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April 18, 2018
Status: c74
Interesting novel

The characters are all complex and well developed.

It's kinda like runaway guide. Omega = birth machine, while qizi = more or less like a death sentence.

I love the main characters growths especially their relationship.
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Lolkika rated it
Thrive in Catastrophe
March 24, 2018
Status: c80
Read the few translations... Then finished the raws online.

The author's writing's amazing!!! Great plot, characters development, amazing supporting characters...

Not the cliche MC suddenly got super power or whatever.... While reading this novel, you be like.... Yeah.... Yeah it could happened.

And the romance was great... It balanced well with the story-line. Not to mention it was realistic... Not the girly uke, always acting cute, and whatnot.
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Lolkika rated it
The Wizard World
May 29, 2018
Status: c298
I read almost half of the novel.

Honestly, I don't see why people rate this novel so high, many people recommended because of WMW. Although, it's a bit similar, as well totally different from WMW.

The MC of this novel, well... is a bit too much like a cannon fodder. Well, a well developed 3 dimensional cannon fodder. He's nothing special. IT totally sum up. Working for a organization he knows nothing about, get the material, satisfy his curiosity or, use it to break through. Then complaining about his loneliness, his lacking... more>> of motivation ect...

Always trying to act like a goody two shoes.

Sigh... Totally boring. if one finish this up, I'd recommend WMW. But if you finished WMW, you should totally skip this one, a total waste of time <<less
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Lolkika rated it
The Earth is Online
November 29, 2018
Status: c146
There's a sudden twist.... It had me going (0O0)

Over all it's an excellent novel. All the characters are dimensional. They're all realistic, with motivation and drives.

The MC and ML are not extremely OP characters here. Neither are they, the smartest.... Whatever they can think of, likewise for the others.

The MC is NOT weak always acting like a damsel in distress waiting for the ML. Neither is is prone to act silly, like many uke as we called them do. He's very mature, calm, realistic... With a little of a... more>> violent temper.

Likewise the ML is wise, open minded, calm and stoic.

Both of them are manipulative

The side characters are great...

And the game NPCs are funny... Scary and funny.

This is not a brainless novel, but a very mature with intriguing plots and literary devise.

You may not like it, but you'll still admit the fact that, it's a great novel.

Some recommendation of stunning novels

Reborn as My Love Rival’s Wife (Slice of life, and extremely funny, will have you cracking up until ur in tears, and the good moments will move you to tears)
Thrive in Catastrophe (Apocalypse, but not rebirth.... One of the best BL novel, the MC of this novel is similar to Tang Mo)
Heroic death system (System novel... Will have you in tears 99% of the time, please don't worry it's a happy ending... Well you may have to MTL to find out the truth)
I'm not shouldering this blame (Transmigration novel, what would happen if transmigrator coming to your world, telling you, you're world is a book, and you're the villain?)
Qizi (a bit like ABO novel, without the beta. hmmm with Alpha of being winner and Omega, not birthing matching but losers. Most Omega rather death over being one. and Alpha and Omega are decided though more or less a death match. If the omega survive, they'll have to listen to the Alpha for the rest of their life... It's not really that depressing, sighh I can't write a good summery..)
Number one zombie wife (Rebirth novel.... Not a revenge one, or one where the MC's trying to 'hug the ML tight'... the MC was resolute... Lol. He tried to kill the ML, instead it back fired.... He accidentally swallow the ML bead... which got him pregnant (He didn't have intercourse with the ML his pregnancy was cause due the bead) The all time the poor MC believe that his stomach got big tru gas... Poor ML he denied it till the end)
Banish to another world. (system novel... although gore and brainless at the beginning... The MC is an evil doctor sent to another world for penitence. The poor evil evil MC is being force to save lives.... And the poor MC is trying to find loophole where he doesn't have to act like a saint all the damn time.)

ahhhh my fingers hurt from typing... <<less
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Lolkika rated it
Poisonous Peasant ‘Concubine’
August 15, 2019
Status: c400


Great novel. Focused too much on the children!

I only read it until the second half of the story.

What I like from this novel is that the MC is strong.

Doesn't rely on the ML, He's a bit... Well... He's black belly, and strongly opinionated.

... more>>

As for the ML, he's the father of the buns. Who rapped the original owner, although it was because the ML was drugged. But he still had to work hard to gain the trust of the MC.

The MC doesn't appear much in the first forty or fifty chapters, well he's bedridden, and lost his memories. (it's cute that he thought he and the original owner was a couple and wanted to get back together. Well the MC is... black belly, it took him a while to accept the ML.)


We have great 3 dimensional supporting characters. and the characters are realistic, a bit like the big landlord without the military aspect

Cute pets, farming, etc...

It's long but worth it. <<less
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Lolkika rated it
Rebirth into an Interstellar Marriage
February 4, 2019
Status: c1 part2
If there's something I don't like with No Chen Huan is that she's racist

There s nothing whatsoever wrong with one's love for their country and it's people.

However, I hate how she acts like we Americans, and other races look down on Chinese people, like we're full of ourselves...

... more>> Even tho it's a novel. Often than not. Her novels have American characters who are mediocre.

That's blatant racism, discrimination, prejudices...

That's something we Americans are always fighting against.

The only novel that I didn't find racism in was The world is online. And it's a pity I started reading her novels because of it.

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Lolkika rated it
Cub Raising Association
September 21, 2018
Status: c50
Cute and fluffy story, with an tiny underline gore. PG13ish

It's just the MC raising his beloved pets Er... toddles at a zoo.... Err Daycare or sort of. It's like preschool or an orphanage.

Where parents are exceptionally very DEMANDING and very careful about their children education and care.
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Lolkika rated it
History’s Strongest Senior Brother
March 24, 2019
Status: c1168
It seems that many dislike this novel....

But it's actually a gem.

It's actually a parody. Sort like Gintama.

... more>> What I love with this novel is that, there are no brainless people. Everyone have a motive, it's not always right but you feel them. They're well design characters, they know when to advance and retreat. I like that the author remain consistent with the plot and characters. And there's none of that rape, male characters who only think with their lower half.

There were boring part in the novel, As well as excited part.

And the main character, tho verry weak at the beginning become supper OP

tho, he doesn't flaunt it or acts overly arrogant, Lin Fen mostly use his brain to deal with most thing. <<less
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