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Loganlock rated it
Bu Bu Jing Xin
August 25, 2016
Status: c8.7
I love to read this kind of time travel books and thus stumble into this novel. Bu Bu Jing Xin has many characters that contributed to the whole plot of the storylines and each of them have their own charms that make us wanting to know more about their personality. From what I have been read until the currently available translation, its have smooth flow and I really enjoyed it so far. Kind of sad as it seems like the group that translated this novel are in hiatus for such... more>> a long time already. Really hope that someone will takeover the project and not abandoned it just like that caused I believe that this novel are really interesting not only to me but also to the others @ (^-^) @ : (If only I can read Chinese characters.... <<less
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Loganlock rated it
You’re My Glory
October 9, 2018
Status: Completed
This is so good. Full of melancholy feels. At first, I thought this is such a cliche story based on it summary, and just decided to skip it, but then, I decided to read this after not knowing what else to read, and found out that I'm wrong. Really such a cute and fluffy feeling with this novel. The main characters are well built with times and have such a detailed information on certain aspects showing that the author really know and do research to write this light novel.... more>> Overall, nice story plot with its own unique characteristics. Really recommend it if you want to read something light and have many chapters translated already. Love this story. Thanks for translating this good light novel :) <<less
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