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Killing Grounds of Gods and Devils
June 1, 2016
Status: c69
First off let me point out that I've read up to the current chapter and plan on staying with this series; I have also read up to chp 193 in God and Devil world. Unless GDW takes a huge turn from its setting of a changed Earth the simliarities between these two series are negligible and from the comments I've read it seems like the similiarities pointed out can be attributed to any modern day wuxia novel. The only similarity, up to the current translated chapter, that I can obviously... more>> see between KGGD and God and Devil world is the name, bith series have chinese characters, and show the real violence of fighting instead of watering it down or not focusing on it like most series do. The people who think KGGD and GDW are similar probably didn't read much into this, and by that I mean they didn't get past the title. If you read the summary you'll instantly know the difference, in GDW gods or devils or whatever change Earth (our world) while in KGGD parts of Earth get sucked into another world by 'Sky Holes'. KGGD is different from GDW, read the first ten chapters of both and its super obvious.

Now for my actual review of KGGD. The story for these first chapters, so far, is simply survival its sounds basic but its full of smaller plots (over arching main quest, running across side quests). The characters start off basic then adapt to the new situation, some adapt well others can't handle it. The action is detailed, akin to GDW, with gore written in:

This tall and big bloke was the school’s sports teacher and he was fit but after suffering from the green creature’s blow, his sternum broke as his chest caved inwards, blood could be seen flowing from his mouth, nose and ears.

The monster's are artfully described and imagining them is relatively easy. The dialogue isn't to wordy but gets its point across and the author doesn't spend paragraphs meaninglessly stretching out simple sentence.

Overall this novel is a nice change of pace from the regular xuanhuan post-apocalyptic stories, I recommend you read it but once again I have to stress don't go into this expecting a clone of GDW and don't leave this novel for GDW expecting a clone of this. Do what I do, ignore people and start fresh with each novel you start unless the direct author summary says to do otherwise. <<less
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Lupinite rated it
Shura’s Wrath
March 4, 2017
Status: c344
Shura's Wrath somehow makes its vrmmorpg aspect unique without sacrificing its real world interactions and instead brings the real world to its full potential. I recommend you try this if you normally read any of the xianxia or wuxia stuff gravity tales puts out. I'm at the latest released chapter and its intense, no better way to put it.

The story is basic... at first then slowly reveals itself more and more, its the stripper of stories. Every chapter shown makes you want more. By the time you get to... more>> chapter 100 you'll be invested, at chapter 200 you'll be howling for more, at chapter 300 you'll be anxiously waiting for the next release. Unless action and adventure centered stories with light romance and comedic elements isn't for you. <<less
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Lupinite rated it
Battle Through the Heavens
May 7, 2016
Status: --
Great story, never gets bogged down with over explaining anything, main character isn't an op monster all the time, enemies have more identity then "You are inferior, now die" yeah those guys are there but they're usually minions or random encounters, the ranking system is told as needed with a basic explanation at the beginning and details told when encountered, and I don't know if this was important to you but the main character isn't some Tymora blessed fool who lucks into everything. He works for it.
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