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Lineheart rated it
May 25, 2017
Status: c43
So I just read this from 0-43 and I got to say. There were some parts that Really, wore me down.

To start off with, at this point in time this feels almost nothing like a Chinese novel to me. It far more feels like s JP novel with some CN terms thrown in. But other than that all intents and purposes JP novel.

The characters are for the most part dull. The only 2 that stand out are the current love intrest and the MC.

The heroin is really annoying most of... more>> the time. Not tsundre annoying but still annoying. Uptill chap 37 she only thought of the MC as useless and needed protecting. And while I can see the reason behind it. It lasted way to long and just got erratating. She has the #1 worse attack I ever heard while this might be a minor

spolir so all I will say is. 'Spinning top'.

She is a money Gruber.

And While this might be considerd a character flaw it is non the less a bad written one. Keeping all the money to her self and when MC asks for any, she has major problems with it at the start of the book. When MC just made them the equivalent of 1million? I don't know exactly what currency. The translator said dollors but it is a Cn novle so it should be RMB I think. Might be getting mixed up with KR currency. But still brings me to my next problem.

MC is stupid boneless wimp to all things irratating. Can he talk back. Nope, can he make real organic thoughts when it involvs any kind of plot. NOPE. Do we learb anything about him after first 10 chapters... nope. Typical JP template moving on.

There are no other charachter as of. Literally as of now only MC and heroin have been in more than 3 chap. There was slight bad guy for a few chaps. But I already forgot his name. Hell I already forgot MCs name.


Well rather typical for most part. Has a few rather "unique" things thrown in. And over all not the best but far from the worst. So good enough for me.

World building.

Not enough to rate as of. Tho as of it is showing good prospects and foundation for a good setting. More than I can ask for with the things I read.


I can't really judge. From a english only reader. I find that alot of the concepts translate over very well compared to most CN novels and the gramner is good enough to not majory brake flow of the story.

Style. It has a pretty unique style. Because it is a CN novel and not JP there is just enough of a diffrence in troops that it feels fresh. By that I mean wuxia tropes in a jp reincarnation novel. The story is trying to be light hearted and succeeds some what. All the elements are there. Just for some reason does not feel the same to me.

Final verdict. Meh

If you like other genetic JP you wil like this. If you hate them you won't like this. If you are on the fence like me. Give it a read as of the most recent chapters alot of my problems I can see being fixed to some extent in some way. So I suggest reading as far as you can. If it gets any worse then I am going to drop it. If it gets better like think it is. Will be worth the read. <<less
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Lineheart rated it
MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian
June 15, 2017
Status: --
So first 2-3 chapters suck. Then get pretty good for about next 11 chapters then next 22 chapters are okay. Then whenever a new party member is gained. Add a layer of cliche sh*t on to your impression of this book. But before I talk about that I say my opinion on the other points in this novel.

Plot: genric plot C. Could not get married to loved one because not enough power to cancel her arranged marrige.

You will quickly forget about her. Just like everybody else. Because of her complete... more>> lack of influence over everything. I stoped reading about chapter 60 somthing and her name might of been brought up twice.

So to some up the plot. Shows up for 5 min then is completely forgotten about till the author rereads his notes and remembers.

Setting: genric game setting. With sh**ty game mechanics.

Characters: the worse part about the novel by far. All of the side charachters but 1 are so over the top annoying, genric, a*ses. They are completely unfunny and unenjoyable.

You have the fat pervert that can't shut up. Even in the middle of a boss fight. Which on numress times almost gets everone else killed, because they don't just ignore him they stop and have a conversation in the middle of the fight. Leaving the MC to fend for himself. He blows off the MC a number of times when the MC is just trying to help him and instead just ignores him to chase after some women. Moving on because I am getting pissed just remembering all the stuff that he has done.

Next is the tsundre loil. Who is nothing but a money Gruber, who acts like a 7 year old that does nothing but annoy you while insulting everybody.

The next character who I think is named snow? Is the healer in the party. She does nothing but screw over the MC and insult and make fun of the party. To the point that no one would ever like her let alone party with her. If some one makes her made. She won't heal them. She stole a few hundred gold from the MC, he just shrugged it off. She thinks that everybody is in love with her. When no body cares about her.

The last member of the part is the type of guy the even tho you know he is with fighting helping and fighting every enemy and boss with you. You for some reason still forget about him till its time to split loot. You then remember him and have feel half bad about forgetting him and half pitty him. So you give him the best loot.

I would say something about the MC but after chapter 40. He becomes nothing but a tool to level up and keep the other party members from dieing and help them get more OP

So that is what I think. Alot of theproblem I find in this story stems from. The fact that it does not translate well to a westren audience. Unlike most cliche Chinese novels where I understand the reason for the cliche and why it tured our like that. This story makes no sense. I just don't understand why it was done that way or the reason. <<less
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Lineheart rated it
The Reincarnated Vampire Wants an Afternoon Nap
April 23, 2017
Status: c30
As of chapter 30. The story is fine. Basic reincarnation JP novel. Character wise. Most are pretty bland. And while the MC does have some development l, there is just nothing makeing her stand out and for the most part cery bland. Much of the other elements in this story, also suffer the same problem. There are so far no "extremes" that make the story more insetting like most other jp novels of this type. But I find that perfectly fine. For me the best soft hearted and enjoyable reads... more>> for me usely are. The problem this story has is that, while it does nothing "bad" it does not excel at anything either. Making it very average to me. And I would have a story bad in some parts and amazing in others than just. Well this. The comedy is there, but while it might make you think." oh that was kind of funny" and might make you grin a bit. It won't make you smile and laugh. While the dark undertones are there. They will not make you think of the implications. When in reality you know the MC could just power thru if she wanted. Adventure is to early to judge, but is there. By chapter 30 you can see what is hopefuly a bit more of character devlopment and new ones being introduced so hopefuly this will help. Because while I can see hope for this becoming a good book. Was of right now is very bland to me.

So give it a try if you like this JP reincarnation. You very well might like it, for me tho improving needs to be improved.

While the most unique thing in this story is the MC, but because of how she is wrote and executed a lot of the really good and unique thing that could be done have fallen flat or just have not happen as of yet.
The lord while he is also extreme. He is a extreme of the genre. As are just about all other character as of now other than the horse.
So yes this also falls victim to that part but even these are mostly bland and uninteresting

There are many things I can see happen that would make this more interesting. With that king and lord. Or even with the fact if being worshiped as a healing saint. As these I think are plot threds that if done right could make this story very good.

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Lineheart rated it
Divine Throne of Primordial Blood
June 22, 2017
Status: c73
To start off with and keep it spoiler free. Yes There are some major plot holes that will become very obvious the secound it pops up.

But other wise this is one of the best cultivation novels I have ever read. This goes above and beyond compared to most other waxia novels

Plot-6.5/10: with the gaping plot hole I instantly lower it my score by 2 points due to obvious reasons. I lower it by another point because honesty it has a pretty genric waxia plot. Charachter gets apreesed hates it. Becomes... more>> determined to get stronger, really nothing new. But what makes this 1.5 points above average is the sub plots. All of them so far have been meaning full in some way. Even tho it some can be pointed out to mostly be for word count. But unlike most it actualy servers purpose by helping CHARACHTER DEVLOPMENT and WORLD BULDING!!! By god. Those are two of the rarest things I ever get to say in a posative way. On most genre but this one in particular. This makes nothing seem like filler for the most part and keeps things interesting.

Charachter 8/10: for the most part they are all good. While you have your ones that are just there to be in the MCs way, and later die. You also have your genric types of charachter templates. But for the most part author does a good job of makeing them all seem more... fleshed out? He makes them all have reason to be there and a logical one to even if stupid some times. This for the most part gives them purpose and help them seem like it matters. The big example would be

because the MC is blind for the first 20 chapters, his family see him as crippled. In the text it is stated that he was loved by his family when he was not blind. And even when he was blind it said that they still loved and took care of him for the first 3 months. The problems started when he began training. The MC insisted on not giving up while the family was pretty much saying " hey your crippled, its ok to cultivate but do it slowly so we can give the resources to some who can use them." The MC does not listen and continues to use those resources. This pisses people off, but bcause of rules that only gives resources from high cultivation and not skill. The jealous uncle says as a long term plan, add combat to see who is the best. While that was happening things were going on with the MCs father causing the MC to lose trust and begains to feel unloved when he has 2 brothers and a sister. (the the 1 brother and the sister are litteraly forgotten about and are not talked about up to date. Kind of disappointing.) So MC crys wolf saying he is gaining his eye sight back as a last ditch effort to keep the love he had and stalls for a year and a half before he is found out. This infuriates everybody because he he lied to them and caused there kids to loes valuable time. Things happen after that but this is already to long.


Those are the type of reasons people due the things things they due in that story.

Translation. 10/10: I can't say how it is from original text, but I can say the gramners is very good and be it because of editing or just the text eas naturaly that way. This translates very well to a westren audience. It does not have a bunch of Chinese saying, it does not have a bunch of pointless text there just to increase word count. So just over all a very easy read compared to others.

Like all non domestic things. Some of the concepts will be native and saying will be confusing. But those are to be expected and I take nothing away because of it. And I have read some really bad ones before were it was all but unreadable so this is nothing.

WORLD BUILDING!!! ?/?: this category is usely setting but in this case I put it as world building unstead. First off let me state that yes I know most waxia have world building, its hard not have it in a over 2000 chapter novel. So let me say this, I don't count anything past chapter 200 as world building in most cased, There are exemptions.

world building is not a plot device ment to further the story when convenient.

And world building is not just saying random names that mean nothing to the reader. About how some great wang dynasty fell there, 1000 kilometers aways there is the demon beast forest and across from that is the dragon divine sword sect. That is protecting the small che empire. That is not world building that is what an map is for.

I would say that takes away 92-97% of what passes as world building in most waxia.

So that leaves me at an inpass. This is only chapter 72. Within 50 chapters all the world building can be forgotten, or within 300 chapters he could be on a diffrent planet or plan of existence that makes all the world building useless. This is what happens to 98% of them that have good world building.

So I don't know about world building I am just happy it is there right now and is pretty good.

So over all pretty darn good. Worth the read. And remember this is all my opinion. Read the book and form your own.

average scores I would give most waxia novels and why.


Plot 4.5/10 most plots are genric with sub standard repeating plot threads that are just barely good enough to keep you reading.

Setting 3-8/10 usually one of the better parts. Alot of the time you will get you ancient version of an oversized China with mosters and demon beasts. Other times you might find a really good unique setting with good mecanics in theory. Usually roll of the dice for thoes or not.


I am not judging Quality. That can vary massively, so what I am judgeing is how well it translates. So even if there is zero grammatical mistakes it can still get a bad score.

Wuxia translations usually suck. They just don't translate well. If you are new to the genre and you start off with a hard one. That has a lot of the Chinese sayings and just foreign concepts one after the other, and pray that you don't end up with two people from the same clan.

Nothing worse than reading 200 chapters not knowing who the MC is because of them having praticly the same name that looks completly diffrent in Chinese and completey the same in English. Like cheng yie and cheng yu and then in the next chapter you see 8 more people the the cheng name. and you just get confused and don't know what is happening. It can ruin the genra for you. And has ruined intire books for me. And saddly a lot of them I find are just like that.

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Lineheart rated it
Shut-in Magician
December 17, 2018
Status: c44
This is all my own opinon, I encourage you to read the story and make your own. Or at least try to for this one.

Lets fet the good things out of the way.

Translation quality is very good, and the story does hace a somewhat unique premise. The author also does a good job at building the setting

... more>> Now everything else.

This story is nothing, after first few chapters the starting premise about old man reincarnated to live a happy life kinda just fades into tbe background. And unlike other slice of life storys. Where SOMETHING happens. There is some sort of conflict. Or progession in some way. There is none here. The MC does nothing. Its hinted that if the MC is found out people would try to capture him. When people find out, nothing happens.

And thats the problem. The story hints at things. Corrupt nobels. Evil in the city. A religion of some kind. Hell priest told the MC to go to the capitol, when he gets there he never even visits them. All this accumulates into a biring story

The only confict so far that was not instantly solved and forgotten, is with a 12 year old brat.

And there lies the problem. This could of been good, there was enough there. Enought hinted upon. The problem is, that at least for me even if there is a pay off about 37/44 chapters of fluff is not worth it.

There needed to be a time skip, the MC needed to save somebody. There needed to be a hook with the bait. And there was none. <<less
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Lineheart rated it
Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear
June 19, 2017
Status: c122
I understand everything that everybody is saying, both good and bad. There is zero plot. Genric charachter that act on a diffined template, it is just a repetive story telling and ect. In a literary standpoint this is a horrable story and it is. BUT, in no way is this a bad story, but why?

... more>>

I have read literally tens upon tens of this exact same story. Maybe hundreds and I just did not relize it. Just about none of those storys were "bad" by my standards. And at the same time just about none of them were "good" either.

Kuma kuma and lets say The just about any other novels of this type. They all Are just about the exact same story at the core. Now they have there diffrence and by a literacy stand point but would consider the mass majority of those novels far superior.

They have plot. They try to have charachter development, most of them try to expand on the world. And within the first 5-10 chapters you can see this in about everyone of them. And non of that ever happens. Why? Because it feels like the authors give up. They start the story, make plans or at least start to make plans, start to lay things out, then lose intrest or relize there idea is not going to work, or just have a "uhhh what now?" Moment. And from that moment the story spirals into a cheap cliche fantasy novel with truops after troup and some wish fulfillment thrown in for some good measure.

And the ones that turn out better are usely ones that have good writers or just translate better.

What about the ones that never gave up? Well they usely become pretty good. And get rather popular and well reseved. Like the lazy swordmaster. Being the most well known right now.


Kuma Kuma tho feels like it never tried to begin with. From the start it did not have plot let alone over arking story. Barely any setting. And that is what makes it brilliant. There are no stakes there never has been. Plot points? Things happen go with the flow. Name of the world? Why would you ever need that hell does it matter? You know the name of the country and the barony your living in. All you need to know. It will tell you the rest when it matters... maybe.

This is what makes it so good. That in the trueist sense this is the most basic light hearted novel there is. Where it feels like it was writen on a whim. With one basic idea of a girl in a bare coustume as the focus. That the author thought would be fun. Randomly choses a template that wouls work and the just goes with the flow. And by complete accident it turns out to be nothing but a joyful lighthearted read.

My main problem with the story that would be very welcomed, would be charachter devlopment. It would take nothing away, and only server to make the story more fleshed outwith good charachters. Sadly the story really fall short without excuse in this department.

This is my opinion. It could be that hundreds of hours of planning went into this and others like it and on purposes or not the there storys turned out the way they were. This is my opinion and what I said is what I believe. Read this novel and more of it's type and form your own opinion. <<less
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