappear after the arc. Why? Because there is a good chance that they might come back in a future arc. Yes, c78 and I can confirm it. And even if they don't come back, it implies that they originally got a good ending. note that good doesn't mean positive. it can even be tragic or something. But basically, their character is resolved.

Between all of these great characters, we have the MC. So far, he can be termed as semi-beta. However, his mindset is very carefree... He is willing to accept that the world is not full of roses. However, I will say that so far the MC doesn't really come off as a strong character. Then again... the 'supporting characters' themselves are pretty well-written, meaning that there is every chance for the character of the MC to be further explored.

There is no real romance, but there is a.. romantic sub-plot (?)... Just, don't go in looking for some romance. There is some cuteness though.

Are there any negatives? Probably. So far, at c78 we are still easing into the plot with no real vision on any ambition or something. meaning that this can potentially turn into an endless SoL type story. But I am actually willing to give it a try even if that happen. Why? because of the seinen elements. The author is doing a really good job. This novel might just slightly remind you something like death Parade (not really).

Also, in CN... If something tarts this well, it almost always gets bad later on. Hoping that this time around, I am wrong.


Also.. the characters really are really lovable when they need to be. And you hate those that you need t hate.


This is Mango approved. I am happy to see something like this being offered by Qidian (Meaning that it is officially translated and hence, good quality TL.) <<less
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