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Lenva rated it
Marielle Clarac’s Engagement
June 17, 2018
Status: c2 part4
It maybe a little bit early to review this novel, but I really like the MC, Mariel. She's like a combination of Naedoko (from manga koi dano ai dano) and Alicia (from Shinigami-hime no saikon). She is an eccentric girl, from outside she is just a plain girl with ordinary noble background, but inside, she is a keen observer and has vivid imagination but she is cautious enough to not let people see her true self.

Her fiancee, Simeon (translated as Simon) is her ultimate moe, a good-looking glasses guy... more>> with black belly personality (in her imagination). Unknown to her, he already took interest of her from several years earlier and knew her eccentricity.

I'm looking forward for their relations to grow. <<less
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This is very funny. I really enjoy reading this novel.

The story is about a reader who showed his love for a web novel in a wrong way by writing negative comments which unfortunately taken seriously by the author. The story which MC should be a straight stallion-type hero became bent into an angst, revenge-driven one. The reader became so sad, but since he loves the novel so much, he still buy it online. And this is when the real story start : the reader transported to the world inside the... more>> novel after reading a R18 doujinshi.

The story is pretty good, I really like the characters : cute, earnest, and quite dense uke, an op yandere seme, and don't forget the most important item : the doujinshi! (LOL) <<less
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Lenva rated it
Return of the Swallow
June 5, 2018
Status: c99
This story is exceptionally good! It feels like reading the female version of Grandmaster Strategist, a masterpiece and one of my personal favorites. Such an enchanting piece, I read all 99 chapters available just in 3 days and craving for more. And, two thumbs up for etvolare for her excellent translation quality.
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Lenva rated it
Shen Yin Wang Zuo
November 26, 2017
Status: c564
If you like a shonen-jump style story with an OP MC, then this is your thing! One of the best kind with a pure hearted, kind, loyal, hard-working protagonist, or simply said : all the good traits in a human being. And don't forget his band of friends which also shared his lucky streak protected by the plot armor.

The story plot is very simple, it's about a journey of a young boy on his way to be mankind's hope to battle the demons with the premise of "from zero... more>> to hero"-type. During his journey he will meet good teacher, companions, teammates, and of course his love interest. He charmed several girls but stay loyal only to one girl.

No complicated scheming, back-stabbing, or politics. This is really straight-line kind of novel.

If you despise those kind of things I mentioned above, please refrain from reading, it will disgust you immediately. <<less
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