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Lunitan rated it
October 18, 2017
Status: c110
Lms but worse. Same old sob story about a loser that does hard work to survive then does gaming to make money and hits it rich and then has it snatched away, kind of.

Only the character is much less cunning and smart than weed, not to mention annoyingly childish. He mastered all his production skills in a second instead of forty plus volumes of epic adventures it took weed to master his skill, and his stat increases and skills are way more overpowered. Plus a sculptor is much more interesting... more>> than a blacksmith.

Other uninspired tropes include a unbelievably beautiful women that everyone stupidly lusts after despite beauty being entirely a setting in a VR game, TV companies broadcasting ingame footage, and stats straight from LMS, among others.

Uninspired drivel that showcases the worst aspects of korean web novels. Please translate something better than this trash.

Edit: Kind of gets better, still not great, and things are way too easy for him but it's okay as junk food. Takes until chapter 100-110 until it gets decent. 3 stars. <<less
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Lunitan rated it
The Strongest Gene
December 2, 2017
Status: c102
Bad world building, a main character that relies on his OP luck ability and doesn't have any patience or foresight. Also every time he goes outside things seem to go wrong, if he would have an ounce of patience he could achieve his goals without trying to do stupid shortcuts. Who even cares about the rookie tournament anymore? Just a lazy plot device by the author. That said the gene system is interesting and it can be exciting to read so 3 stars.

Edit: Stupid sh*t happens and the plot... more>> armor is out of control, dropped and downgraded to 1 star <<less
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Lunitan rated it
Dungeon Defense
July 25, 2017
Status: v2
I don't really see what all the fuss is about. Guy is transported to some game world where he knows the future and then lazes around. Sure the MC has these moments where he turns from an unlikable good for nothing NEET into a crazed psychopath. Is that supposed to be cool?

You might say the MC is smart, he get's into all these situations and then his psychopath side comes out and solves them, amazing! I disagree. I'd contend that he get's into these problems because he doesn't plan ahead... more>> and is a NEET that can't communicate and is just lazy. I'd even say that anyone who passes the tutorial could do better than him, especially if they pick the most broken ability, creature summoning. Anyone can do what he does if they also had the foreknowledge he has, he barely exploits his ability to predict the future and instead does next to nothing. He has tons of gold laying around and does nothing with it, does nothing to secure his life and position unless he is forced to (Remember if that letter didn't come warning him of incoming troops he would have just died from not being prepared), and doesn't even really use his mind reading ability much. He has intelligence without wisdom or will, which is worthless.

So an unlikable character that isn't particularly competent and is always reacting after being cajoled or otherwise forced into action. So in other words the worst character possible. What does this story have left then. The supporting cast? All similarly unlikable, made up of megalomaniacs and psychopaths. The enemies and politics? Somewhat interesting but it loses all tension when I realize I don't care if any of the characters live or die. How about the prose? Bland formulaic light novel writing. So why is this story so highly rated? Simple, it's junk food power fantasy, nothing more. It doesn't even attempt to hide it's true nature, which I don't know whether to applaud or condemn. Either way I won't be reading anymore. <<less
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Lunitan rated it
The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor
September 26, 2017
Status: v49c3 part3
Many things are woefully and stupidly exaggerated, the sword noobs mentality, weeds greediness, seoyoons ridiculous beauty, the grass porridge cult and the whole AI controlling the world stuff. Despite all the caricatures and rediculous and repetitive moments the story is carried by it's very original quests and battle scenes, for instance the final sculpting quest is the most well done and epic quest I've ever heard of, though way too long. Writing is mediocre to bad in that Korean web novel way and doesn't really get better. Junk food like... more>> most web novels, but a pretty unique one. Really I just want it to end though, it's gone on too long. <<less
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