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Magnas rated it
Against the Gods
August 23, 2016
Status: c364
Surprisingly listed as the Number 1 Ranked Series for Overall Popularity.
I've read things I would personally place in the 80-95/100 range before, that are lower ranked than this series.
Rating 1/5.

- The word Profound being used 10 million times more than it should be.
This issue is not arguable.

-It is in each realm of cultivation's name (listed 2-3 times in some sentences),
in each of the currency names, in school names, used as an adjective, everywhere.
It would not surprise me to see it used twice in the... more>> same description
"What a profound Profound Treasure"

- All major problems are being brought on by the stupidity of the protagonist and main characters we are supposed to like.
This issue is not arguable.

- What's that? Super heaven shattering secret about MC that could result in him being
located and obliterated and also get the Xiao clan exterminated?
Let the Strongest, wisest, most magnanimous dude not scan his environment or be aware
of anything around him and let a Nascent Pleblord overhear him blurt it out for no reason
to a grave. Utterly ridiculous and bad writing.

-Super mega giga dragon of the emperor realm (Realm 7), dragons are super intelligent
and crafty and resilient and strong. Let the MC run into it's lair as a low level
Elementary cultivator (Realm 1). What did you think was going to happen?
(Don't see Origin Level Chu Feng stealing the most valuable and only treasure of an
unbeatable Ancestor Realm Monstrous Beast do you? No, Because it would be silly to have
the MC completely ignore the fact that they would be a billion times stronger than himself.
Remember when Chu Feng first went into the emperor's tomb entrance with the Su sister's mom? Detected something that was above his capabilities and got the f**k out, and that was with 1/3 of the life experience of Yun Che.
The bead and dragon corpse/core and both of them not dying was unbelievable. Oh look at that instant 8 level power up! The stupid prizes are supposed to be bad not 8 levels at once which cheapens the feelings of reward and excitement when the MC levels up in the future.

-New place you know nothing at all about, Let's offend 5 bigger and 2 super massive sects
to an outrageous degree while only being at the lv 1 Nascent Realm, with knowledge that involved bigger sects have access to spirit and or earth realm peeps, and the 2 branch sects would have not only spirit and earth peeps but would be heavily tied to the main branch with Emperor ranks I believe it was said and known?
Exposing literally all of your battle capabilities and drawing scorn and animosity upon yourself to the
point where you would have to literally fend for your life. What's that crippling or killing somebody
important goes against the status quo and doing so in front of witnesses will bring their family and elders down on you like a f**king hammer? Pro Survival Skills Bro. Utterably Foreseeable.

-You know that branch sect that has discarded all face and has summoned reinforcements and has sworn a blood debt? Let's go sneak in without a plan or cover story or any research done. Access to the vault by himself was just assumed based on what? Hey! Let us carve a confession into the wall to serve as proof and alert them before having even left the premises, them figuring stuff out would have taken much longer.
You know they are coming back with the dragon core, you know the aura is detectable and is a problem, why wouldn't they place it in a more secure location and or use a valuable box/item/storage
device from the treasury to shield it? This could have easily been foreseen. Also remember how you revealed all of your battle capabilities earlier in front of over a thousand people? Now you have revealed that you can store hundreds of meters worth of stuff without a ring while being at the Nascent level, literally the only way to remove all that stuff in that time frame.

-Emperors daughter disguised in backwater location with Elementary/Nascent lv plebs, looking for a husband? Never killed anybody before, is just too nice. Going to Xiao Branch Sect by herself, ya no. Letting those 3 devilish looking dudes who were kidnapping children and unreservedly talking about enslaving you and turning you into a s*x toy, who were obviously just peons but just below your strength, ya they have to have stronger leadership, perhaps multiple spirit level or higher dudes given that a peon is lv 8 Nascent. Let's take away their slaves, dash their hopes of debauchery, then just let them go. I'm sure nothing bad will happen, like them telling their boss in hopes of somewhat salvaging the situation and earning brownie points. Oh, hey the place they are targeting and have attention focused on is in immediate danger, let us go over there and directly insert ourselves into the situation. Yun Che injured and unconscious, surrounded by a bajillion spirit and earth beasts, inform the local evil dudes that are obviously stronger than you about your presence, they will know that you are attractive, have valuable weapons and a storage ring. These actions are figuratively
spitting in the face of the guy who took a poison bullet and fall for you, forsaking the life he saved and his own as he is unconscious. Given how 95+% of people behave in these stories, including many places in real life, such stupidity would get you raped and killed, no way she would have made it this long.
So basically all problems within the first 100 chapters.

- MC stays as a Scrublord until ch 45, that is what the end of the 4th arc? That is a bit too long for this
type of story.

-Do enlarged Divine Channels make you less intelligent? The 'Tyrannical Emperor Divine Veins'
description by Jasmine seem to imply that they relied on brute force and were not smart.
This seems to be supported by how annoying and unretentive Yuanba appears to be. Lovable Oaf, but taken a bit too far.

-You know why Eggy doesn't retain all of her powers once sealed inside Chu Feng?
B/C it would be a complete ass-pull whenever she would get involved in anything.
That would be terrible writing. -The author keeps referencing the fact that the MC has the experiences from two lives, implying that
he is intelligent, has superior survival skills, and can read and know everybody's personality
and thoughts just by looking into their eyes. His behavior and actions do not support these.
Hey these perfect pills which shouldn't exist and are super good which MC should know, 100 purple coins?
Trader was obviously low balling him, that should have been easily obvious. OKAY let's sell these for 10% of what they are worth even though we are broke. Drawing attention to himself and getting ripped off, nice.

-Hey he is the world's greatest doctor and master of poison, with the assistance of perfect undetectable storage, detox, pill and mixture crafting. You can be undetectable? Poison the entire sect with an undetectable time delayed mixture, give the antidote to who you want to live, put it in their food, make it airborne and contagious, I don't care which way you do it. Leaving Gramps and little aunt here is just asking for trouble.
BAM solved it for you. Eagle flying behind you, mixture that makes it go wild or blinds it as it would be useless without it's sight, which is stated as its strength. Why wouldn't the 3rd or so ranked dude chasing you have a fire rod? How the f**k would you know or understand if your channels could receive or withstand Jasmines power? Ass-pull.

-Only have 5th and 6th stages of a phoenix ability, reverse engineer that sh*t. Except the 5th stage is a
pair of flame wings with an explosion on impact, are stages 1-4 flame whip, flame wings, explosion, and at 5th stage they are combined as to be able to be reverse engineered, not explained in the slightest. Just another instance of 'MC got stronger in these 5 ways all at once' and also went up another 9 levels of PROFOUND power again.

-MC uses up all of his profound power and is severely weakened after using the 5th phoenix move twice and fighting the 3 sub-caps, cap, and dozens of others, hey instead of killing all these few dozen guys left quickly or blocking the one exit, why don't we use the 6th ability that takes up even more energy.

-The Characters are all mentally retarded, I don't mean that as slang, they are handicapped.
-Text based stories are not like action movies where you should be able to enjoy certain aspects of the
experience and shut off your brain if the plot is bad. The entire experience is about immersing yourself without disbelief, and imagining everything that happens. Some enjoy self inserting as the main character for this genre, kinda hard to do when things are completely unrealistic. Do stupid things and only good things will happen to you, every time.

This was written from notes I jotted down as I was reading, but eventually I just got tired and frustrated going into so much detail as to why this story is not good, might update it later with all the other problems I have with it. Past ch. 100 many other stupid decisions from the MC continue to bring him fortune. He can beat people 20 levels above him, Insists on killing all 70, 000 HBC peeps, but leaves the grand elder alive long enough to pass on the legacy to the other dude he really shouldn't have left alive as his purpose in killing all of them was to remove future problems. Why didn't you make sure he was dead? He was a level 4 emperor! Why didn't you get his storage ring? Why not cripple the profound veins of the 3rd son? That would leave him alive but diminish his threat.

Why do we even have a review system and popularity tracker if this gets rated so highly and listed as number 1. If that is the case, I should have the ability to block users individually so that after filtering out 80% of people I can then only see reviews that are accurate. <<less
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Magnas rated it
Martial God Asura
August 24, 2016
Status: c985
Very rarely does CF do something that makes me think it was a poor decision. Like most stories, he finds good fortune under every rock and many characters are forgotten or lose so much relevance they become a joke. I always read quite a few reviews to remind myself of both good and bad points. The issue of rape: the 3 times it happens to my knowledge, was not a big deal to me as I've never been affected by it personally. Realistically if people had supreme power compared to... more>> others around them, rape would be happening millions of times more often than depicted in these stories, but that would be a huge put off to the readers, so in a sense it is unrealistic how often it doesn't happen. While there is a harem, his actions, words, and feelings seem to indicate that he genuinely cares for them all. Several Xuanhuan that are higher rated have writing, character, or plot flaws that bug me to a higher degree and more frequently; I should objectively give it a 4 stars, but I want to differentiate it from others stories I've rated as such, and I do enjoy this one more than most. Not quite a ISSTH but better than most others. <<less
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Magnas rated it
A Will Eternal
September 16, 2016
Status: c111
It starts out with a writing style that is similar to half way through ISSTH. Aside from being a coward, the MC is just as shameless as MH. Same OP item from first sect as in ISSTH. Humor is even better than ISSTH. Worth the read. Depending on how long it goes, how it develops, how consistent the comedy is, character development, and the ending, this might be the first series to maintain 5 stars from me in the end. We shall see...
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Magnas rated it
I Shall Seal the Heavens
September 2, 2016
Status: c932
Avoids most shortcomings related to this genre. Nothing feels too forced, things are introduced well ahead of time as appropriate. Has a unique cultivation scheme, which is a very large part of the story. Has a unique sense of comedy that most of these stories are lacking or fall short in. The love situation has set itself up to go in several directions, not sure if guilt or persuasion from sole female love interest will lead to a harem situation in the end, I suppose I could read spoilers. 932... more>> out of 1614 chapters out, the story is complete already, just awaiting translation, which is at a fairly quick pace considering chapter release rate and chapter length. 4 being an 80 and 5 being a 100, it seems hard to differentiate novels using this system. I would say 91/100. As the story fills out and finishes I will reevaluate and re rate, a terrible and rushed ending can leave a sour aftertaste. It can be a bit repetitive with all of the events making a showcase of just how much better MC is than everybody else and most of the villains are irrationally evil and hateful towards others in an attempt to make you dislike them so that the terrible things the MC does are justified. <<less
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Magnas rated it
Transcending the Nine Heavens
September 8, 2016
Status: c244
More focus on events and character interaction than most other stories that are laden with hundreds of irrational bad guys. The antagonists are mentioned frequently are are actually characters with back stories and aspirations in the story unlike most Xuanhuan bad guys. The difference between levels isn't 'between heaven and earth' as much as it is in other novels. So far the laws and powers of the world have not been expounded upon much yet. Looking like it is going to be a harem, 3 girls already can't live without... more>> him, but it is done in a somewhat tasteful way compared to most other stories of this genre. Also unlike other such novels there is not nearly as much finding good fortune under every rock, everything stems from aforementioned treasures or sword parts. I will say that the MC is unreasonably crafty when he supposedly is supposed to be a solitary person without much scheming ability. He has unbeatable planning and deductive prowess with no background or training for it, the novel actually mentions that he is supposed to be that way, it is a bit contradictory. Good bit of comedy, both schadenfreude and like you would laugh at your friends, makes you feel like you are part of the group. <<less
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Magnas rated it
Tales of Demons and Gods
August 29, 2016
Status: c399
NL's knowledge base covers everything. (Future events, nearly all cultivation techniques, all formations, a good deal about ancient treasures, alchemy, people he has never met, a bajillion other things from the time space book, everything). MC doesn't do anything stupid or illogical, but knowing literally everything kinda puts a damper on the plot.
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Magnas rated it
Sovereign of the Three Realms
January 22, 2017
Status: c1024
This novel sticks to several Xuanhuan tropes; Antagonists are terribly written and endlessly appear one after the other to get beat down or killed when their personalities or station would indicate that they should be more intelligent or cautious, women are weak but peerless beauties who fall madly in love with the MC after he saves and/or cures them or their relative, reincarnation with a dash of mysterious circumstance, power creep with an endless supply of forgotten supporting characters, coincidental tournaments, smelting trials, and opportunities that appear one after the... more>> other that allow for those of MC's age and slightly older to determine the honor and wealth of the major powers of the region, MC has two uber cheats from his reincarnation that solve every problem that could ever occur and endlessly make him stronger at a pace that outstrips his peers to name a few. (Millions of years of knowledge from being the son of the Heavenly Emperor whilst somehow being unable to cultivate for plot reasons and The Magical Seal of Fatherly Affection planted within him before his reincarnation which helps him whilst conveniently supplying endless plot developments as he reaches higher levels of strength) For someone who is millions of years wise, the MC makes a lot of questionable decisions, as if he were a teenager instead of the trainer and teacher of countless powerhouses. Most all of the CN web novels are at this level or below. There are worse and better series to read. With that said, the MC and few recurring characters mature eventually, the friendship and love aspects are slow but steady to progress, the novel makes an effort to foreshadow important events, and mysteries of his past life and their relation to his present plane are interesting enough to set it just above most other novels with the same problems. <<less
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