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Magicia rated it
Talisman Emperor
May 16, 2018
Status: c123
Two stars because it is written well.

Apart from that, there are clichés upon clichés. A generic Xianxia start with a trashy MC that suddenly becomes a heavenly-defying genius because of a powerful and mysterious treasure. It is still good because the MC uses his head in the first few chapters.

But then he becomes a double-standard righteous psychopath who never plans ahead when it matters most!

Most of my problems come from the fact that the MC... well, @Pentadrian said it well: "... the MC is a retard, who despite being handed... more>> legacies and treasures of untold power, somehow manages to offend half the World, only for the other half to save his ass. Meanwhile, all the MC does is 'Oh, I'm soo weak! Why am I this weak! *Laughs bitterly*'"

The most powerful ability of this MC is his offending ability. If offending could kill, the universe in which he existed would have been obliterated long before even when he was born, when the author had only conceptualised this MC in his head. <<less
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Magicia rated it
Pursuing Immortality
June 6, 2018
Status: c184
I have read quite a few 'Spiritual Energy Returning to the World' type novels, and I can honestly say: this novel beats them all. I can't do reviews properly and I will not try to do it now. All I can say is, if you're a fan of Carefree Path of Dreams, Martial Arts Master, Monster Paradise, Seeking the Flying Sword Path and Way of the Devil, you'll most likely become a fan of this novel, Pursuing Immortality, as well. Although these novels aren't of the same theme, each of... more>> them has something in common, I can't quite say what, however, it is that thing that makes these novels more realistic and intriguing. Have a good read! <<less
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Magicia rated it
Great Demon King
May 30, 2018
Status: v8c734

A really really good, unique and enjoyable story... until chapter 600 and so (first seven volumes). However, after he starts interacting with people from the God Continent and himself goes to the God Continent, everything gets boring. Super boring. And becomes a typical Xianxia novel. Can't even read anymore. So I definitely recommend the first seven volumes of this novel to be read! The later volumes? I don't know. Maybe it will get interesting later on, but I haven't read it, nor am I planning on reading anymore, so, don't know! ~

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