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Liron rated it
Stop, Friendly Fire!
April 3, 2019
Status: c25 part2
Utter disappointment. Is this really the same guy that wrote Everyone Else is a Returnee?

ZERO character development.

ZERO plot.

... more>> ZERO interesting characters.

ALL of the nonsense and pacing issues.

ALL of the numbers rising at an exponential level.

Seriously, what the **** did I just read? For those that read EER, imagine that story (300+ chapters) condensed in only 80 chapters minus the fun and quirky characters. That was my experience so far.

Supermegahyper OP equipment comes and goes every two chapters for something even more OP.

MC somehow is a genius of magic, and all he did to show that was focus and manipulate mana in a slightly different way. Twice. In the entire novel.

The pacing is jarring to say the least. MC visited a few areas at this point, but with no world building whatsoever it makes no difference. One chapter he is at the sewers, the other he is at some forest that was introduced the very same chapter and only now we get to hear why the forest is important or how that one race that was also introduced on the fly is a important part of the world and also under extreme risk now. Thank god MC is there to save the day.

This is seriously one of the worst novels I have ever read. No world building (which includes no proper description of any area). Sewers are described as... sewers. One word. That is seriously all you will get. Figure yourself how the **** that place was supposed to look like or what is happening around the MC besides some monsters (that are also not described) attacking him.

I have no investment in the characters, I have no idea where the MC is, where is he going, what he wants to do or why. Who is he? What did he do before being summoned? How does that affect his mindset? If any of those themes were touched, it was for one paragraph tops.

This novel is a hard drop. It is really ****ing bad. As flawed as EER might be, I still like it, so I don't need a masterpiece to have fun while reading. Nevertheless, this novel bored me out of my mind. I am even starting to get angry at it. It is like the author regressed into a complete amateur overnight. My disappointment is immeasurable.

In the end, this novel is all about numbers rising. It is all about the 'tell' instead of the 'show'. MC is now super op, and we know it because we are told so, instead of being shown with proper actions on his part and creativity on the author's part. A ****ing disgrace. I seriously don't know how this is rated 4.2.

It only gets a 1 star because 0 is not an option. <<less
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Liron rated it
History’s Strongest Senior Brother
May 29, 2017
Status: c282
This is quite a different story. Although the comedy may hook you at first, you will continue reading for it's wits. The first part of the first arc is all about the comedy and turning the genre on it's head, while the rest of the novel is less funny, but plot-wise proves to be way superior than many, many other novels of the genre. Few can claim to be as well written or planned as this one, at least so far. The execution is great too. It does have a... more>> few pacing issues and some cliches, but they are all used in a refreshing or logical manner. So far, the main conflict, it's developments and conclusions are really satisfying, with space for foreshadowing and prep work for bigger plots behind the scenes. I'm seriously enthralled by this story. I recommend anyone to at least give it a try. <<less
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Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu
April 17, 2017
Status: c226
This is a really slow paced story. Has some nice moments of character development, especially with the MC. It was surprisingly honest when dealing with his strange tendencies and indifferent behavior, which we discover later on has a very dark reason. Characters overall are just a cut or two above average, with the exceptions of the MC and his close companions and the heroes. It has some troubles, though. A somewhat uneven tone and kind of unstable behavior of the main characters, even when considering their problems and flaws. Plotwise... more>> it has it's moments, it is above average. It is not a masterpiece, but overall is a compelling story. I'm really curious to see where the MC will end considering the somewhat recent developments about his personality. <<less
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Liron rated it
Dungeon Defense
March 7, 2017
Status: v4 prologue
This is seriously a great novel, and a study in character development and madness.

Beware, this story is really, really dark. If that is not your cup of tea, I would still recommend you read until vol.2 and see how you feel. This novel deserves the chance.

But I can't help but be disappointed at some reviewers.

They rate this novel 1/5 or 2/5 because "vol.2 threw them off" with a sudden madness from the MC. For me it is clear they didn't read vol.1 with the required attention. The darkness in his... more>> heart was there all along. He said himself many times that he was twisted, and even his father called him a Devil. Some readers just underestimated it. MC is a cold, calculating bastard. But he knows himself the best. So if he admits he is twisted, you can be pretty darn sure he is ABSOLUTELY INSANE. The thing is, in the real world he couldn't display his madness. He didn't have the power to do so, so he supressed it. But the signs were all there. And we see him turn murderous from the get go once he gets into the body of Dantalian. You could say that he was forced to do so, but he showed no hesitation. This was not even his first time killing. He had already done so in the real world, mind you. And this is just the first few parts of the book, he does more dubious things afterwards. All sugar coated in nice logic to explain his actions. But don't be fooled. He is just trying to justify himself. In vol.2 we start to see the REAL Dantalian. So, yeah, just read the book with more attention next time. Learn to read between the lines. You will appreciate this to a whole new degree. Other than that, story is great, characters are well rounded and faithful to their personalities and they develop really well. Politics and scheming (is that redundant?) are what makes the plot move forward, although I would say that the focus itself is Dantalian's descent into darkness, as well as his followers'. Again, this is a really dark novel.

If you have the stomach to read this, it will certainly be on your top 10 list. No doubt. I recommend this to anyone, even if it is just to give a try. 5/5 without a doubt. <<less
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Liron rated it
MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian
November 17, 2017
Status: c600
Well, this novel is the baby born from the unholy union of Shura's Wrath and Zhan Long while King's Avatar watched by the side with an ugly face. Take that as you will. Add to that a 'Second Chance' twist and I guess I don't need to say much more about it. RotLG has all the weaknesses of all these novels and some of their strengths. It is not enough. I don't need to say this, but do turn your brain off if you are going read. Surprisingly, it might... more>> be entertaining, but so are it's parents given the degree of activity your brain has while reading them.

Well, maybe I'm being too mean. It can be fun if you just enjoy it for what it is, but don't expect anything else from it. It will not blow your mind with the plot. It will not take you to the edge of your seat with the action. It will not make you laugh your socks off with the comedy. It will not make you care about the MC. It will not make your heart skip a beat when reading about the 'romance'. But to some extent all of these elements are there, so if you want to just enjoy the simple 'OP character in a MMORPG' trope then give it a shot I guess.

I would rate it 2/5 at best, but there might be some fun value in there if you enjoy the genre. <<less
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