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Maelstrom08 rated it
Martial World
October 25, 2018
Status: c1940
I truly love this series way to much. The main reason is for the "originality" of how Lin Ming is like. When we usually read xuanhuan/xianxia, you can expect some overpowered item that gets them out of almost every major situation, you can expect some form of spiritual teacher of sorts to lead them along the way, to show them secrets that no one else knows, etc, you can also expect for them to either be an orphan, or was adopted, which usually leads to them to having a very... more>> influential/strong family that they will eventually meet up with. The romance aspect is also nice in my opinion as well.

The rest explains all of the above mentioned things in greater detail but its mostly spoilers.


Now with Lin Ming, for one, he does indeed have an overpowered item with the Magic Cube, but it acts like a gacha or roulette for the entirety of the Sky Spill World, or at least the vast majority. Also while in the world, he used the cube like, only 6ish times as a gacha/roulette. This shows that he used his own power or inheritances he gained through his own power.

Next, he has no spiritual teacher at all and all of the knowledge was things he gained, but sure, there was Demonshine, but when did he appear? He appeared around ch 500, so that means for almost a quarter of the series, Lin Ming was alone, with no support, from anyone other than living people that couldn't be with him at all times.

Finally, this is one of my favorite parts about him, his background, it consists of his parents that just own a normal mortal restaurant, thats it, no strong family members, no accidental blood ties with someone powerful, just normal, mortal parents. This stopped so many cliches from existing but still had great progression in my opinion.

Now onto his goals, his main goal, from the very start was not to chase after some beautiful, strong maiden that broke her marriage with him, not a revenge story, or any other cliches start to get the plot moving. All his goal was, was to reach the very peak of martial arts. Sure, this sounds lofty and such, but its such a normal and direct goal, he has never strayed away from his primary goal, it perfectly encapsulates the idea of getting back up when beaten down, how many times has he done this, way too much times to count. But thats they beauty of it, its simple but still stays strong, he doesn't need to look for a new goal once he finishes his first, he creates his goal as the very peak, and works his was slowly throughout the story with many other goals that all build up to his primary goal.

The final thing i'll talk about is the romance aspect of this series, I very much agree that the first two felt rushed and under developed, but the latter two were almost perfect to me. Lets start with Xiao Moxian, we first meet her as a competitor in the Universes tournament, she is shown as a top contender and multiple people kept conjectures on how she and Lin Ming might end up together, due to her having 50% God Beast blood as a Dark Phoenix. But for a long time, until the Asura Road, nothing occurred. The Asura Road was an amazing arc, as it showed Lin Ming's true inheritance if you will, but along with this, Xiao Moxian followed him throughout the entire thing. I loved that even though we didn't get to read all of it ourselves, they spent 9 years together stuck with each other (cliche I know, but every story has its cliches), but afterwards they spend 24 years together as if they were mortals, I love this so much as most Protagonists get there lovers within a years time, 3 years is also possible, but also during this time, the lover either plays hard to get, damsel in distress, or isn't there the whole time. But they act as mortals, without needing to worry about the world around them, which I absolutely love. For Sheng Mei, we still don't know whats happening with her, since she kinda backstabbed him, but the dynamic is quite nice, as no matter what you say, she isn't the worlds greatest talent, as I believe that Xiao Moxian is just as good as her, or just a bit less, this is due to the almost impossible fusion of a human and God Beast, that even passed done the ability to go through 9 Nirvana's.


I would go on about other aspects, but I think this enough to show this story justice for being one of my favorite lns/ Webnovels (though I still would go on). <<less
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Maelstrom08 rated it
Divine Throne of Primordial Blood
January 14, 2019
Status: v4c1
After reading the first three books of DTPB, I have to say that its definitely a must read for those who are looking for an unconventional start which slowly evolves into a laid back but still exciting concept. The key word here is "evolving", as it seems that a lot of readers got mislead by the synopsis, which is not necessarily their fault. Don't go into this book thinking that the unconventional idea of him being blind is a staple throughout the entire novel.

Another thing to look out for is... more>> how to me, Su Chen (mc) is one of the most humane characters I've seen when it comes to the xianxia/xuanhuan genres along with characters like Han Lie (RMJI) or any of the Er Gen mcs. Remember, not moral but humane. Su Chen is fairly consistent in the choices he makes, but sometimes he makes decisions that are completely inconsistent, but not exactly stupid or idiotic. He has grandiose ideas, understands the difficulty of the task, but still does it with a shade of naiviety. He's smart, calculating, and can stay in the shadows for na long time, without having to offend someone like most other xianxia/xuanhuan mcs.

Overall, if your looking for a series that has both clever and plotting politics as well as brainless, yet exciting fights, I recommend DTPB 100%! <<less
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Maelstrom08 rated it
Warlock of the Magus World
October 25, 2018
Status: c1200
I love this novel quite a bit. I know this is a bit annoying of me but im just gonna counter argue the two main arguments I hear from peoples reviews, so nobody just judges this novel badly because of it.

  1. The first thing is how hes actually apathetic, he does whatever he can for his goals and that apparently makes the story bad. I don't understand how that works. Leylin has nothing but victory in his mind and sure, you don't get to see some things that lots of novels do, but tell me, have you ever seen a story like this, to this extent? Ive read countless novels and the only one that comes to mind that compares is Reverend Insanity, except it takes it along a different route. Either way, this story has a VERY unique idea and its only able to stay this interesting is due to the fact that the author doesn't break down and end up giving Leylin emotions. Throughout the story, he acts the same as he always been, without ever breaking the personality that was given to him by the author. So in conclusion for this argument, to the majority of one stars giving this argument, Dark Originality=Bad Story/Waste of time.
  2. The second argument that I hear a lot more is that his A.I. Chip does everything for him. Now, the amount I wanted to go throw something was crazy. I'll ask any of you that has a reasonable mindset and can think rationally. If you had a power that allowed you to do calculate things the human brain couldn't handle, would you abuse the **** out of, especially if it was tested completely? Now, I understand that people may argue that it wasn't fully tested as it was linked to his soul and was warped with him. But Leylin specifically said that it seemed to work like how it did on Earth, though it seemed to have more potential. Also you ma say that he shouldn't of used it for everything at the start. But you need to understand that he knew absolutely NOTHING about this world, so he had to rely on something that could help him with this. Id say there was nothing wrong with abusing the **** out of the power, as any main character would do the same. Sure, they wouldn't be apathetic, but the power doesn't rely on being apathetic, you could still use this power to a high extent without being apathetic. Though by being apathetic, he could fully use the A.I. Chip to its full extent as he would use any of the choices that the chip gave him, as he didn't have any morals to block a lot of those choices.
But my final point and main point on this is that, he has said he was a Scientist and would go to any lengths to reach see the truth of this world, and there should... more>> be no reason he can't abuse the **** out of the chip. Think about it, in modern days time, scientists use computers so much to help with there research, now if they were to have this chip, they would of course abuse the **** of it as well, why wouldn't they?

The story is not about how the A.I. Chip apparently does everything, in my opinion, after reading the entire novel, id say the story is more about how cruel or to what lengths Leylin would go to, as well as the COUNTLESS amount of schemes he made that id say were very new and fresh as they required someone that didn't care for morals in the slightest.

All in all, please don't just blindly agree with the reviews, as I am not right either, no matter what I said, as its very opinionated, but please, at least try it so you can see for yourself what this amazing story is like, for yourself.

Oh yeah btw, any spoiler you think I said, they were all from the first few chapters of the story, so yeah, sorry for spoiling the very start of it, that has no intensity at all. <<less
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