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Little Big House
Is it luck or just fate ?
At first I didn't expect anything big from this novel. I just wanted to find something to pass time while I had some free time and nothing else to read. Until this day, I wanted to wait for more review which would either make me read this story or not.

But unexpectedly this novel has charmed me, at least as much as when I first read "I am Really a Superstar" or "Very Pure and Ambiguous: The Prequel". Ohh boy how happy am I... more>> after discovering this novel. (What really made me read this is because it was translated by volaretranslation. Com which has translated a lot of enjoyable novels (such as My Wife is a Beautiful CEO). --

The story starts in a modern world where the MC is bullied by the class rep and the rest of the school (don't ask why). He's then sent to a haunted part of the school by his teacher (to clean that classroom). A lot happens in that classroom which leads him to live with the consciousness of an old cultivator (like a 1000+ years old). This cultivator reveals him why his consciousness was in that room and also that the MC has a super rare type of body (Nine Yang Saint Body). This body allows him to cultivate much faster and do some strange things which surprise the old cultivator. But unfortunately (or not) MC will die if he doesn’t absorb some Yin energy (only some girls have it). --

This is a modern Xianxia which has a MC that has unlimited potential. From the first chapters, the author describe well enough that the MC will have a lot of troublesome relationships with his surroundings. From the start, he isn’t a stranger to anyone, some criticize him, others ignore him and the rest just enjoy being with him. A bit like Zhang Ye from IRAS. Since this is a modern Xianxia, it is more about assimilating the sects with the criminal, political and economic sectors. We’ll see more manipulating than genocides. --

MC’s situation

The MC himself is OP with his body and the old cultivator’s consciousness, there’s actually no real cons to this type of body (beside finding girls with Yin energy). He does exact revenge but it’s only to get back to those that repeatedly came after him or touched his grandpa. His real goal is to cultivate to save his grandpa and not to die (because of the Nine Yang Saint Body). So he’s alike the MC from other Modern Xianxia, they’re all OP and just wish to be left in peace and if trifled with the retaliation will be great.

His personality isn’t really that great, I’d say that he’s pessimistic or maybe just realistic since he has lived a bittersweet life (orphan, poor, grandpa adopted him when he found him in a dumpster). He has always worked hard since he was a child to make his grandpa proud of him and surely repay his kindness through all this. So quite a sweet story about an MC that’s grateful towards his grandpa. The MC’s personality changes along the way as he becomes aware of the great power in his possession (chapter 18, so early in the story). His only safety belt is his grandpa. --

The side-characters are being introduced one at a time, but the author will surely write a part for each of them, describing with more than some superficial info. From the first chapters if we pay attention to the dialogue we understand that there’s some mystery around them. --


The story itself has a nice rhythm, no rush, a bit addictive. We discover the changes and influences that this new power does to the MC and his surroundings. What is really interesting about this story is how the author uses a “generic” base (bullied MC, gains power, gets revenge) and doesn’t only focus on the plot, but also on the depth of the characters, giving us a more realistic approach into this novel. The translation is well done; I don’t feel strange nor confused when reading. There may be some errors or misplaced typing but they’re rarely seen. --


Plot is good (even if generic bullied MC)
No over dramatic moments that causes genocides
Modern Xianxia
MC is OP (maybe too much)
MC is not superficial
Translation is great (IMO)
Nice, fluid and addictive novel

5 stars, Recommended

If you wish to read more novel of this type, I recommend: My Beautiful Wife is a CEO, I’m Really a Superstar (IRAS), Very Pure and Ambiguous: The Prequel, My Beautiful Teacher, Cultivation Chat Group, Awakening. <<less
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Little Big House
Little Big House rated it
The Beast’s Blood Boils
July 6, 2016
Status: c4
The story is very detailed and easy to understand, the author doesn't rush the story and builds the foundation of the plot steadily.

As for the MC he has a hard-working mentality and is calm/confident just as the tags say. While lost on an unknown island, he searches a way to survive and face the danger.

The chapters are really long (approx. 3500 characters in eng.), which may quickly become boring to read or on the contrary for some. I recommend this novel, it has a lot of potential (the suspense is... more>> building up) and fortunately the translation is clear and comprehensible. <<less
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Little Big House
Little Big House rated it
Very Pure and Ambiguous: The Prequel
August 21, 2016
Status: c71
The story is very appealing, easy to understand with no confusion (be it in the plot or the translation). But those kind of rebirth, world transfer, time travel are a bit previsible but still fun to read.

The MC gets a free rebirth (more like a time travel rebirth) by the Yama. He goes back to the moment he entered the first year in high school. His goal is to confess his love to Zhao Yanyan (heroine) and get married with her and lead a happy life (I guess). Through his... more>> old memories of being the CEO of Huaxia Microsoft branch, he recreates some softwares, CPU and OS to get rich. Remember that this is only a fiction (the author remind the readers) although there are no flying swords.

Throughout the story we understand more about this "rebirth". Although this story has some similitude with TDG (Self-Confident MC, Rebirth/time-travel, Gets Rich by doing business with the heroine family). I prefer the modern concept of"rebirth/time travel" novels than Xianxia. Because it's easier to understand how much has change from when MC died and when he was reborn.

Good, Easy to understand
Rebirth = MC travels back to when he was alive
MC self-confident, becomes rich,

I do recommend everyone to have a taste of this story. For those that enjoyed, I wish it will continue to the end of the novel. For the others that didn't, I wish you luck.

PS :

The MC's technological success reminds me of Elon Musk (from programming to creating his own companies). Although by no means am I here to talk about this, but I recommend you to watch the channel "Coldfusion" on youtube, there's a lot of cool stuff there.

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Little Big House
Little Big House rated it
That Person. Later on…
August 26, 2016
Status: c8
Nice settings, I feel refreshed after reading those few chapters. Unfortunately, they're very short. --
... more>>


When Wazu (the main character) was still living in his hometown, he was in love with a childhood friend. This love was reciprocal and they promised themselves to get married when they’d become older. But as everything was going in that direction, the girl was proclaimed as the hero’s helper and she became part of his party (harem if I may say).
At first she told him that when she’d come back they’d get married, but when that moment arrived, he was shocked to see her kissing the hero in an alley. That act broke his heart and made him do the impossible; leave the town to live in [The Mountain]. This Mountain has some OP monsters with an extremely hard climate. When he first arrived he became lost and eventually decided to live there.
Two years passes and he has become (I think) the most OP being in the world. He was forged into a being surpassing S-rank monsters and above (which aren’t even classified).
The twist in this story is that the MC himself doesn’t know how dangerous the place he lived in was. He thinks the dragons are as weak as slimes, and he sees himself as a “villager” type of human. So the misunderstanding plays a huge role in this story. A bit like


Review :

The chapters are very short, the translation is good, the story itself is a generic, but I don’t consider it a problem. I see some potential and I actually wish to know more about that girl he loved and of course how he’ll be treated (as a super human being or a monster or worst, etc.).
The short chapters make it easier to read in my opinion, because I tend to just skip some passage when there’s too much info. The story may be predictable, the characters might need some depth, but I still like reading this novel.

In short, it’s an OP MC coming out of the most dangerous place in the world. He might be revered like a got or treated like a monster, we’ll see what the author has in mind while reading.



Misunderstanding + OP MC = Nice story
Translation: Good

I recommend it if you want a simple story with an OP MC, no god, no mission to accomplish. Just him being over powered thinking that he’s weaker than a slime while in reality he’s (maybe) the strongest being. A warning though, the story may have a slow pace since the MC is a bit dull. <<less
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Little Big House
Little Big House rated it
Strongest Abandoned Son
January 17, 2017
Status: c14
Strongest Abandoned Son is a novel about Ye Mo, a cultivator specialised in pills and charms. Ye Mo wishes to cultivates in this new world in peace, but for this he needs money to buy herbs and the daily necessities. As such he goes around selling charms, curing diseases in exchange of money. He isn't shameless to the point of doing anything for money, but some think him as a fraud leading to some misunderstandings. Some think that he is a magical/mystical doctor whose identity is a secret and whose... more>> power is unfathomable.
All in all, this story is about a quiet cultivator, willing to live a quiet new life in the modern world (which is less dangerous than his last world) and some misunderstandings about his identity. Recommended. 5/5

Update (may 11 2019) :

MC getting all racist is irrational because he was going around being indifferent towards the modern world. But he becomes emotional when there's some trouble between the Chinese and any other country.

This was fine at first, just skip the arc. But it gets tiring and you'll find yourself sickened by the Author's ploy to insert racism into the story.

1/5 <<less
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Little Big House
Little Big House rated it
Conquer God, Asura, and 1000 Beauties
August 17, 2016
Status: c29
Awesome story, the MC is really funny. It goes without saying that you should read it. The MC tries to obtain the book of Karma. God gets angry and sends him to a different univers to capture the heart of a thpusand beauties (and become king of the 3 realms).
The book is still in his mind and acts as a "sort of" encyclopedia/game system. He can have any info he wants in exchange of his cultivation levels. Although the book may be OP since it gives him the right... more>> to steal the levels from the monsters (and other stuff that contains spiritual "power" like the coins) he still has to kill them or be present when they are killed. Also, the more OP the reward, the more levels it costs. While on his way to achieve his "mission", we discover more about the Book of Karma, the MC's character and his mindset.

The story is very funny because the MC is really aftaid of dying, shameless (he even goes to self proclaim himself a king and other titles) and cunning. In a lot of Xianxia, the MC acts really emotive and engages wars against enemies stronger than himself throughout those wars the MC always looses a family member or a side character. IT IS NOT THE CASE IN THIS STORY. Here the MC has greater plans, as a 100 years old elder (in the body of a youngster) he controls himself and has no "out of nowhere" thoughts to fight. Although he literally uses others to get through his plans. So yeah not really the wise old man and all that respectful but still a funny strange cunning MC.

The translation is great IMO, and the plot is easy to understand.

The were some amazing plot twist throughout the first arc (Double Moon Sect c1-26)

MC cunning, funny, not super emotionnal
Book OP but not really
No massacre

The story is a bit like I'm Really a Superstar or The Almighty Martial Arts System. The MC reminds me of Bai Xiaochun, MC of A Thought Trough Eternity.

I definitively recommend this novel. <<less
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Little Big House
Little Big House rated it
Can’t Stop Craving Potions
January 18, 2017
Status: c5
Too early to write a full review on the story itself. This is just a review of the five first chapters.

From the description I thought that the story would be based on a RPG/Fantasy/Medieval World with swords and magics, but it's actually in a modern world, with magics, skills and mana.

The MC is an ex-hunter, S-class, with two professions, whose past is unknown at the moment (first 5 chapters) beside his multiples reincarnations and that he's pursuing a goal. To achieve whatever goal he has, he's been drinking potions. Everyone... more>> misunderstood his actions thinking that he became an alcoholic since he's always seen with tons of empty bottles. TL;DR
- The story revolves around misunderstandings and his goals
- MC is OP, S-class, first person with two professions, ex-hunter at 18 y/o.
- Modern world with monster waves and RPG-like skills, jobs, etc.
- Translation is good with some funny TN. Like the sound people make when the get up in Korea or when you take your snot back in (see ch. 4). The story has a lot of potential and mysteries to it, though it is too early to give it a full review.
I do recommend this novel to anyone who wishes to read something new. I will update this review as the story goes on.

For those who like this kind of novels [RPG/Fantasy skills, mana etc. + Modern world], I recommend Seoul Station’s Necromancer. <<less
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Little Big House
Little Big House rated it
Reincarnation into the Barrier Master
January 19, 2017
Status: c9
Warning: Do not expect the story with a lot of characters background explanations. This is just a scratch above the surface. But it's still enjoyable. Fun story to pass time.

It's a short story made of short chapters but it's good to just go through the details without paying much attention to them sometimes. It's enjoyable but it's not a novel with a serious vibe to it. It's the kind of stuff you read because you have nothing else to do. -

The story itself is just a walk-through the life of... more>> the transported MC. We see the big picture of his evolution. Not much about how it happens but more about what is happening. -

The MC gets transported to another world as a child. He has become a slage and has been bought by a Marchionness (female marquis) because they saw that he had a barrier skill. He now goes through countless trainings to be able to protect his masters. -

The story rushes through the arcs. One arc may be 10 to 20 chapters.

Still recommend it if you don't have much time but still wishe to read something without rushing and missing some details. This novel is made for those who don't want to pay attention to all details and names. <<less
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Little Big House
Little Big House rated it
Dragon-Marked War God
July 12, 2016
Status: c68
Great novel, fun to read. Worth reading if you're searching for a kind of funny xianxia. MC is reincarnated with his memories as the son of the mayor. MC just took over the body so there's no "childhood" arc. Just like the novel TDG (Tales of Demons and Gods), the MC was one of the most powerful beings before he died. MC is really confident in his plans and his knowledge so others think of him as a rich arrogant kid who doesn't know the difference between heaven and earth.

Personally... more>> I've read until the chapter 68 in one go and appreciated these chapters a lot. It's just really fun to read. For now I'm waiting until the chapters 350 approx. To continue my reading.

As for why..


since from the chapt. 68 a new arc begins (the trio goes around the world). Apparently in the chapters 140 or 150, the girl goes in a coma and only comes out of it in the chapters 300 something.

I prefer to read the translation in one go and/or skip some parts 'cause those arcs where the author just put aside one of the MC puts me in an incomfortable position just like in MGA (martial god Asura).

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Little Big House
Little Big House rated it
The Trembling World
August 22, 2016
Status: --
The story is quite boring. I guess it's because of the author's style. The main character is a quadruple amputee, second generation rich (parents make the money). He gets stuck in a game and he also rediscovers the feeling of his legs and arms. After a few seconds he enters a battle with 9 other gamers against a lot of zombies. All this leads him to climb up a poll to take refuge. I won't continue reading this, too long and repetitive.

The author gives too much useless information about the... more>> MC. It's good that he's trying to give some depth to the character and thus giving us a way to understand the MC's actions. But 《It is not because we can do it that we should》. The main point is that the author focuses to much on certain aspect of the story (in this case the MC). From my point of view it's the first story the author is publishing or he is using this novel as a test to try out some stuff.

On the short run, it can have some effects and be intersting but on the long term it gets really annoying. Beside all this, the characters actions are not unfounded, though cowardly, he is in an apocalypse world where humans should act cowardly. Some should think that they have nothing to lose beside their lives, others would think of taking shelter somewhere and hide until the end. If I was in a world where everyone was on his own, I wouldn't trust anyone.

Too long + repetitive = boring
Too much useless information
Author is propably trying a new style
MC is a bastard, but that's logic in his situation

Anyways, I do respect the author for trying out new stuffs if I guessed right. I thank the translators for translating a story which has a so much negative feedbacks. Please do not be discouraged by this review.

Unfortunately I do not recommend this novel. <<less
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Little Big House
The chapters may be long but they're really worth it. Once you fet into it you'll love this story.

At first it may seem like it was a common slice of life novel, but that's not the case.

The author builds his story and throw you a small plot twist as a joke. It's really fun to read.

Hopefully, you'll try it and continue to read it.

Good read
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Little Big House
Generic storyline: MC transported to another world, gets cheat skills by goddess (why is it always a goddess by the way ?) and buys a slave. The goddess part gets skip so the skills will mostly be introduced at the appropriate time (which is a good thing to me) not like a lot of stories that have a one chapter "dump" where the world, magic system or whatever is explained in one shot.

One of those cheat is 《Connection to internet》which allows him to buy and sell stuffs. It's more like... more>> a "slice of life in a fantasy world" type of novel (like Death March). There are some "small" plot holes though.I hope it gets better along the way. For now a 4 star, but it's only the start so I might change the note in the future.

The story is fun to read.

Sorry for my bad English. <<less
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Little Big House
Little Big House rated it
How to Live as the Enemy Prince
July 12, 2019
Status: --
Just started the novel, and it is as if there wasn't any introduction. So I'm really confused right now.

Update :

Okay.. In my opinion, this novel is too slow-paced. It's not bad.. But, it's just too casual for me to read.

... more>> I fell asleep twice while reading this at different times. At first I thought I was just too tired, so I tried to read again another day. Finally, I just got too bored and fell asleep again.

For me it's just the story of a prince who's trying to prove himself. He was previously the prince and heir of another Kingdom before going into the past and becoming another prince from an enemy kingdom that he is now.

We're never really introduced as to what kind of person he was before. I deduces that he's the kind of guy that wouldn't suspect anything or anyone since he doesn't find all of this strange.

He knows he'll die, so he knows there are enemies around him.

I wouldn't mind it if he had countermeasures in place, but he doesn't. And most of it is that as a previously grand character (ex heir, ex "one of the most powerful swordsman", etc.) he doesn't have any etiquette.


Not my cup of tea. I fell asleep. That means this novel wasn't entertaining enough for me.

Too slow, the "back into the past" isn't needed since it's never used in the plot (besides giving info). <<less
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Little Big House
Little Big House rated it
Girl, I’ll Teach You Cultivation
July 30, 2018
Status: --
Nice story to read. OP MC that reincarnated (?) in an cultivator world finds himself back in his original world (modern day) and years before his reincarnation happened.

He had been living for 3000 years as one of the top immortals sect head thing. So his mind set on how he treats people.

If you don't read the first 50 ch. You'll find some plot holes, those are explained along the way. (Such as the reason why he's in a top notch High School).
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Little Big House
Little Big House rated it
The Silly Alchemist
November 9, 2016
Status: c20
There are some absurd contents at the beginning of the novel. This may be due to the author lack of knowledge. If so he could have research it or just omit those facts and replace them with others.

For example:
... more>>

At the start of the novel, when the main character talks about the theory of evolution, saying that humans are descendants of the chimpanzees and other primates. This has been proven wrong for a lot of reasons which you can find in a lot of books, research (and of course Google).

Afterwards he goes against the theory of the flat earth and the geocentric model (earth = middle of the univers) by saying that the earth is round and the planet orbites around the sun.

Why I feel so uneasy about this is because :
1. As keklel said in his review, the world's settings suggest that the earth shape has already been discovered. Thus the author kind of contradicts himself.

2. The theory of evolution of Darwin is known for being erroneous since it displays humans as an evolution of "monkeys" (other primates). It has been proven that we share a same ancestor.

3. You shouldn't say the earth is not flat because it's round. You should provide proof of why it is round. Otherwise it's akin to a I say-He says- You say debate. No one is right or wrong because they don't provide any arguments.


The story can be better, if I were to compare I'd say it isn't the worse I've read so far. Other than that, I find it strangely entertaining.

For the moment: 4 stars - Story a the most silly MC. Fun to read for now <<less
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Little Big House
Little Big House
Dungeon Defense
August 19, 2016
Status: v2c3
This story is amazingly good. It has a nice flow and no plotholes. Let's begin by the plot; The main character is sent in a game he used to play after completing a survey. He was supposedly sent to "save" the world. After completing a tutorial in lunatic mode (hardest), he got to choose a power. Keep in mind that he finished the game multiple times in his original world, so he remembers all the important characters.

Let's talk about the MC then: The MC has a manipulative, smart and calm... more>> mindset. He is not overly emotional (or at least he recovers if he gets too emotional). He only believes in facts and his authority. As for the side character at the beginning : He has a close aid by his side going by the name of Lapis Lazuli (the girl with pink hair on the cover). At first she is hard to understand by the perspective of the MC but when we change to her point of view and along the storyline we get to understand her more easily.

As for the storytelling it is amazing, the style is there, there are some plot twists that were really good to see. Literally a lot of plot twists so if you find yourselves confused or a bit reluctant, continue reading until the end. Each volume is like a menu at the restaurant, you always keep the sweetest (in this case the best) for the end but you get to eat delicious food as you get there.

The tags have well illustrated this novel. I do recommend it if you have the time because the chapters are really long but worth it. I which to thank the translator (and of course the author) for this project which must be really hard to work on because - but not only - of the length : Thanks for the hard work. 5 stars

Amazing plot (coupled with the characters and storytelling, otherwise generic)
Characters 3D
MC manipulative and lazy
Long chapters but WORTH IT
One of its kind <<less
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Little Big House
Little Big House rated it
The Almighty Martial Arts System
August 14, 2016
Status: c9
Fun to read, easy to understand. The MC thoughts are logical (no thoughts coming out of nowhere).
Although the introduction of the system was a bit hard to take for me, the rest is nice and fluid.

Story : MC is a doctor that has a clinic, he gets by luck (I guess) a game-system-like and lives with it as he gains stats and skill points.

I hope the translation pace would go up as well as the number of readers.
For those who like this kind of novels, check out... more>> I'm Really a Superstar.

This novel is a bit like I'm Really a Superstar (IRS) as they both have a "System" (that thing that gives you skills or stats and even items). The MC's are a not really similar but still enjoyable. Really fun to read.
5 stars : Worth reading <<less
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Little Big House
Little Big House rated it
August 23, 2018
Status: c150
The first 30-50 chapters were hard to read and (to be frank) boring (so much that I actually fell asleep while reading).

The plot really moves forward at the 60th chapter. It becomes fun ans interesting.

This is the main problem of this novel. The rest is enjoyable.
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Little Big House
Little Big House rated it
Chronicles of Gu Hai
June 15, 2017
Status: c18
Great story, kind of a a prequel to Everlasting Immortal Firmament. So if you liked the story, I suggest you take a look at Everlasting Immortal Firmament.

In this novel we follow the life of a great merchant/strategist in his thirties transcending into a Xianxia world. Being a man of experience he knows how to act in front of great characters, as he once was one of the greatest merchant in his previous world. His goal since coming to this unknown world is to become an immortal.

This novel, although short, is... more>> a great introduction to its sequel Everlasting Immortal Firmament. <<less
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Little Big House
Little Big House rated it
Stop, Friendly Fire!
April 28, 2019
Status: --
I was expecting a kind of Isekai novel with some interaction between some characters.

This novel should be read like a VRMMO novel, as it's more about grinding and farming (as in the gaming term).

Most VRMMO novel are not my cup of tea because they mostly focus on the game and less about the characters' interactions. Or sometimes we may find ourselves in a battle for too many chapters.

... more>> In any case, I'll try to read at least the first 20 parts.

Also; I still have no idea how he levels up, there's a caption for each drop/loot, for each power ups he goes through, but nothing about experience or levels (besides a caption saying he leveled up and his status). <<less
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