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M012 rated it
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February 10, 2019
Status: c40
I'm only half way through this novel and I'm loving it. I thought it'd be mediocre but it was better than I expected.

The plot is not the most amazing plot ever but it stands out from the others BL novels I've read. MC have to jump between worlds that he has a core mission to complete before leaving it. Each world has one and so far, all of them are very interesting to read through, like a real game, he has choices and save points to use to make sure... more>> he gets through the game just fine. The writing is easy to understand so I can catch up with the situation without having to re-read it a bunch of times. The romance is also pretty well paced imo, which is great.

MC himself isn't those kinds of people that falls in love immediately after interacting with the ML once or twice, which I really like because I can't stand MCs who fall way too quickly. He is very sharp when it comes to details, quiet and smart enough to do what he needs to do. The main comedic parts comes from the MC being calm on the outside, but is constantly cursing others in the inside. Although this is not so funny to the point that I'd roll out of my bed laughing but it was still hilarious enough to keep me entertained. I don't know much about the ML so I'm kinda indifferent towards him, but he seems to like MC before the novel even started.

Overall, I'm very happy with what I've read! Its been a while since I've read something that makes me finish 40 chapters in a day. Thank you for the translations! <<less
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M012 rated it
Liu Yao: The Revitalization of Fuyao Sect
February 10, 2019
Status: v2c33
I'm so sad that this didn't get as much reviews, it's a really good story that even if it's not BL I would still read it. Honestly the description for this novel is way too short, I was going to skip it until someone recommended it to me.

This is one of the few novels that made me laugh hard and cry a little, the characters are all filled with personality and I absolutely adore them. I couldn't really tell who the ML is when I was reading it, but it... more>> didn't matter anymore since the characters are good enough for me to keep reading. I even went as far as to try to read it in Chinese but I wasn't good at it so I still had to wait for translations.

the story is very slow when it comes to romance, so if you don't like it taking too long to get to that point then maybe it's not for you.

Can't wait for the next few chapters to come ;u; <<less
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M012 rated it
Thrive in Catastrophe
February 10, 2019
Status: c19
This gave me a lot of complicated feelings.

First of all, I like the plot of zombie apocalypse and how much detail was given to the world and technology itself, the gore didn't bother me, and there are times where I was anxious for the MC's life. The writing is detailed and semi-easy for me to understand as a person who is not very proficient in English.

Although :

... more>>

I'm know probably judging it way too quickly with just 19 chapters, but I really bothers me and I just had to drop this one because of it. If I get any details wrong I'm sorry, I don't remember much of this as I read this a few days ago.

I get that since they are something of a super human with enhanced hormones that the MC would be so into ML, but it still feels kinda forced when the MC probably only started liking the ML just because they accidentally kissed once. He keeps having wet dreams of ML even though the ML barely interacted with him and has only treated him like crap for the past few chapters, save for that one time he allowed MC to touch the ocean waters. The same goes for the other, ML barely talks to him but just a few times of touching and he's already obsessed for MC (probably because of the hormones thing again), even went as far as to hurt others (Maya) whenever they do something pretty intimate with the MC. I even wished that Maya and MC would get together instead since they seem to have more chemistry than the ML after they finished the mission where Maya lost his arm.

I'm usually not against obsessive ML, in fact I really love this trait. But this one is just too much for me, I had to drop it as I just can't stand looking at MC having a wet dream of a guy who dislocated his arm and make him suffer so much pain over something he did not do on purpose.


All in all, I'd recommend it to anyone who likes quick romance and service with a great plot that you may like if you're into military/zombies/guns. It is a pretty good story that I'd read even without the BL tag. <<less
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