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Bishoujo wo Jouzu ni Nikubenki ni Suru Houhou
April 6, 2018
Status: c73
While many might be reading for the H stuffs, the plot in this one isn't so bad. The characters, while not many do have the qualities of a MC not those that get introduced and forgotten. However, the novel ended way too soon and too open.... more>>

MC didn't really settle things with the mother, and various stuffs that were introduced never saw them coming into fruition. Even the last chapter didn't feel like it was the last one that it was quite a letdown but well... And also, towards the end, they introduced new characters but never really had the chance to build on them.

Would've loved to see more but that is highly unlikely, unfortunately. Just when I thought I had found a new different novel that I could read without getting bored. <<less
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