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LombokHot rated it
True Martial World
May 10, 2016
Status: --
Would give much better rating if there's less empty trash talk. In most of the chapters, I only read the first to fourth word in every paragraph except when it comes to conversation since most of the words in the par is meaningless, hollow, no feel at all.

For example in this 3 par I take from 411st chapter
"With Yi Yun standing up, the entire venue turned oddly quiet. Everyone looked at Yi Yun with a startled look.
They were dumbfounded. In this situation, if anyone was to stand up... more>> to say something, it would have been *** or the *** family’s Matriarch, or someone from the upper echelons of the *** family clan.
What was the meaning behind Yi Yun standing up? With his status, what sort of qualifications did he have to speak?"
Some people might read the whole thing, but for me:
With Yi Yun standi.. Bla.. Bla
They were dumbfou.. Bla.. Bla..
What was the meani.. Bla.. Blaa..
(I really said bla bla while reading it, I swear in the name of Goddesses of Vanilla that I did)

I guarantee that if you read this novel as I did, you will save a lot of time without even missing a single bit of important part of the plot. There was a period of time when I read the whole thing, but as more chapters released, its infuriating to do it since there is no feel in the words and its wasting so much time doing it. And it happened so many times! But I still read it though.

My advice to you who want to read this is "save up chapters, at least 50 or so before you binge read it. If you pick all of important parts in these 50 chap and reassemble it into chapters with same length as normal chapter, you might only get 5 or so chapter". Dont worry, 50 chap isnt that long to save up since we have a good and highly motivated translator <<less
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LombokHot rated it
Martial God Asura
May 16, 2016
Status: --
Boring, totally boring. Repetitive AF, survie a predicament depending on dumb luck and asspulls.

MC is literally Mr. Always Right, killing all of his enemies without mercy, without sparing even chicken or dogs in the entire clan. Its true that the enemies only reap what they sow, but didnt the MC have some guilty conscience? Or at least act like Yun Che, he massacre but he admit that he is a Devil. But this sh*tty MC massacre, commit a genocide and walk away like a damn saint.
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LombokHot rated it
June 5, 2016
Status: c91
Cute interaction between MC and his harem despite MC being a thousand year old geezer. Being a thousand years old martial arts master, peak of the peak, but failed to incapacitate or at least immobilize a single man. But this is CN, plotholes can be found everywhere, so dont think too much about it. But still, its a refreshing read for me, since this is (maybe) first OP MC in modern world that I read, so I still read it up to this point and would love to continue. Hope... more>> it wont bored me later.

Based on this, rated 3

Translator isnt as dedicated as I hope a translator should be. Not in term of the quantity of release, but rather quality. If you read ch 54 or 55 (most likely 55, you'll understand). CMIIW, it feels like MTL. Well not every translator is "Deathblade". Im not a donator so I dont really have the right to complain since theyre doing this out of their own volition, but we can at least hope or dream of it right?

But still, thanks for the translation.

Based on this, rated 2. <<less
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LombokHot rated it
Against the Gods
May 30, 2016
Status: c461
Its just Mars Gravity being Mars Gravity. His novels always starts good but keep going down the further it goes. I got the feeling that he suddenly went out of idea in the middle of the novel and decide to simplify the whole things and sometimes drag things out. He didnt always drag things out, but when he do, he really drag things out, really really dragging it out that you feel like you better never read this novel at all.

You're eager to see the outcome that can be... more>> concluded in around 5 chapter. Instead of the outcome, MG gave you the legendary fillers, the shocked chapters, the reaction chapters, the chapter of overly long unnecessary explanation, the shocked chapter again, the another stronger opponent that suddenly help the currnt opponent, the shocked chapter again, the another stronger opponent that suddenly help the currnt opponent chapter, yet again..... and so on till you lost your curiosity and the long awaited outcome that isnt as epic as you hoped it would be

This novel is good but dumb, awesome but sometimes bored you to death!!! Read it when you have a lot of free time and patience to build stacks of chapters before binge read it. You can expect awesome things in the early 200 or so chapters and continue to read without stacking things up. The moment you feel that things are starting to be dragged out, then start stacking up chapters to avoid the urge to kill the author. <<less
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LombokHot rated it
The Magus Era
March 31, 2016
Status: --
Since its xianxia, you know what to expect from this kind of novel. I like it, its refreshing to read this kind of story, though I believe i’ll get tired of it someday. So I wont talk too much about this series since you know how xianxia is. What im complaining is the translation site and the typo? (Dont know if its typo or error or whatever it is since I dont know their translation method and the "typo" is in the entire chapter). I’ll just give you example.

I’ve read... more>> 2 novel in xianxia world, this one and portal to wonderland and both have the same problem. Ive read it weeks ago so i’ll give you the most annoying “typo” thats stil stuck in my head till now.

The magus era: at first they translate a certain “class” as Maguspriest, but suddeny it becomes Magusreist, Magureist, Magreist, and Magwhatever it is. At first I thought it was a typo, but the typo is in th entire chapter and even continue to the next!! And its not just this one. If I try to name it one by one, I dont know how long this review will be.

Portal to wonderland: Dojo >> SOJO !!! Damn f**king SOJO !!!! What the hell is SOJO?? Its so annoying that I dropped it right away. After these 2 series, I give up on reading any in this site. My grammar isnt perfect, and I dont know any chinese so its not really my place to say this, but please, since you choose to start a translation site, put a bit more effort into it especially when you are translating popular series with so much potential as these two. <<less
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LombokHot rated it
Genjitsushugi Yuusha no Oukoku Saikenki
May 17, 2016
Status: v2c3
If youve been reading xianxia where the MC is genocide maniac, no brain all muscle, and always fighting unnecessary battle and got tired of it then this is an oases in the middle of the dessert for you.

The MC is almost all brain no muscle. It might be too early to judge this novel as that but so far it looks good and totally refreshing. Hope that the author didnt run out of scheme and then give MC a riddiculous power up since his unique skill has a chance to... more>> be a Super OP skill that can sweep the battleground without casualty.

So far its the best Novel in Kingdom building category. Other novel isnt as good, while the other havent reach the kingdom building part. As for this novel, the kingdom building is already commencing in the early chapter and was done beautifully. For those who dream to govern as a king or an emperor, this is your best choice so far <<less
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