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Leonitus rated it
Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN)
May 8, 2016
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This novel starts off with the MC being a really nice guy then going to the dark side. But he overcomes what happened to him and slowly goes back to being the nice guy although a tsundere. It was a nice change of pace for the Psychological tag, where normally all the MC’s just crave revenge or just don’t care about anything. I honestly am annoyed at all the people who hate on this novel because the MC goes back to being a good guy slowly as he regains his... more>> humanity, a part of this novel I really like.


Like seriously he is overcoming his trauma and going back to the way he was. What is so insanely bad about being a nice guy?

I love the characters and there is some great comedy. Sometimes the comedy is a little repetitive though.


Example: Tio’s perverseness can be just flat gross or it can be absolutely hilarious at others

And for the people complaining that he got too OP too fast think on some of these points


Eating the monster flesh was a instant boost but he still almost died constantly in the first dungeon and he was in the dungeon for months. When he meets back up with his teacher four months have passed. Most of the other dungeons are meant to be possible for people that don’t have other age of gods magic, he was a cheat crafting character who got god level crafting magic that can be used with other god level magics, and he has knowledge of technology way beyond the world he is in. Also everyone who is saying he “suddenly became a genius” I find a little funny. If your problem is how he made a gun in the beginning I will say most guns are not overly complicated things. If your problem is that he knew how to make a car, it explains that it moves because of magic so all he had to do was make the shape, put wheels on, and give it power. If your problem is the drones then think about how simple they are, a bird made out of floating metal and a magic camera. With all these factors if he wasn’t OP then he would have to be a complete “incompetent”... sorry. Also, IT IS A FANTASY! Sorry for the rant just annoyed at the internet


I definitely recommend giving this a read but beware of a non-heartless MC. <<less
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