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Lordthird rated it
God and Devil World
May 31, 2016
Status: c307
Honestly im a terrible person (i waste so much food sry farmers) but some people just can't stand how the mc's harem has only 1 brain cell or how it has too much rape/racist people.

Starting of I agree there is rape and racist people but it is a fluffing zombie apocalypse so naturally there is going to be rape and racism, why? let me ask you this? When your boss Insult you for 3 hours every day, and when it's time to get off work what is the first thing... more>> you're going to do? Well Im going to swear at him saying he can't get it up because his wife look like his mom and his little son is as dry as his mouth and his son size is 3 cm maximum so his wife is a fluffing loli. Basically what I am saying is that people aren't machines and we ain't superman either so we need a outlet to rage on or else we will just poop on everything like those racist and rapest

Well in they're case they do not have much to eat, who will protect them and the world is getting sh*tty'er and sh*tty'er by the day. So yea dictator Yue is actually one of the nicer boss out there unless all you can think of your son when you become a boss.

Then there is mc's harem saying how they only have 1 brain cell or they are all retarded whores. That I don't agree and agree at the same time, basically from what I know of girls is that they Follow the most bitchest of women copying their saying totally of talking about the same guy they like and...I don't know, well basically if you do not follow the above they will call you a whore or slut even though when they talk about sucking off their boyfriends. In that case I agree but dude, what happens if you have a crush on like 1 of the most beautiful girls in the world and you wanna chase her, well whatever you are going to say to her will most likely sound like 1 brain cell to her if you are going to make her fall for you.

And then there is that one kid with his loli and shota army saying mc's has god lv plot armour. Again I have to disagree with that, in the beginning with out any power he bash if my memory isn't wrong 3 zombies I hope this ain't to much of a spoiler before getting any kind of plot armour unless you are saying him surviving with nothing but a stick is plot armour itself then sure he has god lv plot armour

So should you read this novel?
Well If you are into dragon ball.
what this ain't dragon ball?
My bad what I ment to say was that if you can't wait for 3 episodes of plot armour or naruto fillers this is the 2nd best novel to relive stress

Ps:if I claim this to be the number one best novel some a ** holes will claim this novel as the worse novel

Pss: to tell you the truth this novel is lesser than sh*t because no one will read it if someone ain't translating it and when someone do start translating it they find bs crap to sh*t on it.

5/5 if you like badass MC rocket launchers for days <<less
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Lordthird rated it
I Reincarnated Into a Vending Machine
July 20, 2016
Status: --
The funny thing about this novel is that in japan you can basically get anything you want from a vending machine.

When the supermarket is closed and you can't buy the things you want, go to a nearby vending machine. When it's raining outside and you forgot your umbrella, go to a vending machine. Hell even when you're hungry and no Restaurant are open, no worries there is restaurant called vending machine.

Yes they basically put a vending machines inside a building With chairs and tables.........

If you think that japan is famous... more>> for there pornogerphy, than you're right, but when you add vending machines to the mix and a whole bunch of random stuff than you're just crazy you know?

Alrighty you can expect great thing about this story (a vending machine maniac)

.......... yea j-just read the story and you'll know what I mean........... <<less
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Against the Gods
June 27, 2016
Status: --
First of all go get some water, get a puching bag, get a piece of paper with the mc's name, tape that on the puching bag and you are ready to read this novel.

Don't asked, Just trust me, you will need it.

If you still haven't punch that bag even after completely reading that novel then I recommend burning it erase your memories of ever reading this novel or doing both at the same time.

... more>>

Anyway here is the review: the MC start of as the likeable asshole, later changes into a badass asshole and then his final form pls someone go beat up this duche bag MC if you don't I will!

The things he approve:
Tricking innocent little girls
Taking advantage of women
Make women into meat shields
Either criple enemies, or kill them.
make the world adapt to MC not the other way around
f**k around with master
Find a beauty go squeeze her

Things he doesn't approve:
Do not f**k with me my women friends and family or else you will die


Anyways 3/5 I stop reading it because im tired of mc's bullsh*ting if you want to continue reading it do whatever you like, just don't say I didn't warn you. <<less
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Close Combat Mage
June 26, 2016
Status: --
This novel at the beginning is interesting, but overused.

When you start reading, you will find a very understanding kid, but his growth is too fast.

For example he only needed a year to be the strongest in the school, like by a lot, im not saying this is ridiculous but the fact the author wrote it like that has already f**ked up the story making me think this is not a hard working badass protag novel, but that is fine because I treated this novel as a spice of life after... more>> that.

There where also times where it just gets weird like when he was just a kid his little girl frie... Actually he only has women as friends played with his pee pee.

I understand this part is supposed to be funny but when the author change what I thought to be a spice of life story into a darker kind of story just for no reason, it just feels kinda weird. And please understand, these weird moment come up quite often in the chapters

Then when I finally thought it was a darker kind of story it ended up completely into a spice of life. Like seriously what the f**k

Furthermore this novel reminds me of one piece like alot.

For example: in one piece there is the red line which means the separation of weak fighters, and truly strong fighters of course unimaginable dangers and ever changing weather.

In ccm: it's called the greater trade route exactly the same but minus the ship and sea, and add ground and carriages

Hell the funny thing is that some of the crew members are actually the same in the novel.

Cough (i lied everyone are somewhat in this novel)... Yea continuing on.

Overall it's interesting but somewhat sh*t at times but you can ignore it if you continue to think of this as a spice of life even though it doesn't have the tag.

I give it a 3/5 <<less
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