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LuNaTiC rated it
I Have a Mansion in the Post-apocalyptic World
April 7, 2018
Status: Completed
A best and top notch Chinese Kingdom Building & Sci FY

novel. BUT

It has its flaws. Everyone yearning for Perfection. But, There is no such thing as Perfect in this world.

When you truly love someone or something you love them with their existing flaws. Well, I love this novel.

Then lets start with reasoning......



    • I have found this novel as a first pure Chinese sci-FY. No cultivation involved.
    • A very good kingdom building aspects.
    • Very minimum racism and no overwhelming Chinese propaganda.
    • Author has done his research. So he payed attention to minor details and information which in turns made this novel fulfilling & enjoyable.
    • This is not a hard science fiction novel. As a sci FY novel it has covered scientific details, progressions, development & advancement in a detail manner.
    • very good humor.
    • Author has a good story telling ability. So, the author is able to paint his world in his color.
    • Author has done a great job in Harem aspects. MC handles his relationship with different actresses very well.
    • In this novel s*x is neither taboo nor over the top. MC's love life & s*x life is very naturally done.
    • It is fun to read MC slowly becoming giant while standing on giant's shoulder.
    • It is fun rollarcoster ride.


    • Characterization is well done. Main Characters are three dimensional but not fully developed.
    • Side Characters are rather forgettable.
    • Story line is good but not enough tensions & suspense.
    • There is no good or rather stand out Antagonist in this novel.
    • First few hundred chapters MC has no real goal. He just go along the flow.
    • MC is a normal person. He is smart & clever. But he suddenly become conqueror, strategist, great business man etc. Author has done a lazy job in this character transition process.
    • Like most of Chinese novels time is problem here. Present world development is too fast. Author should have chose starting year few years back. Or he should have slowed down the development and set the end year in much farther.
    • Author lost balances in two worlds simultaneous story development.
    • In author's eye world is rather small. He seems to forget about many important country, ethnic groups.
    • There is few controversial issues in this novel such as Ghost agent selection, slavery chips.
    • MC is quite xenophobic.
    • Author could not utilize the full potential of the novel. It is rather sad.

That's all for now.

Did I love the novel?

Yes, I did.

Was it memorable & fun to read?

Heck Yeah.

Will I reread again?


See U later.
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LuNaTiC rated it
Soaring the Heavens
August 20, 2017
Status: Completed
This one was my favorite types of novel. So I immensely into the novel and took continuous several weeks to finish it. Now, I'm very much disappointed and frustrated.

When I read or want to read a novel or looking for a novel,

I has certain criteria. This book covers many of them. Like-

    • The protagonist isn't a total sh*t character.
    • All or most of the characters are not two dimensional.
    • The novel has an interesting storyline and some memorable scenes.
    • The novel has a smooth flow of the story.
    • The characters, plot, storylines have consistency.
    • Good actions, adventures, world building.
    • Territory occupation, management and further territorial development. (My personal fav)
    • A good romance and probably harem (I'm not gonna defend)
    • Going through space from star to stars. Not the planes or upper & lower boundaries. (My personal fav)
Even though this novel has many of the aspects I like, I will give this novel 3.5 star. I love more than half of the novel and some further more scenes & plots. For that 2.5 and 1 for all the things normally I don't find other novels & my pure enjoyment.

For the reasons of dissatisfaction, disappointing, frustrations and deducting 1.5 points are going to explain in spoilers.


Protagonist has many issues. Like he knows what are his weaknesses but he never try to overcome or improve him. He has very little character development.

Author use old Chinese traditional harem system. Where one person is main wife and rest are concubines and wife rule the concubines. Concubine's status, positions even level of protagonist's affection are very much lower than main wife. Some concubines have special titles but simply used for s*x object and political tools.

Main wife Cloud Leaves (mtl) is a much overpowered character. I don't know is it author's intention or mistakes that he sometimes lost control of this character.

With story progression protagonist become very dislikable character.

Protagonist forsakes his friends and brothers. According to him upper level and lower level can't become friend something like that.

Protagonist has a talented subordinate who is a great strategician & ambitious. Who uses even protagonist for his daughter (one of the main concubine) safety. Protagonist never tries to win over him and even have no confidence to contend him. He rather tries to threaten him, controls him by taking hostages of his wife & daughter (concubine). Protagonist rise to the top seat very much for this subordinate, but he never trusts him. A great character but protagonist always feels enmity towards him.

Protagonist's wife some decision really badly affect him and surroundings his relation. She even makes sure his sworn brothers remain his subordinate not his brothers but he does not say word about that.

Protagonist's all the successes and gains are due to Old White who opens the door & builds the road to the future.

Here cultivation takes times like literally 100 years or more. But time goes by nothing much changes on surrounding & world around. The feelings & situations remains the same, no progression whatsoever.

Although Old White has his own reasons & interests for doing these. But protagonist never properly thanks him or shows any respect to him. Author tries to justify protagonist's actions and situations...... even so much frustating.

And many more......


Ultimately you guys will decide to read it or not.

For me it is sad, dissatisfaction, disappointing, frustrated and many unfulfilling promises & possibilities.

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