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Loislalion rated it
Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator
February 1, 2019
Status: c622
The female lead is average to below average. The romance and plot took forever to start. I actually read a bit, dropped the novel and then picked it back up in Ch. 265 when the romance/plot started to actually develop. Female lead's schemes are economically dumb, by which I mean, everyone else has to be an idiot and starve to fuel her so called amazing business. The household schemes were barely enough to keep my interest. Her enemies are easily disposed of, that the only thing notable about them is... more>> the time it took to get them removed.

Of course, Ch. 500+ or so, I've started to get sick of it. There's only so many repeated chapters you can take of the female lead complaining of a sore waist, blushing or moaning under the male lead's lips, spending all night getting "tortured" in bed (are Chinese and Japanese women not allowed to enjoy s*x?) and getting pinched, fondled or f***ed by the ML. It's boring. Is that all there is to the relationship? ML only has some reoccurring insecurity but other than that, he adores her endlessly (and f***s endlessly) and their relationship is rock solid. Yawn. If only their relationship had some proper emotional development, so as to give me some sense of satisfaction towards this great relationship. But no, the development and emotions behind it feel slightly shallower than a kiddie pool. It's a toy ship.

If only there was an actual plot to this novel. Instead of a bunch of two-bit villains buzzing around and getting swatted like flies by MC (yes, the simple minded predictability of this extends to both the final boss and hidden final boss. One look at both of their written characterization and you can tell that they're just long running fodder). Anyhow, there's no real plot, no real stakes and no real emotional investment in these characters or their relationship. The development for the female lead and male lead are too shallow for me to care, even after reading 600 chapters in the hopes of this story/characters actually taking off somewhere. Too bad. Good premise. Wasted on simple writing/shoe-string plot. I found a better novel, so I'm removing this one from my reading list. I advise you to not waste your time with this series either.

Reason I finally quit reading:

The final straw that broke the camel's back was when the Princess caught MC's brother-in-law jerking off and gave him a handjob. Really Author? Really now? Is s*x the only way you know how to develop a relationship? Way to stay classy.

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Loislalion rated it
Lady Cultivator
February 1, 2019
Status: --
I bloody love this series. So well-written (or well-translated) when compared to other female-lead stories. Not to mention, the heroine is a gentle but battle-hardened and cultivation focused underdog (or is she? Dun dun dun). I love her mindset (smart, polite, level headed quick thinker, confident at times and unsure at others) and find her sooo much better than those female leads that pretend to be feisty and independent, but in actuality, are mentally/physically/resource dependent on their male leads and are also controlled or restricted by them. That isn't the... more>> case for our female lead here. She has her own independence and ability to make decisions for herself (under a certain limit of course, MC still has to listen to her Sect or cultivation seniors). The male lead doesn't exert any real direct or indirect control over her whatsoever (he has the authority to, according to sect seniority, but he never uses that power). Any influence he has on the MC is limited to the capacity of a kind senior martial brother. How f***ing refreshing is that?

The male love interest here is unique, to say the least. The love story here is actually much better than any other Chinese romance novels on this site. Why? Simple. Because its tantalizing and leaves your heart lurching at the sign of any possible new developements. Much better than those dumb romances where the "black hearted prince" pinches MC's ass and fondles her breasts as signs of love and affection *retch* I'd rather read something where MC proves his loyalty and endearing affection with guiding words and kind gestures instead of lavishing gifts and 'pampering' the MC's every whim or need. Her love rivals are many, but the individual ones high lighted aren't reduced to the point of being wretched idiots. However, love isn't the focus of this novel. Yet, it still manages to take my breath away in anticipation or glee. The romance is slow and well deserved. Reading this novel made me realize how low a bar I've set for romantic stories, so after I caught up with this series, I immediately went to my reading list to delete a few crappy offenders.

The only possible complaint I'd have here is that the novel is locked with spirit stones at Qidian, but hey, gmails are free. Just sign up a half dozen times with your main account's referral code and bam, 200-300+ spirit stones easy. I just sign up for a new account once I run out. Each chapter has a high spirit stone cost of 10-14 stones, but you'll realize that the chapters are lengthy enough to prove worthy of it. Anyhow, I really recommend this series. It's wonderful and well-written. I even cried and shed tears a few times while reading it. The stakes are real, the development is good, the gains are great and the emotions are heart rending. The translation is eloquent and written at a native-level of English (99.98% perfect). What are you waiting for?


P.S. There's no transmigration, reincarnation, cunning or cold female with little emotions/stunted EQ, romance is not the forefront and no OP system/OP relic/ez OP bloodline. MC is dealt with a mixed hand of cards. It might work out, it might not. Either way, OP relied on her own hard work and is humble enough to gratefully recognizes help when its given. We love a refreshing Queen in this room of stale air that is female trash lead novels slash testosterone fueled xian xia genre. <<less
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Loislalion rated it
The Rebirth of an Ill-Fated Consort
August 23, 2018
Status: c34
A little cliche in character archetypes and plot, but evident foreshadowing and decent writing. Female character also assembled her own entourage of martial arts capable maidservants by herself, which is something novel (usually bodyguards or martial art capable maidservants are provided by the male leads).
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