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Princess and the General
April 5, 2019
Status: c8
This has been amusing so far, in the short 8 chapters I read so far. I was gonna read this just to write a review here, at first, and the introduction was a bit slow for me (just imagine Katara reading it to you like the introduction to Avatar TLA), but the plot got me engaged the moment it introduced our darling MC.

In fact, you might enjoy reading this more if you don't read the synopsis first. That's just my sudden idea, not that the summary is bad, but that's... more>> how the comedy works.

If you like a calm and sharp MC, who wears extravagant brocade dress stuffed with many pearls and gold and silver adornments (I don't think she carries them, I think she just wears a lot of them) with a possible future in court intrigue and reverse harem, then you'll wanna check this out. This is and isn't your typical medical-genius-MC historical fiction. No reincarnation, no top doctor/assassin previous life. Haven't seen any overbearing possessive male lead. Just a teddy bear of a father, his dedicated subordinates, his strictly-raised sons, and frequent descriptions of our MC's flawless, young appearance (jade skin, peach dimples, Phoenix eyes, etc.). <<less
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Fantasy Farm
April 3, 2019
Status: c6
So.... What can I say in 6 chapters so far?

Apparently enough, because these chapters are nice and long~ translator said that the chapters get shorter, though, from this point on. :/

Have you ever encountered a slice-of-life with tastes of mystery/suspense and supernatural (mild) horror and regular doses of food porn? How does an author mix those supposedly-contradicting genres without involving drama, intense romance, and overbearing/possessive/jealous MCs/MLs?

You can say the characters are simple, but that's part of this novel's charm. They're easy-going, so they don't rashly rush into action. Being SOL,... more>> they also don't weigh to heavily on the romance (yet), but there's potential. You know, reach a man's heart through their stomach~ and I love how, even though I'm not used to slow rural-types with few humans around, this MC doesn't give off any lonely vibes because this is what he grew up with, and the local community supports him.

Pigs are so cute. And tasty. And now the chickens arrived. I look forward to watching the summary unfold, but do I dare hunger [literally] for more? <<less
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Lollipoop rated it
My Dad Is the Galaxy’s Prince Charming
February 16, 2019
Status: c100
lolllll who tagged this doting love interest? What romance?

You can't count him, he's just an overbearing nanny daddy. :P

But no one else around our MC is even as close to rational as him... despite how irrationally overprotective he can be. The only reason his tendencies can appear yandere is because of how op he is, so his standards of destruction are higher?

--------All spoilers in this review have been introduced in the first few chapters.--------
Anyway, I read 3 comments today and they don't lie. Instead of experiencing world-hopping through multiple... more>> lives or novel plotlines, each planet literally has its own style of genre, from the planet for cultivating into celestials, to the mmorpg planet, to the different colonies of races that you get in sci-fi space novels, and now we have mecha robots!!!! :D All of these are connected by the Galactic whatever organization, so I hope to eventually see more interactions with that government, see how the galaxies enforce peace and protection laws like Orville, Star Trek, and such. Actually, the diversity by planets aspect resembles It's Not Easy Being a Man in the Future.
Our protagonist herself is of the classy (?) and noble (?) vampire race and planet, and she gets there WITHOUT REINCARNATION. I repeat, SHE NEVER DIED (unless you count the vampire kind lol). NO [significant] CHEATS FROM PREVIOUS LIFE MEMORIES #mydogatemyuniversitydegree. Her race is the only remnant of the humans that survives post-apocalyptic. I don't even understand how her clothes survived all those years, and the author never dwelled much on our MC's image at all. You know what is ridiculous? Her amazing ability to sit back and watch her one mistake or misunderstanding blow out of proportion until she's way too late to do anything to fix it. She can start a rage, ignite a war, abuse top of the top tier authorities, and leave behind legends with just a few sarcastic words, or by not communicating clearly, even in the moments when she's given her chance to clarify herself. I don't know about you guys, you might call her down-to-earth, but sometimes she just seems pretty straight up ignorantly rude, acting more upon her own assumptions of people rather than hearing them out. She's not the only character that does that, but... yeah, enough ranting, haha. This was supposed to be a short review.
If you can ignore the plot holes, obvious or obscure, and the minor misuse of English words, this is very entertaining to read. Over-the-top, but not too dramatic....? Just read it for the laughs. I rank National School Prince is a Girl, It's Not Easy Being a Man in the Future, and Release That Man over this, but My Dad is the Galaxy's Prince Charming is still well worth your time, more than those other cliché soap operas that wring readers around with useless female leads and dominating male leads, tragedies and poorly-placed plot devices. <<less
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I am the Lucky Cat of an MMORPG
February 21, 2019
Status: c4
Kinda slow and explanatory for now, but chapter 2 is the best!! The future looks so far away, but I would keep reading if I could get more like chapter 2. The fluff and cringe were so real, I had to hold in my laughter while reading this at work. :P Let's just say, you get your cute cat, and you'll want more cat.

This futuristic 23rd century the author built is a bit intriguing, too. If this plot goes in that dramatic direction, I predict that the virtual world will... more>> have something to do with his real life eventually. <<less
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Black Belly Wife
April 16, 2019
Status: c32
Idk about you guys, but I quite like this one.

It's got that reasonable kind of OP feeling in a historical (wuxia?) setting, with surprises everywhere at the same time. Her reasons for keeping cool might sometimes sound far-fetched, but I'm glad this isn't one of those protagonists where all the readers call her smart despite letting troubles pile up on her. For those who review saying you can't follow her thought process, maybe the comprehension was lost in the translation? Her thoughts look pretty plain to me, like in the... more>> proposal chapter (this isn't spoiling if it's already in the summary, right?), and the rest of her reasons could be categorized into her laziness and her ability to delegate matters to other capable humans.

Although not the most exciting in the action department (everyone else knows how to fight except her) or the romance department (hubby is super doting and teasing occasionally, not every chapter), there are some moments of light suspense (enemies target her all the time, but she's physically vulnerable), adventure (she has to travel once in awhile in a hilariously fabulous carriage), and sufficient Tsukkomi EX (to all servants of the couple).

The main thing I like about this is the unpredictability, even though our MC acts as if she foresaw everything. As the characters repeatedly mention, she consistently lazes and leisures around at the tears of those around her because no one is confident enough to outsmart her nor boss her.

Also, the summary kinda spoils some of the plot. Just read the first paragraph. That's good enough for the summary as an introduction. Summaries are cruel when they tell you about more than the first 15 chapters of plot. <<less
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Waiting For You Online
March 28, 2019
Status: c87
It:s been awhile where I binge up to the latest chapter of a series that makes me wonder, "What can I read next that will be as fun as this one?"

Fire is crazaaaaaaaaaay~ ♥

TY translators, this has a good dose of MMORPG and vrmmo. Kinda like Half Prince, but the opposite, when it comes to gender bending in virtual reality and meeting the game players IRL. Less idiocy, more fast-paced action.
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Lollipoop rated it
Yuusha Yori Saikyouna Kuro Kishi
February 22, 2019
Status: c36
Yoooooo I used to save this page in my browser bookmarks, and then I lost that, so I had to search for this again. But now that I've found it again, I see that there haven't been updates in forever!! T-T

I like the OP MC, even though she can be a little too OP, haha, but...

I just wanna know who the ML and Second ML are supposed to be!! Every time I find this page again, I read the latest un-updated chapter, and then read the prologue again to remember... more>> what I hope for. The prologue better be the in medias res, not the conclusion, cuz I wanna see how his whole destiny thing plays out with our golden-finger MC trolling around~

idk, I just want more action! Yeah!

This is kinda along the lines of gender-benders like "Release That Man!" where the romance is a bit ambiguous but still has hopes for a solid future. <<less
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