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LtBeefy rated it
Battle of the Third Reich
October 3, 2017
Status: v3c23
Honestly, I don't think PringleStorian understands or read the novel properly. Had to rebut his points because it can lead on to come to the wrong conclusions. 1st off, up to the point, I've read, V3 c23, the MC has never once related war to chess. Instead of coming up with strategies and plans due to his extensive knowledge of history. Remember, the MC is a historian who has extensively studied WWII. Meaning he knows pretty well the situations and tactics each side use. Thus coming up with ways to... more>> counter them can be easier for him.

As for the MC becoming more and more hostile to Japanese for no reason? How can you say there is no reason? The story gives the reason itself. Its currently WWII, the Japanese are currently invading China. It is, historical fact that Japan did invade China and commit war crimes. If you were sent back in history to a time period a foreign nation was invading the nation you were from, would you not also have a reason to hate that nation? Would you not also try to stop it? I know a lot of Chinese novels do hate on Japanese for just being Japanese. But this novel doesn't do it as it takes place in the actual time period where there are perfectly valid reasons for a person from China to hate Japan. In fact, the MC even tells you about these events that happened, which are historical fact. He doesn't give some made up reason so he can just hate Japan for Japan. Thus MC being from China originally, of course, wouldn't feel friendly towards them. I enjoy that the Author has given a real concrete reason for him to have hate towards Japan instead of having none like many other novels. In the end, some may argue that he is now german so why hate on Japan? But remember, his body may be German, but he has retained all the memories and in fact is still the soul of a person from China who was literally living as a Chinese person till a day ago.

Lastly, PringleStorian saying interaction with MC Subordinate is mediocre because the subordinate was surprised when MC got angry just because he never shows he's angry. That is not an idiotic thing as he said. Think about it, if you have known a guy for many years, as MC subordinate would have, and the MC is a person who doesn't get angry and in the many years you have known him hasn't gotten angry. Then wouldn't him all of the sudden getting angry be completely out of character? How would that not surprise you when you have known him for years and its the first time you've seen him angry. This scene shows a couple things. 1. That the MC subordinate knows his boss well to know when he acts out of character, shown by his surprise. 2. The MC, while he has inherited all the memories of the previous owner, is in fact not him and has retained his own personality.

Now, for this being pro-nazi, have not seen that at all. Please remember this is from a viewpoint of a German high-ranking official. It has to have things that relate to what that means during that time period. Now, is the MC pro-nazi? So far I would say not at all. While yes, he is working to ensure Germany wins the war since he does not want to die, which would happen if Germany lost the war. He has so far said that he wants to stop the atrocities committed and to not let them happen. At this point in time of my reading, those atrocities haven't yet been brought up in the story so I can't say how the MC will act, but if he acts as he said he would he will try to stop them from happening.

In fact, at this point in time, it seems like the MC is planning on overthrowing Hitler and seizing power himself. This would thus let him prevent the atrocities he said he wanted to stop, from happening. It would also, conveniently allow him to live.

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LtBeefy rated it
The Strange Adventure of a Broke Mercenary
October 27, 2018
Status: c32
3 stars.

Not a bad novel. Tho the MC is suppose to be someone who was till recently a famous very powerful mercenary. Yet despite living as a mercenary killing people and being strong he is a wimp. He fulfills the complete stereotype of a Japanese MC. It honestly gets annoying as the personality doesn't fit up with his background at all. Read up to ch 32 so far and debating on dropping it because of that.
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