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I've always had issues with Japanese novels, and stopped reading them a while ago. Seeing the rating of that one I decided to try reading it.

The story is about a student who (probably) died in a traffic accident and is reincarnated as the worst side character possible in a RPG game the MC used to play in his past life. He then decide to save his family from falling into ruin and to take charge of his own destiny by becoming a blacksmith.

Or I thought so.

The reincarnation part has no... more>> effect in the MC actions/decision making (except the "I don't want to end like the character of the game" drive at the start) it's just a pretext for the fantasy world setting.

It takes him 2 chapters to be accepted as an apprentice by the blacksmith then 0.5 chapter to master the profession (by the way he also went from a below average looking guy to, I quote, "an attractive young boy" during that time) so he can put that skill in a corner gathering dust.

He incidentally makes his family one of the richest of the kingdom 2 chapters later (I won't say anything on how he did that.... sigh...), all problems solved !

That's way more than simply fast paced. Past that point it's just slice of life (at least until where I stopped), with a succession of events even more ridiculous and absurd than the other.

For the writing, the descriptions and dialogues are pretty simple. Note that the translation gets better at v1c16, so if it's what you don't like I think you should try to continue a little. I've found the changes of PoV awkward, sometime you don't know whose thoughts you're reading.

I feel obliged to quote this part of chapter 6 :

Second prince : “Your level in smithing high is and and you also possess the qualities to rule over the people. In addition, the power of your magic. Ah, please let me call you aniki”
MC : “Um, sure.”

Uuuug.... Kill me already...
(and not for the little typo)

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Losdrac rated it
Perfect World
July 28, 2016
Status: c50
I've lost it...

Maybe I should have read more than that before giving an opinion but I can't, not anymore.

The MC is a 3-4 years old child who speaks like he is 10, is absurdly OP and like drinking milk.

Every single characters spend their time laughing in this novel but there's honestly nothing I found funny nor cute so far. They keep teasing the MC about how he is young and keeps drinking milk (and they are the ones who keep giving him milk) and when something happens they usually got... more>> wrecked but don't worry the MC will come and save the day (and then they will merrily laugh and give him more milk).

Maybe it becomes better later, I don't know, but the beginning was way too painful for me to continue. <<less
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Losdrac rated it
MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian
July 20, 2017
Status: c212
I'm done with this. Seriously.

It was an almost OK time waster for me, but I can't take it any more. The last chapter killed me.

This is the story of a professional player of a MMORPG named "God's Miracle" who fell in love with a girl who once was his enemy. Sadly, the girl came from a rich family and our unfortunate soul of an MC wasn't wealthy enough to keep fate at bay. She was then forced into an arranged marriage and during the night of her weeding, the jealous... more>> husband decided to visit our poor MC to end his life (because why not). After an intense fight the MC jump from the balcony of the 19th floor taking the jealous husband with him in his downfall.

Sigh... and that's the end of the story, thank you for reading the novel.

Naaah, I got you, that's just the first chapter.

OK seriously, this is a novel about an MC who "failed" his life, died, is given another chance and try to do better this time. "God's Miracle" is a game that will be heavily monetized, our MC with his memories of a time traveller (and my gosh, that guys has amazingly precise memories) will take advantage of that to turn the wrong into right. Nothing new here but I didn't mind.

What pissed me off the most was how unrealistic it was even for a novel with this setup.

The characters are extremely one dimensional, and it rapidly starts to become annoying because there's no surprise it's the same thing over and over again : you know that the childhood friend and the second tank will make perverted comments, you know that the little girl will get angry or whine, you know that the thief girl will not say anything, you know that the priest will hit on our MC and you also know that the MC will trash talk each of them. And then... they will all merrily laugh (except the thief girl, remember she never say anything). Yes you read it right.

Even if they were the best players in the universe I still wouldn't want to play with them. The sad part here is that they aren't even that good (except our dear MC and the thief girl) DPS with tunnel vision that ignore fight mechanics and Healer that have zero fight awareness are nothing but subpar players. But thanks to the magic of novel they will get First Clear Achievements.

Ah ! First Clear Achievement. It's pretty straightforward, if you're the first to clear a dungeon, you're rewarded with a skill point and everyone in the server is notified of your feat. As you can guess our MC will earn some lots of them. So the entire chinese server knows that our MC has godly skills, despite of that he still has trouble to find decent players to complete his group. Facepalm.

In the end our dear MC decide that better be alone than in bad company, which is true, but you know why staying alone when you can thanks to your fame easily be "normally" accompanied ? (And I'm 100% sure that this normal company would be better than some of his current party.) Meanwhile the elite guilds are left in the dust with their elite groups composed of elite players, when our MC destroy the content of the game with his half-group.

Come on ! How balance can this game be ? This, and the fact that he keeps killing bosses way higher than his level... sigh. (OK, I can believe that some of his feats are possible because he kinda exploit bug, or exploit unintended mechanics I should say, but that's a minority.)

The c212 Ragequit incident :


So in this and the previous chapter they fight the last boss of a 20 player Raid in "Hardcore Mode" with the First Clear Achievement on the line. Yes, Hardcore.

Note that some of the members of his group already killed the boss in other modes.

Here is the strat : things will happen but it doesn't matter because there's ONLY ONE dangerous ability. The boss boss will teleport 4 players and will link them with a fire chain that will deal damage. The only way to remove it is to go away from one another.

OK so, 4 people will always make a squarish form, it doesn't take a genius to guess in which direction you need to go to run away from the 3 others. Yet our MC lost 12 of his group members (maybe 16 but we don't know the fate of the last 4 people teleported) because of an ability as simple as this one. Yet again, our MC still manage to have the First Clear Achievement, even with assisted team mates like that.

H A R D C O R E _ M O D E.

I can't even imagine how bad all the other players of the server are.

This was a little too much for me.


In my opinion, the IRL part are even worse than the rest of the novel because of how unrealistic it seems to me. I won't talk about all the different events, maybe Chinese daily interactions are like that, but I can't believe how stupid and petty the people of the novel are.

It's sad, and it was said in other reviews but if you played WoW (especially if you played Warrior and Priest like I did) you'll notice that most of the skills are taken from it.

Another little thing that made me smile is how amazed people are when they see the MC dodge the attacks of the monsters. "God's Miracle" is an Action MMORPG, my first one was Tera in 2012 it took me two enemies to figure out that in this kind of game you can dodge everything. The story takes place in 2039 people should have even more experience than us, and even in a classic MMORPG you don't facetank everything.

(And yes, I know the story is from 2011.) <<less
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Losdrac rated it
Swallowed Star
July 26, 2016
Status: v4c11
I wanted to read a SF novel to change from all the reincarnation/cultivation/fantasy thing, seeing the rating on this one I gave it a go.

I don't even know how I could read so many chapters and I definitely don't understand all the hype about this novel.

The setup :
... more>>

The MC is a better than average, hard working student. He comes from a poor family, has a disabled brother (who is a genius trader) and incidentally has a hidden power (which soon awaken) and will allow him to be one of the most OP existences of his world if trained properly.

But he decides to hide it...... because reasons.

Well, why not.


One of the problem I had with this novel is that there's no surprises, no struggle. There isn't any trouble for the MC and when something finally happens someone will take the hit for him or instantly bring a solution. The MC needs money to buy skill or gear ? Don't worry someone will come to lend him some and if it doesn't happen he will probably find it (or an even better grade) in some random hole dug by a beast.

Like others said the MC power up quickly but that's not necessarily a bad thing. All the antagonists are idiots, blinded by their own arrogance who underestimate the MC, but well that could be said to a vast majority of novel.

I don't know if it comes from the author directly or the translation but what made me stop reading is the writing. Everything is plain and bleak, descriptions are average and dialogues are even worse. Putting exclamation marks and SFX don't make a story engaging.

I can hardly believe it's the same guy who wrote Coiling Dragon. <<less
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Losdrac rated it
Forty Millenniums of Cultivation
December 18, 2017
Status: c189
I quite liked this novel at first but it went downhill pretty fast.

This is the story of an orphan who grew up in an Artefact garbage dump. He spent his life salvaging and repairing discarded artefacts to survive in this barren place and was so feared among his peers that they named him "The Vulture".

But that's not all, one day he saved an old man who was an Expert refiner who was thrown in the garbage dump (for some unknown reasons that shall not be mentioned) and gave him an... more>> Intelligent Black sword of unknown origin (that shall not be mentioned).

But that's not all, thanks to a last talk with the old man our dear vulture decide to walk the road of Cultivation and follow the dream of becoming a Master Refiner. Then the old man died (and shall not be mentioned).


But that's not all, he then met another old man of unknown origin (that shall not be mentioned) that this time died almost instantly ran over by a train before his very eyes and was incidentally the soul of an incredibly powerful time-travelling master refiner cultivator (that shall not be mentioned and Oooh boy, this one will be mentioned).


But that's not all !...

Ok, let's stop here.

I kinda like the world where the story takes place, it's dark and unforgiving, even if everything is black and white, you have the good human, The Federation, against the bad Demonic beast and Demon cultivator. The Federation feels like a real organisation with laws and means to enforce them.

I find crazy how often the subject "why those with power must protect the weak" and self-sacrifice for the Federation/Humanity comes back again and again, sometime you even have an entire chapter about that.

I don't really like how the author feels the need to put uninteresting and tedious descriptions/explications everywhere, and paraphrase them most of the time. Doing that doesn't add content, sure the chapters are longer but reading some of them is a real struggle. It made me smile that the author himself said that cultivators tend to speak in a cryptic way to seem cultivator-like. Isn't he doing the same with the SF theme ?

Another black spot for me is the inconsistencies, flowed logic and bad decision making. It's not like they are everywhere, but it happens often enough for me to find it annoying, to each his own maybe you won't mind.

A little example.


at some point he enters a University and you have the usual freshman ranking. Till the last minute of the ranking announcement you have the top 3 students pat themselves on the back saying how glad they are to be here and measure against each other. The MC pass his classes and (like any respectable MC) finish first.

Immediate 180° turn, the 3 former top students start trash talking the MC, I quote "No matter how good he is at learning theory, he is nothing more than a nerd.". What the hell, weren't you looking for a worthy opponent like 30 seconds ago ?


In the end, I'm sad because there is something and it could've been good, but it wasn't enough for me. <<less
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Losdrac rated it
The King’s Avatar
August 3, 2016
Status: c414
A good read, a really good read.

It's the story of the best player of Glory, a fantasy MMO PvP oriented game, who is fired from his team (or club here) and forced to retire, because he didn't want to be involved in business. The MC, with nothing else since the club kept his 10 year old account, decide to start anew in a freshly opened server to regain what he just lost.

There's no VR here, no martial skill transposed from real (or past) life, no tremendous luck, no stat/skill table... more>> full of numbers.

It's just plain old writing that actually lets you follow what's happening, skill (with a normal computer), 10 years of experience and knowledge from the MC that let him find solutions to each issue encountered. And that's what makes it so good.

The story is a little on the slow side, but I didn't mind at all, the world building is pretty nice and the characters are enjoyable. Yes, enjoyable. Every named side characters have their own personality, motivations and purpose (they aren't just here to mindlessly feed the MC). The interactions between the characters, in real life or in game, are interesting and make the novel believable.

There are funny situations as well, from time to time, and they don't feel forced which is nice.

That "OT" translation will haunt me till the end of the world, though. <<less
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