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Lurcher rated it
In a Different World with a Smartphone
January 15, 2017
Status: --

No real conflict or strife, bad guys are immediately recognizable and are hapless before the main character. Supporting cast is superficial and uninteresting, social and class differences are mentioned but never play into anything concrete—the main character mingles with nobles without any trouble, a f**king Earl gives lip to a Duke without any consequences, the MC essentially tries to casually kill a noble and no one cares etc.— those pesky old nobility are racist and backwards and are trying to plot the destruction of those poor beastmen because reasons while... more>> the sickly king on his deathbed is worrying about the alliance with the beastman kingdom instead of his family.

Main character is bland and uninspired; his weapons and magic have no actual flavor thus the fights are boring and short, with no room for turnabouts or climaxes.

Translation is decent enough and the writing is acceptable. <<less
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Lurcher rated it
Oukoku e Tsuzuku Michi
July 5, 2017
Status: c63
Tired of beta herbivore leads with no ambition? Well, here's the polar opposite.

Essentially the MC is Conan the Barbarian, or Guts from Berserker, mixed with a little bit of Rance's appetite for women. Gathers lots of women because he likes to f**k, doesn't bother thinking about things too much and just swings his big ass weapons whenever he wants something.

A few of the chapters are poorly translated, but for the most part its readable enough and at parts even excellent.

Personally think there are too many women and that it's a... more>> little over the top with the constant s*x scenes, but it is still damn entertaining. <<less
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Lurcher rated it
Tales of the Reincarnated Lord
January 10, 2017
Status: c117
It's good; the setting is intricate and detailed, the main character is determined and smart yet not wholly without fault as he makes mistakes but works to correct those without hesitation. If you're tired of the usual tropes like "face" and iron-clad rankings or skills that seem wholly unrelated to anything real, then this is definitely a treat.

The power structures of individuals is based on something tangible and easily discernible, so the fact that people believe those rankings to be true makes sense. The main characters use of qigong to... more>> continue his training once he hits a cap also makes sense given how well documented his love for the art prior to reincarnation was.

While he does get some annoying freebies like "dynamic vision" and his qigong abilities, the main meat of the story is NOT about the main character defeating everything like in your usual martial arts novel, rather the fact that he is strong is merely the set up for the politics and friendships that he is involved in. Had his jolly gang of hangers on not decided to join him in his journey, this story would easily lose one or two stars from me.

Romance-wise the story hasn't seen much of any development as the main character has loved and lost before the novel proper and most of the subsequent encounters are casual or end in failure. I saw someone complain about maids getting raped and I had to laugh, as the setting already explicitly encourages this; one count had over 60 illegitimate sons while the main character has 17 illegitimate siblings as well!

Overall, it really only gets going at around 50-60-ish as the amount of flashbacks before that is quite staggering, but I still recommend it. <<less
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Lurcher rated it
Seirei Gensouki ~Konna Sekai de Deaeta Kimi ni~
January 13, 2018
Status: c29
It's sh*t.

Started out vaguely interesting, with the world's hostility matching the prowess the protagonist (Rio) was showing. Everyone is out to piss on him, so him having super powers is fair. You want to see him excel and overcome in such a situation.

But no, he leaves when the going gets tough again (though I loved the real politik the King and nobles were playing) and then arrives at the indigenous noble savage village due to a literal escort side-quest he does because he doesn't have the spine to just leave... more>> someone behind. The place is apparently filled with creatures of all races just getting along and being kind to one another in a complete 180 to the humans. At this point, I started to get annoyed.

We're told that only the nobles essentially get to learn magic and that their system is limited and restricting while everyone in the Spirit village gets a taste of the Dryad's sap which gives them the basic ability to use their version of magic, which is much more well-rounded and varied. On top of that, the beastmen of the spirit village have stronger bodies, the elves can make better potions, the dwarves can make better armor etc. The Spirit village excels humanity in all regards, it seems.

Yet for some reason the humans seem to be completely dominating the world, with the spirit people only living in a single village, often also getting kidnapped by humans for slavery? The world building makes no sense.

Rio is a half-baked and driveless character. He gets to have his cake ("oh, not gonna do anything, never show initiative in anything I do") but at the same time he gets to eat it (everyone is overwhelmed in the Spirit village is overwhelmed by his kindness and bend over backwards to please him). And then he casually instructs them on sh*t like martial arts, civil engineering and apparently politics as well? WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU LET SOME WET BEHIND THE EARS KID WHO JUST SHOWED UP ONE DAY DICTATE LAW? What makes the author think that some random college kid knows enough about society to just come around and randomly throw advice around, and have nothing go wrong? The arrogance and sheer ignorance of the author is baffling.

The spirit village is f**king sh*t. The main character is a spineless wuss. The "love interests" are all one-dimensional cardboard cutouts who only exists for the sake of some nebulous checklist in the author's mind.

Don't bother with this, it's not worth it. <<less
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Lurcher rated it
October 7, 2017
Status: Completed
A superb story, managing to combine the age old Hero's Journey-type story with modern Japanese fantasy. Avoiding most of the shallow tropes one would except of a fantasy story from Japan, it manages to be funny and clever while still holding a serious story. The realism of the harem is quite refreshing—though dream-crushing ;_;— turning the plot from simply being "hey lets get some more bitches up in here" into one that is seriously about the framework that is necessary for Lyle's end-goal.

Definitely recommend reading.
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