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The main problem of this novel - it just boring.

First you have boring goal for MC to pursue, he just reincarnated to become more powerful then he already was, just to fight space monster because someone said they strong opponent. And believe me it written even more boring then I just now describe it.

Second is a boring characters. The two types, first positive to MC with lines "Mathi you are amazing", second is hostile to MC with lines "that damn monster is too amazing".

Third is the boring magic system, you... more>> have four crest with different attributes and it's all you have to know. There nothing else, one for each person with set attributes and go killing more mobs to become stronger, if you know the type of crest of your opponent you actually know everything about him. Chant and Chantless magic problem is a huge plot hole created only to emphasize how awesome MC is. Humanity lost art of Chantless magic because of demons, but here come MC and teach then this awesome art for one hour and bam they now can use it. Chantless magic is much more powerful than chant, instant in use and more thrifty in resources, but whole national academy, thousands of mages in whole world for a thousands of years was unable to learn it, even thou they was aware of Chantless magic and it efficiency.

Fourth, the worldbuilding is non existent. I will not even explain this one more easier to just point what we have. Two academy, demons, dragons, crests, augmenting, dungeons.

Overall the only reason I start to read this novel is because of the translator, but I catch myself on forcing to continue reading it. 2 stars for it being boring but not irritating. <<less
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Lyonya1992 rated it
True Martial World
June 8, 2019
Status: c1500
I'm just split this novel in two parts, 1-1051 chapter and 1052+ chapter.
First part is briliant, character development, world building, cultivation, fights, tension, pace. There are a few flaws but a good parts decimate them. 5/5

Second part is an incoherent mess. It's a story lines of 60-80 chapter with no actual connection between them. MC start changing location and create an enemies for no reason. If before MC was in conflict because of environment, now MC starts creating conflicts. He became an arrogant young master trope. And I'm okay... more>> with arrogant MC, but Yi Yun has no right to be arrogant. Everything he has now only because of Purple Card, that fall in to his hand by luck, if he give it away to any other genius, they will have better result. MC in Prequel had magic cube as auxiliary tool, that only place him in same position as normal person of higher realm, everything else he get himself, Lin Ming has right to be arrogant, but he never create a conflicts, he lived in conflicts time.

Because of a mess that autor made, problems from first part of novel became hightliten, young masters that wants beautiful woman, beautiful woman that just don't give a sh*t about everything, beautiful woman that appears from nowhere to help MC for no reason, etsetera. And this character tropes applied in every new location that MC visit, to irritate you, to compel you stop reading this novel and leave autor alone, I have no other explanation for second part. 1/5 <<less
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