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Liamrodhudson331 rated it
Grasping Evil
November 17, 2017
Status: c25
Legit can't read past chapter 25. The story has no tension whatsoever since MC never suffers any setback. The pace of the story is very off, normally a novel would slowly reveal the world it has to offer for you but noooo, author just throws in anything he wants which makes reading this a huge pain.

As for the whole cultivating thing, it makes no f**king sense. How the f**k did a spirit realm cultivator, aka MC, manage to subdue some old monster with a bewitching technique? And don't even bring... more>> up the bullsh*t : "her body is too sensitive." Or "that was the first time any man touches her." That's just a bunch of random crap author thought of so he can write bad erotica.

Sometimes I wonder why the author even bothered to think of cultivation levels when MC just gonna speed-run through all of them or straight up ignore them.

And what's up with authors these days? Can't you make up some less bullsh*t reasons for MC to f**k other than "he was out of his mind, if she didn't do it he would die." Or "she has a weird constitution, if she doesn't have s*x for too long she will die."? Seriously, what the f**k kind of reason is that? Stop trying to justify having s*x with a twelve years old!

Oh, and did I mention MC is a pedophile who f**ked a twelve years old? Not to mention he doesn't care about consequences at all. He does what he wants when he wants. There are many characters like this, but most of them suffer some kind of setback, forcing them to hide and cultivate until they're strong enough. As for this MC, nope, nothing. He just stormed through everything in his path (even if that everything is two large cultivation stages higher than him) or relies on his OP master.

To end this lengthy review, I'm gonna level with you. Despite this novel's high score, don't read it. It's a waste of time. Questionable cultivation, off-setting pace and lucky pedophile MC. Just don't. Seriously, go read something else, even Emperor Domination is better than this sh*t and I f**king despise Emperor Domination, I think that's enough to say something about Garsping Evil.

Overall, read at your own risk. If you don't have any problem with self-righteous MC, bullsh*t cultivation system that makes no sense, rape, pedophile and heavenly treasures keep on falling into MC's hands then Garsping Evil is for you.

Edit : Saw a review down there that says this story has a 'solid plot' and have to write this. That's f**king bullsh*t, this story frankly has no plot whatsoever. It feels like the author writes whatever comes to his head which results in, as stated above, very off-setting pace and all over the place plot.

Oh yeah, and the whole "he is evil" "he is not a hypocrite" thingy that so many reviews below mentioned, yeah that's bullsh*t too. The MC's personality feels very half-assed, it's like the author couldn't decide what to go with so he just throws it all in. Also, MC makes a 180 turn around the first day he got sold (I call bullsh*t), his personality changes so frequently that you can't understand which is supposed to be the real him and lastly, despite hating evil cultivator for raping him, he himself commits the same f**king act so the agrument is invalid.

It's like : "the world f**ked me so now that I have power, I'm gonna f**k the world back" kind of thing... yeah srsl, f**k this novel.

Edit : MC is plain dumb <<less
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Liamrodhudson331 rated it
Dragon-Marked War God
June 14, 2017
Status: c378
I tried... I really tried but reading this is more painful than having my face ripped apart by my cat.

1. Stupid, very one-dimensional antagonists.

2. No relationship development whatsoever. Many times I wonder why some characters were so attached to the MC, but in the end the author would only give vague explanations.

... more>> 3. The MC is an a--hole.

4. Very annoying fight scenes... For f**k's sake author! You do realize that there are more than punch and palm attacks to martial arts, right? Also what's with those annoying side-characters commenting every time a fight breaks out? <<less
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Liamrodhudson331 rated it
Urban Banished Immortal
December 21, 2017
Status: --
It's basically a bad teenage erotica. If you're here for the cultivation then I'm sorry to announce you've come to the wrong place, there are next to no cultivation in this. The character interactions are extremely clunky and weird, feels like the dark fantasy of a ninth grader with eighth grade syndrome and dont even get me started on the heroines. They're all the same and have no real personalities to speak of. In fact if you mix up the names, you probably won't even realise who is whom. If... more>> those aren't enough to deter you from reading this then MC basically brainwashed the girls with his spirit wine. He didn't have to do sh*t to get girls, they just fall for him like moths to fire for literally no reason or for his wine. I call bullsh*t. <<less
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Liamrodhudson331 rated it
So What If It’s an RPG World?
June 9, 2017
Status: v9c10
I'm proud of myself for reading until chapter v9c10. This novel just has so many flaws that it makes me wonder did the author actually put effort in it. Here are 2 biggest problems I found with this novel

1. Annoying Japan-based characters. And yes! I'm looking at you, love-interests! So we have a few tsundere who, just like every female characters ever, can't come clean with their feelings. A yandere sister type that can be very annoying. The undead elf, who openly expresses her affection to the MC but got... more>> forgotten 'cuz some annoying yandere won't let her get near the MC. Basically, this is a smash up between Japanese and Chinese novels. Chinese antagonists and friends while Japanese love interests. Oh! And don't even get me started on the MC, he's denser than Yuuki Rito in To Love Ru series! At least Rito sometime questions Haruna's love for him, but this guy is just plain out stupid. This is the biggest problem with the novel.

2. Plots are all over the place. I mean are you even trying right now author ? Your plots are so messed up I can't even describe it. Have you ever heard, one problem at a time?!! I mean f**k, I read this twice and I can't even understand what it is about. The biggest plot is what is this world, but the author seems to only focus on nonsensical plots that have no relation to the main story without advancing the story at all, and overly large amount of plots make it very hard for reader to catch on with what is happening. <<less
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Liamrodhudson331 rated it
I’m Really a Superstar
June 9, 2017
Status: c478
This is a sh*tty novel, and I'll tell you why.
... more>>

1. The MC is f**ked up. He has childish personality and constantly harrasses people around. For examaple, there is this one time when his landlord let him sleep with her, I repeat, it's sleep, not s*x. (I honestly don't know why.) But he still s*xually harrassed her anyway, 'cuz reasons, the worse part is that she even let him do it.

Another example is when he beat up that Korean popstar for no reason. Sure he pushed his fan, making her fall, but that's quite normal given how enthusiastic she was. (I mean c'mon, they're K-Pop fans, and most K-pop fans are like that.) Not only did he not apologize, he even said the guy deserved it?!! I'm even more surprised that the police did not arrest him for that, I mean he literally beat anotehr celebrity up in front of the press, if this was real life, his career would have been screwed!

2. Once again, he's a horriblr person, not for his childish personality but his entire career. He literally just steals other people's works, and that's f**ked up.

3. This novel is to stroke Chinese already sky-high self-esteem. It always paints foreigers in a very very bad light.

4. Overused plot, I can tell you the whole story. MC went somewhere > Got famous > Got defamed by his own company..? (What the f**k?) > He quit his job > And repeat. Sometime they throw in stuff like his fans defending him, but if you really thought about it, they're pretty much defending a racist, s*xist, childish asshole that doesn't deserve their affection at all.

5. Too damn long, same old overused plot but over one thousand f**king chapters?!! The author seriously needs to stop milking this sh*t since it has already used up all of its potential, the only people who give this a high-rating are mostly Chinese with very very stupid view of patriot.

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The Silly Alchemist
June 14, 2017
Status: c15
This is a good read if you're looking for those light-hearted novel, but a crappy story if you're looking for those old-fashioned style novels... Which makes it very boring for me in general. Of course it has some comedic relief in it but I just hate this type of novel, or rather, this type of MC. Personally, he's too dense for me. He also doesn't seem to give a crap about anything at all, even his own family amd childhood friend, many actions of his are also very questionable... Overall,... more>> all you need to know is that he's very very very stupid... <<less
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Liamrodhudson331 rated it
Infinite Competitive Dungeon Society
August 24, 2017
Status: c131
I used to like this novel, but that was when it was good... This, like many other novels, gets worse and worse over time.

1. Style : It's quite normal, neither terrible nor good. It honestly feels like a log of events more than anything, but at least the premise and plot were good enough to make you forgetabout it.

2. Story : It's quite good story wise, a bit boring due to MC's OPness but enjoyable.

3. Character : Now this is the problem for me. The characters in this novel are... more>> mostly one-dimensional, seriously, just erase the names of the harem members and you won't even be able to discern whom to whom. The only person I like in this novel is MC's sister... Ludia is an annoying bitch, she was your typical tsundere at first, turned Yandere later on. As for other support characters like MC's dad, his friends he made on different trips, just forget about them 'cause they will soon be forgortten in the next ten chapters.

The relationship in this novel doesn't feel real, and I get it, it's fiction, it wasn't supposed to be real, the problem is that the novel is constantly trying to be something it is not. It's light-hearted at first but turned dark and gritty later on, it tries to focus on characters' personalities and physiological and fails horribly (Ex : Ludia).

Now last but certainly not least is the MC. You see, there are two types of main character, the first one is the Mary Sue type, who is better at everything and is potrayed as kind, caring, and often not, somewhat dense,... The second is anti-hero type where he's not bad but can't be described as good either. Now imagine a character in between those two... Yeah, it isn't good huh? Well, that's exactly what the MC is. In other words, MC is and asshole who tries to impersonate a good guy, what's even more annoying is that the novel constant attempts at making him seem good... It's f**king annoying (Also if I see someone talking about getting stronger or the importance of it again, I might kill myself, for f**k's sake we're not dumb, we know getting stronger is important, shut the f**k up!)

He's so contradicting that it makes me wonder if I had skipped something. There are many unpredictable characters in the world of fictions, but none is quite like this guy. Deadpool for example, he might be unpredictable at first, but when you're familiar with him, it will be easy. Shin on the other hand, he acts like a sheep normally when people can't see it, but he's actually a wolf in disguise, the way he acts makes it very hard for me to understand which is his real self. The slightly dense, flustered Shin or the douchebag one. Not to mention MC has never met with an obstacle so his character never changes, not even a bit. And dear God, I hate how he keeps trying to deny reality when he realizes the girls are in love with him, he has got them on a hook, he doesn't touch them but doesn't give them a clear answer either. Overall, f**k this guy. <<less
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Liamrodhudson331 rated it
Womanizing Mage
June 15, 2017
Status: c97
This novel tells the story of a reincarnator. Most of it dedicates in Long Yi and his girls, but the romances are too damn cringy that it feels painful to read. All love-interests are one-dimensional, instead of one at a time, author just throws them inside this cringy love life. Many love interests didn't even have that much interaction with MC but still fell in love...? The f**k ? Also MC was an angent of some secret organization but he's utterly stupid and arrogant. Sometimes I feel like he isn't... more>> even using his brain at all. Overall, this novel is focused on romance and smart MC, but it fails in both. Read at your own risk. <<less
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Good read, but why the OP tag?!! As far as I'm concerned, the MC is weak as hell. It's his surbondinates that are strong, he's almost useless in a 1v1 situation, and he's not even smart. At least some of the other MCs have smart brain but this guy other than his incredibly large Mana, is simply useless.
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Liamrodhudson331 rated it
Tranxending Vision
November 29, 2017
Status: c40
So far there are signs of nationalist... Not a fan of that, but it's fine as long as nationlist doesn't turn into racism, which happens a lot in CN novels.

The story itself is fine. There are no tension whatsoever since MC has plot armor. There doesn't seem to be a main plot or storyline yet, just basic Xiaxian and Xuanhuan sh*t.

MC uses his powers to surprise someone ~> get that person attention ~> pisses off some random, insignificant villains ~> asks someone powerful to help ~> beats the bad guys,... more>> saves the beauties ~> rinse & repeat.

Really, there's nothing unique about this novel. Even the eye powers are overused af. It's good as a popcorn-read, if you want something a bit more serious however, then this isn't for you. <<less
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