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LordXue rated it
August 19, 2017
Status: c848
This novel could be real nice if it is not filled with propaganda kinda stuff. Nationalism to the point of encouraging terrorism?! Are you kidding me? MC keep showing how patriotic he is and justifying all the terror act plus treating innocent lives as his chess piece. Too much racist content is ruining the novel. As a Chinese, I am kinda disgusted with his mindset. Not continuing this novel.

I wonder if MC is so desperate that he fall in love with all 4 women in beginning of the novel. It... more>> would be much better if he gradually meet each of them along the way, that way their relationship will be more meaningful. Can't get used to seeing male lead being pushed around by woman. How come male lead always have such weak attitude against women yet cruel and straightforward in a fight. Hate reading novel with male lead easily pushed around by so called beautiful woman. WEAK! <<less
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