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Liri rated it
July 29, 2017
Status: c50
This novel is a pure diamond, absolutely perfect. I have never read anything as great and I would say, in terms of sophistication, it is on par with novels like To Be A Virtuous Wife and Mei Gongqin and others.

The premise is very similar to Doomed to be Cannon Fodder, an innocent girl tries to escape her terrible fate by intervening with history and thereby altering the course of her life. However, unlike DCF, there is no comedy, there are light-hearted moments but the novel is very mature, not... more>> dark but the tone is definitely more serious.

I really like the story so far, everything about it is perfectly made for me. The chapters are long, the content is mature, as are the characters. They are not stereotypical versions of themselves, but each of them has their flaws. Lucia is small and frail, she is the kind of rabbit you want to embrace and protect but she is also very strong. She takes things into her own hands and makes the best what she can and displays as much agency a woman in her situation can, which is empowering in her own way. But especially the male lead has few vices, but not so bad that you think he is disgusting but more like, room for improvement. Generally, it just makes it more interesting to read.

If you are looking for a novel with depth, then this is definitely something for you! I greatly recommend it! <<less
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Liri rated it
Chaos Of Beauty
September 9, 2016
Status: Completed
The novel is very complex and complicated. I feel terrible giving this story three stars, but my heart is not willing to give it any more. I am not happy about the story nor was I ever happy reading it, despite the fact that the novel is not bad. (It's like reading a Russian novel by Dostoyevsky or Tolstoi, everything is just terrible, you hate it, whilst knowing that it is actually a very good story.)

The characters are well written. They are not really likeable, except for maybe a... more>> handful few, but they are profound and complex. Every character is well written and realistic. The side characters are interesting and not just forgotten along the story. From my reading experience, I can say that just short before the finish line, I gave up (ch. 31). I was just so exhausted and disappointed that I did not have the energy anymore to read through it. I could not even bother reading the end, even though it was just one chapter.


I could not even bother knowing whether it had a happy ending or not. It would not matter anyway- For me, there was no happy ending. Everything was just terrible.

The male lead was terrible, one of the worst I have ever encountered. There was not one tiny part of me that rooted for him. The whole time my mind was ranting for her not to choose him, to choose anyone else, just not him! Even the emperor would have been better because with him, I felt as though at least he loved her more than the MC claimed he did. Even when it comes to chemistry, she was more compatible with the Emperor. Every other potential love interest also treated her better than her own husband, they had cherished her for more than he.

And then, the General died, the only decent male if not person in this story. Supposedly, he lost because, in the end, he chose honour before her bla bla bla. I don't care for that. He was the only person who actually tried to protect her, end of the story and with his death, it was the end of the novel for me, too.

End verdict: The female character is poor (in fate), the male protagonist is poor (as a character), the other male interests are poor (terrible endings for each).


Even though on an aesthetical level the novel is great, it was terrible as a reader. None of the characters were likable, you could barely root for any of them. The story is not about glory or really even love. However, it's about political intrigues, battles for power, fate and choices. If you are just interested in those topics, they story would be just your cup of tea. <<less
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Liri rated it
The Beloved Imperial Consort
September 17, 2018
Status: c30
It is still early, but I like it. It has the slice-of-life, imperial harem plot just without the tragedy and tears.

The plot is based on the typical harem intrigue with transmigration plot twist. The original story follows a typical, innocent girl, who got schemed and died, wishing to take revenge. However, due to a plot twist, the soul of another travels into the original's young body.

Reasons why I like it:

    • Plot (Credibility)
    • Pace
    • Doting
However, the story offers a deviation from all those other transmigration novels. In terms of power, the MC is not too powerful or all-knowing. Instead, the novel concentrates on telling a story of a simple, modern girl trying to survive being a girl and later married concubine in Ancient China society and how she navigates in this kind of life. Therefore, it never gets too ridiculous or unbelievable. In this respect, it has a similar feeling to ChongFei Manual and the novel resembles the Virtuous Wife or Destined Marriage with Fragrance, with its slice-of-life atmosphere.

I also like how despite being a transmigrated soul, the MC is not allowed to do anything she wants. Instead, she has to follow certain rules and restrictions. These challenges give the story a bigger purpose, by not making everything too easy and again, it is also refreshing to see a different plot twist.

Also, what the plot does not reveal, and as well as for all the CFM fans, it has the same level of ML dotingness (albeit more smutty). Therefore, there is absolutely no fear of him being a cold jackass or intrigues, in which she is left alone to survive by herself.

It took him a while, though only a two chapters time, to realise that he is in love with her and so he treats her well even before they are even married.


The story is also quick-paced. It does not take 20 chapters to establish the origin story, instead, there are time jumps and long chapters, so the readers do not have to wait long for the story to evolve!

Lastly, I am really looking forward to the doting and fluff parts that the spoiler thread had promised!
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Liri rated it
Genjitsushugi Yuusha no Oukoku Saikenki
January 29, 2018
Status: v4c4 part4
General verdict: Sure, the novel is not perfect, but it is brilliant.

First of all, I do not agree at all with all the negative reviews. I do not want to say that they are uneducated but maybe that they do not have the necessary understanding to appreciate the magnificence of the novel.

As a student of political and international studies, I am thoroughly impressed by the novel. Surely, perhaps it is not as entertaining as other novels because it focuses a lot on management and politics but for me,... more>> this is exactly where it shines and perhaps loses the general population's interest. It makes a wonderful job at describing and introducing complex political and philosophical ideas and interweaving them into the story and make it more accessible. This educative aspect often does not get enough appreciation, which is why I gave it such a high score!

Another plus point is that it is not solely focused on the "Eastern" history but also includes "Western" sociologies (histories, ideas, events, etc.), ideas from Machiavelli and Sun Tzu, Cold War, Yugoslavia, Oda Nobunaga and Cesare.

Therefore, I applaud the author for doing his homework. You can say a lot about the novel and of course, you do not have to agree with the ideas and ideologies, but you can definitely not say that it is stupid. <<less
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Liri rated it
November 14, 2016
Status: c4
It was a recommendation from the website shushengbar. The chapters are very short now, but I think it has great potential, especially from the comments - and spoilers- I read. Basically, it is a story about the MC fell for him and from the summary you can tell that she did everything for him, despite believing her love was unrequited. At the beginning of the novel, she is already dead and a ghost, so most part of it is told through flashbacks. The story is just as angsty as it... more>> seems from the summary.


The part I am looking forward the most is the part where he realises that he has nothing to remember her by anymore, because he had destroyed the only portrait he made of her.


My heart cries for the MC, because even when she is dead, she is thinking of him.

Not only when he destroys her painting, right in front of her, but when she talks about having another lifetime and a second chance with him, her words are not because she wanted to be cruel or have revenge, but because she wanted him to let go

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Liri rated it
To Be A Virtuous Wife
August 5, 2016
Status: Completed
I love reincarnation/transmigration stories, especially with political struggles, royalty and other similar tags, but every time I came to this story, I had chosen not to in favour of another novel, but I am so eternally glad that I gave it a chance, because this novel is a gem!

It's different than the other transmigration etc. Stories that I have read before, such as Chu Wang Fei or Descent of the Phoenix or Duke's Daughter.


The MC is different from the typical MCs. If you put her next to the queen of... more>> assassins (DOP) or calm and ccapable and eloquent previous investigator (CWF), she would definitely take a backseat. Surely, she is capable, intelligent, praised to be beautiful like the others, but she takes no initiative at the game of politics. The path towards empress, she accepted or more like consented to it, instead of pursuing the position. Neither did she grandly scheme for revenge or plot, when it was unnecessary. In the end, all her 'achievements' were a response to the antagonists around her. Yet, even though she made no deliberate part in becoming empress, it is also clear that no one else could have been in her position. In a way, it is fascinating, because despite not actively achieving it, she is worthy, more than any other female characters in the story.

The male lead was dreamy, perhaps too dreamy. Maybe he was not made to seem perfect, his behaviour towards his other wives and his perception of females in general before he met the MC was callous, if not cruel. But in the eyes of the female reader, he was perfect, because in the end he wholeheartedly loved the MC and devoted himself to her her and only her, their whole relationship and their interaction mostly revolved around the MC, so who can complain?

The portrayal of other characters are also worthy to mention. Of course, there are the villains and antagonists and other cliches, but even dislikeable characters had their moments of sympathy and pity, especially women, who met a tragic ending.


I absolutely loved the MC's remark about her mother in law and the Empress. If it were not for the society, making them rely on one man, they could have been great. It's true. The Empress and her mother in law, a concubine, were remarkable, capable and intelligent, but they were wasted on the weak Emperor.

Then we also have strong-willed Jing An princess, a divorcee more or less and an important political figure, especially since she is divorced from her husband.

But it is He Yuan's story, which is most captivating in the last few chapters. I do not want to spoiler too much about him, only warning to watch out for this characters and that, even if I am not sure whether I (should) like him, the epilogue broke my heart.



Is there a real plot? I feel like the story was more about the relationship between the female and the male character rather than what goes on. I am not saying that there is no action, there is plenty.

The plot/ relationship is very slow-paced, which did not bother me at all. A little frustrated, but no complaint, because it made it seem more mature and real. There was no need for the sudden declaration of love. Love, the word itself, was rarely mentioned aside from silly usages from females, who wanted to get into the male lead's good graces or fancied themselves in love. I admired this very much and it is not surprise, because both are level-headed and cautious, especially the female. The fact that you don't read this between them, you can read this between the lines, which makes it so much sweeter. I love the narration of the story. It also highlight some character's development, but also their complexity and the reader is given a chance to watch certain aspects from side characters, which is just wonderful. Many people say that the novel has a slice of life-element. It is an argument I can understand, because for a royalty, political struggle, revenge story, it has surprisingly less royalty, political struggle and revenge as the focus. These elements are there and yet, I think although they contribute, they are not the key factors that makes it so great.

I also love the take on the female role in society. There was one part in the story, which was beyond amazing and I think is worthy of being quoted.

"The biggest difference between men and women was that men were always best at forgetting the good of women and women was best at remembering the good of men."

"Peaceful days will make people forget the beauty of the past."

"If you forgot yourself, how could somebody else remember you?"


The novel is titled Virtous Wife and although you can find reasons in that, I believe it does not serve it justice. It is so much more and especially the summary is very lacking. If not for the sake of the wonderful and excellent reviews and ratings, I would not have given it a second thought. When I did, I became so addicted. Luckily, the chapters are all already translated, otherwise it would have been torturing.

Overall, it is a wonderful novel, worthy of being read. I can recommend this to every person. At first, I had wanted to give it only four stars, because I was a little critical, there was no overly dramatic event, it does not have the same suspension and high and low like CWF, the MC cannot really complain, but in the end, it would be unfair, because I remember they joy I felt when reading the chapters. Furthermore, even though it is uncharacterstically happy and 'peaceful', there is nothing wrong about it, because sometimes peaceful and happy is a good contrast to the dark and angsty revenge plots. <<less
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Liri rated it
Mulberry Song
September 5, 2016
Status: Completed
The story is beautiful. It is hard to describe the story of four chapters. It is basically about a wife, whose ghost is stuck and can only observe her husband, who feels guilty for her death and therefore lives the rest of his life in grief. So many stories are glorious, so many heroes are victorious. But this story shows the other side that is rarely explored. This story is not happy, it is not light. There is no way to survive it without shedding tears, but in a way,... more>> the ending lifts the heavy feeling a little. Therefore, it was totally worth it! <<less
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Liri rated it
Wagamama Onna ni Tensei Shita yo
November 13, 2016
Status: c16
A very light-hearted and fluffy story. Cuteness overload!

The MC is a regular Japanese girl, who woke up in a body of a second wife. While falling for her irresistibly cute son, she navigates through this new world and tries to build her own life. The viewers watch her go on a path of redemption, as she builds up a whole new reputation, while also revolutionising the world with her modern knowledge by inventing various things and stunning everyone around her with her ideas. It plays on the typical cliche of... more>> the clueless protagonist, with a lack of common sense. Furthermore, although the interaction between her and her son are very cute - and definitely the most endearing point of the novel - it is a bit questionable how easy she accepted her role as a mother. As you can already see, it falls into the typical plot of an otome game transportation novel. Although polygamy is involved, do not expect any schemes or intrigues like in Imperial Harem novels. Therefore, definitely recommended for people looking for something lighthearted or a break from all the palace drama and other angsty stories, like me. Personally, I cannot stop reading the novel, it is so addictive and so incredibly cute. Her interaction with her son are heart-melting and it always leaves you wanting for more! <<less
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Liri rated it
Dark Empress
September 18, 2018
Status: c8
This time, the novel is everything that the plot promises and more. Greatly recommended.

The story is simple and fun to read, but never too silly. Every now and then, it switches between commentary to funny to adorable and gleeful moments, with sad and vulnerable moments in between. It is a great mix of a little of everything. The character and the plot are very interesting so far and I keep looking forward to it!

I really like the MC. She is strong, smart and independent and refuses to budge to any... more>> expectation. My favourite part is how she is playing the conceited emperor like a fiddle. Again, like the plot promises, he falls head over heels for her, while she remains an ice-cold woman. There are a lot of stories, in which the modern woman entices the Ancient guy through her modern mentality, but I think that this novel executes it very well, better than most. The female comes off as smart and strong, creating fun situation without being too ridiculous and stupid. However, what also makes her a great character is that every now and then, she proves to be vulnerable as well, making her a round character. However, I will have to deduct one star from the rating. While it is great in terms of plot and characters, the MC and story have one flaw that really bugged me. The story is very superficial and contains a lot of beauty stereotypes and appearance bashing.

She is constantly complaining about being ugly because of her dark skin, which is not only offensive but terribly superficial

+ Warning <<less
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Liri rated it
Madam, Master Said to Eat Meal
September 1, 2016
Status: c31
The story is not bad. The characters are very likable and most importantly smart. Most stories always involve misunderstandings between the main pairing for the sake of drama, to create a comic effect or just tragedies. Luckily not in this case. Although there are some low EQ traits in the story, the couple come together pretty soon and it is so cute to watch them interact. It feels real and is also logical. Illogical would be having her somehow develop feelings for her douchebag husband, like in some other stories.... more>> Translation can maybe become quite difficult for some.

Overall, I would give it 3-4 stars. Great if you are bored and in need for something to read in between. <<less
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Liri rated it
Common Sense of a Duke’s Daughter
August 8, 2016
Status: c45
Duke's Daughter is light novel, where when the heroine wakes up, she finds herself in an otome game, wherein she is the villain. Furthermore, it is already the ending of the game, meaning that she will meet her dead end soon.

This is the starting point of the story and from there, the heroine is trying everything to avoid that bad ending. During her path of redemption, the reader finds out that the 'villainess' is actually a likable and noble person, for example rescuing and recruiting orphans when she was young.


The... more>> MC is not exactly what you expect, in a good sense. Despite being a villain, she clearly shows noble and good character traits

However, and this is likely due to the 'transmigration/reincarnation into game'-thing, she also proves herself to be reliable and smart, with a clear sense of business and certain understanding for economy, which is unsurprising, considering that she used to work as a accountant in her previous life. I like that for the first time we have a 'reincarnation' story with an unusual profession. Most of the times we have assassins transported into martial arts world, nerds and gamers into game worlds, sometimes investigators, managers and other dominant professions.
But here we have an office lady, which at first glance seems rather boring and here is where she proves the readers wrong, because in fact she takes advantage of her previous knowledge. By doing so, we additionally have a connection between her previous life and her present life, which is not always a given. I have read enough previous live stories without taking advantage or bringing anything contributing up to wonder why they bother in the beginning.

Here, the story makes sense and I love that.

She is not OP, because as the story progresses, there is a point where someone remarks how surprising it was that even she does not know everything.

A lot of people have complained about the side characters, saying that they are too flat, as well as complaining that the additional POVs from other characters are unnecessary. The former, I can argue with that, but the latter I completely disagree.

Surely, there are rooms for more development. There are a few introduced characters, who after introduction and after giving a few details are not further mentioned and I also felt that this was a pity. However, not all of them are flat. For example the MCs relationship with her father, at first it was rather ambiguous and unclear, a few misunderstandings, which is great, because it keeps me on the edge and makes me root for more scenes and development with these two. The Queen Dowager was also a nice surprise, which I would not have expected, just to mention.

Now to the 'unnecessary POVs', to which I completely disagree, as I have already mentioned! First of all, some have criticized that the characters are undeveloped and at the same time claim that their POVs are unnecessary, which does not make sense at all. How can characters develop when the readers does not get to know their intentions and feelings? If these POVS were left out, there will be even less mention of these characters. Instead I consider these POVs as a chance for characters to be recognized and be shown to be present. By reading them, the reader is given a chance to view each character with their own thoughts.

Secondly, most of the story is written in limited third person narration of the MC, so by writing the POVs, the readers get a chance to receive detailed left out by the MC, such their impression of her or her accomplishment.


I stumbled upon the novel through a manga adaption. Though it was short, I was instantly hooked up.

It starts fabulously, the premise very interesting and well-done, from the way she manages to handle her situation to her plans. It has a lot of potential, when I began reading this, her path of redemption

One disappointment I had was when I realized that the villainess was not very... villainous. Rather, it is being pushed aside in favour for the excuse that jealousy had blinded her and that the game made a wrong impression of her due to omission. I find that to be a pity since it would have served to be a great opportunity to give more depth to the story and to the moral between good and bad. The MC, with her later knowledge, does not make any further comment on her action, not explicitly. Her stance is not clear, at least to me and this will probably not be picked up anymore by the way how the story progress looks like, so I guess I just have to live with it.

Still the novel in some part succeeds in questioning the order of an otome game and reverse harems and generally the typical order of viewing the naive girl as good and the ditched fiancee as villain.


There was one scene, where the otome heroine actually suggests reducing the finances of the military in order to save money, in a very naive, child-like tone. Now for a person, who has majors in political science or any person with a common sense, this is ridiculous and for the first time, I just realized how scary such naivety could be. That scene in that aspect was great, in a way that it was very scary.


The pace of the story is very slow and at times jumpy.


The readers follows as she builds up her conglomerate. It is very detailed. Personally, I did not have a problem with that. I actually found it to be pretty cool as she sets out an independent life for her, creating what seems to be a monopoly position and a solid and high position in the economy of the whole kingdom. After all that she endured, my sense of justice as a reader felt very satisfied.

Generally, concerning the pace, I am very ambiguous. Such a great venture cannot be covered in a few chapters, so I felt that the fact they jumped in time to be a pity. There was one part of me, who wished to see more and what else she has accomplished. On the other hand, I am also annoyed by the pace, especially the romance.



The romance is slow. Very slow. Right now, the male lead is finally introduced. The waiting was agonizing and even now, there is no real romantic interaction between them, in fact, they have interacted in one chapter. This is so frustrating.

However, since we have not reached the end yet, I can say that I am willing to wait, because the up until now, it is still in the reasonable area and the male lead is very promising. Besides, I acknowledge the fact that the frustration stems from my position as a reader, as well as the promising future couple, at least I hope so.

It is also not wrong to not focus so much on the romance part. Right now, we have a beautiful and very successful MC, who is wary of love and she has every reason to. But keep in mind: she is successful and also content with her situation. Her man focus is not romance, but to achieve success, helping the people by reordering her fief and its economy. That and surviving in this game. So basically, what is wrong with that situation? Is it not great that she does not rely on a man to survive in this world and make a name for herself?

There is a part of me that wishes for more drama, and another part that just wish the best for her and for the MC to continue riding on that high wave, due to the humiliation she had to go through.

The translations are very lengthy and I enjoyed the reading experience. I was also glad that the first chapters were not in black background, because I find it terrible for my eyes to read. They translator did a good job and the English is also good.

For now, I gave it five stars. Although the suspense has lessened through the chapters in comparison to the beginning and losing some of its initial potential, it is still a good and captivating story, which still has me hooked up. Enough for me to keep reading. Furthermore the story is still unique in comparison to other transmigration and especially transported-into-another- (game-) world stories. Especially in the latter category, it is in no way inferior with its solid plot and MC, whose reason and action does not lose herself into ridiculousness.

Since it is still in translation, I will keep it at five stars, depending on how the story progresses, but up until now, aside from lack of character development, a small decline in its suspense/ loss of potential, <<less
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Liri rated it
The Reunion With Twelve Fascinating Goddesses
August 12, 2016
Status: v2 epilogue
The story is quite good. The prologue starts with the end of a journey. The MC defeated the demon king with the help of 12 goddesses and went back to his world. One year passed and he was summoned back, only to realize that 10 years have passed in the other world and that his abrupt leave had dire consequences. Now his mission is to clean up his mess, meaning he decides to recollect the 12 goddesses. The summary gives the impression that the "hero" is forced to do this.... more>> However, this journey is a decision he made by himself. I like that unlike most characters he follows his own goal instead of just going along with the ride. The MC has a really interesting character. While he is your typical harem guy, with a lovable and all-understanding disposition that enables him to detect the female characters' deepest wish and capture them, there is also a twist in his character. He is pretty yandere, which is very intriguing.

He does not care about the state, the country nor the people, but rather the few individual people around him, in other words just his female companions. This is very irrational, not to mention in some people's view plain insane, especially considering the power he harnesses or is about to possess, when he reaches his goal of completing his 12 goddesses harem.


Furthermore, I was pleasantly surprised by the moments of depth within the story, as I had not expected that kind of happening. The relationship, aside from the harem cliches, actually have complex moments and the second volume presents a conflict which is not very light at all. So considering that the translations are few yet, it has a lot of potential. Therefore, definitely worth giving a try. <<less
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