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Lucenda rated it
The Guild’s Cheat Receptionist
September 20, 2018
Status: v2c3 part7
I enjoyed this novel as one of my favorite ones out of all I've had read. Not exactly sure what specifically attracts me to this novel, but I suppose it would have to be the feeling that just knowing that the MC being genderbent leading me to enjoy the interactions and events in the novel more than if Ilya was to be female originally or to not have reincarnated from the modern earth.

At some parts of the novel, I enjoyed the affectionate interactions and obvious attraction towards Ilya and I... more>> find myself feeling pity and happy for her after seeing her enjoy herself after experiencing a cold and cruel past.

Don't just pass the novel just because it says gender bender and give it a try before you have any other thoughts or judgments to make. Seriously, I doubt someone being changed into the opposite gender is that bad compared to many other things in this world. <<less
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