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LuckyTalltail rated it
Rise of the Wasteland
February 16, 2018
Status: c11
I read up to chapter 11 before calling it quits. While the translation is good enough to read easily the author clearly does not understand American culture.

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The daughter just straight up accepts the idea of a neighbor friend who lives off food stamps going to steal a robot dog under military control at a Columbia University research lab without urging and her other friend just happens to have the same plan. Really?


The author really seems to think that guns and selfishness are the only traits Americans have and makes sure to write many sentences to illustrate how terrible and racist (especially against Chinese, Americans are). One insult a person uses against the MC is to call him a yellow monkey. Most people I know don’t care about Asians enough to differentiate them.

Overall, story seems to just hate on the U.S.A. And nothing else. <<less
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