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A Record of a Mortal’s Journey to Immortality
November 6, 2015
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Okay, as the translator I might be biased, however I want offer more than just the "cookie cutter" opinion as the two above have stated. Now the story is only 50~ chapters or so in translated at this moment so those in the future this may not apply to you. Okay here we go. So the story starts off slow, real slow as a base background for the character is developed. The main character Han Li is a poor child that essentially joins a martial arts sect for a chance... more>> to help his poor family back home, (I don't think this is spoiler it's introduced quite early.) Anyways this sort of sets up a sort of "typical" child background but that's where it ends. The MC starts to think a little bit more than others and his motives for power at the moment aren't to crush his enemies but to save his life. Again it's slow so at the moment there aren't too many fight scenes, but I feel that this story is powerful in the sense that it is able to develop characters in a much deeper sense which may appeal to me but not others, so read and I hope you enjoy. And to those that jumped to conclusions from the synopsis which makes it sound bland, it isn't truly like that I will be editing it shortly. Please just take a chance and enjoy! <<less
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