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MaliMi rated it
Legend of the Great Saint
June 7, 2017
Status: c106
Update: Chapter 106...

This chapter for me was honestly a bit let down...

... more>>

He started human cultivation and it will be possible. I personally wished to see a full monster route for once, but alas it seems to have failed. We will see how it goes in the future.


For those, who did not read spoiler, it was a let down about his cultivation... Though it is not enough to decrease my rating. We will seehow it goes...


So, this story might seem as your usual xianxia at first sight, but it is quite different. Speaking of the first 102 chapters.

Firstly, let's talk about cultivation. The MC focuses on body refining as usual. BUT! Normally, you have a technique which makes MC stronger and gives him abilities similar to some demonic beast. IN THIS story, the MC is turning into an ACTUAL demonic beast (notice the Race Change tag)


In chapter 102 he gets a monster core. He is more of an actual monster than human and so is his cultivation.


Secondly, I will mention arrogant young master. I think that there was just one true arrogant young master so far.


If I remember right, he appeared just thrice and the third time he died. Furthermore they were only chance encounters and the young master did not use his spare time trying to kill the protagonist.


Most of the enemies are actually THINKING whether it is worth it to offend MC or not.


For example, there was this guy Dragon Li. The MC offended his grandpa (village chief) and you could say he humiliated his family (not intentionally, was just defending himself. But you know how it goes in xianxias). Also there was a short fight, it was not to the death and Dragon Li was able to swallow his pride and get on the MCs better side.


Thirdly, MCs personality. You know that in some stories, the reincarnation is there only to pose as a click bait, right? (At least that's how I see it). Then it will usually make the protagonist's soul powerful, etc. However, in the end, the hero of the story will just be a jerk.

IN THIS STORY, the reincarnation actually matters. In the first about 70 chapters you can see how his personality is slowly changing and how the cultivation influences him. Albeit, it's nothing amazing, it IS there.


Examples: Wondering about why he feels so much bloodthirst. curious about how come that he is more bold. Awareness that he is slowly becoming a monster in both body and soul. Puking after his first massacre. Not killing everyone just because he is MC.


Lastly, romance. Cannot talk about it much since it is not developed yet. For now there has been just one mesmerizing beauty. Pro is that in their first encounter, the MC was able not to think with his d*ck. Then there is a demonic cat, which in my opinion is a pretty solid love interest. But, we will see. <<less
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MaliMi rated it
Age of Adepts
March 11, 2018
Status: c239
This book, though not one of the best, is still an enjoyable read. How does it compare with WMW ans WW though?

In the Age of Adepts, the Ai chip is still quite strong cheat. But it is not as overpowered as in WMW, where I personally get the feeling that the Ai-chip is the MC.

Secondly, this is the only amongst the three, which does not focus on bloodline adepts. The MC is a fire elementium adepts with golems as a support. Btw. Thus far the strongest ability of the chip... more>> is improving the golems

Thirdly, he gets to a clan as a rank one adepts, so this is actually also the only one amongst the three where we can get a look on how the relationships are when one is not at the top from start for once. He also experienced a plane war as a cannon fodder.

Fourthly, although he has the cheat, he does not go 180° with power and char. From start.

Fifthly, sometimes, he actually loses.

Lastly, though the characters personallities are a bit extreme, there two of them, which survived over 200 chapters and maybe not often, they were occasionally mentioned. They also, for now, keep up with the MC.

As for bad points, I feel like some matters are forgotten quickly and several arcs are not used to their full potential. <<less
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