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Legion_Harbinger_of_Souls rated it
The Dark King
July 30, 2017
Status: c613
thought it was a good time to write a review for this novel but lets keep it generic this is just gonna just be telling of some stuff that has happened or just the novel in general Honestly I suck at writing reviews since I can never really expressly say much about it without spoiling since im such a example Addict but just f**king try it I guess once he actually become a hunter the story picks up (Better than WMW where linley didn't actually become a magi until the... more>> early to mid 200's)

The Dark King Is Currently one of my favorite novels ive read quite a bit ahead almost catching up but is currently on hold anyway the story itself I found quite interesting also as other people have pointed out a lot of things dont go The Mc's Way which I guess slowly leads to him being the "Dark King" The Action scenes are pretty decent not a lot of them though since MC is mostly an archer in the beginning he takes on more of a close combat approach later due to certain reason but honestly I think I love the Pov Of Some characters of the MC the interactions and such how everyone isnt a die hard fan of the MC for once treating their life as air only to be used by the MC (Whos Name is Dudian by the way probably shouldve mentioned that) dudian as explained in the summary is from 0ver 300 years ago and we meet him when hes in fact eight (Currently is like 18 where ive read up to) and we start out in an orphanage where hes adopted by a doctor which is where the story really begins now like all Mc's Dudian is pretty,... kind I would say?of course hes a very solitary person but hes still more or less kind but he changes thanks to events that have happend to him such as

being framed and the girl he likes not believing in him, being betrayed by this chick who masqueraded as her sister, being kidnapped by the church, etc of course at the end of the current volume something happens which really takes the cakethe love of his life hailey (Or Hallisha) Dies shes saint dragon girl this relationship is short but was definetly sweet maybe it seemed too fast to some people but I thought it was great

anyway he clearly changes he becomes kindve just solitary to an ice cold bastard who slaughters children with naught but a second though (he of course did say though that children require resources to raise and etc plus they were his enemy clans children so... yeah) anyway ive just been blabbing on so far

Final Verdict: Decent read some good character development, interesting story, fights arent too bad gets better and better as the story progresses in my opinion some moments that are funny some sad and one which was just hard to watch honestly I personally think the story gets better and better when he hits the inner wall just read it...i guess <<less
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Legion_Harbinger_of_Souls rated it
Boku no Kanojo
August 2, 2017
Status: --
10/10 Best Novel Ive ever Not-Read The Plot was Enthralling the character development was slow, steady and consistent which was great AND OH MY GOD THE ROMANCE beautiful very sweet and fluffy the kiss scenes/intimate scenes were descriptive and you felt like you were Actually there. The characters were people you could relate to and felt like You Actually knew them and by the time it ended I was in Tears The ending was Beautiful while also sad that this Wonderful journey was over. Theres A MILLION different ways I... more>> wish I could explain this in But All I can say is check it out for yourself

Final Verdict: 11/10 would Not-Read Again <<less
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This is the series that got me back into reading years ago after a friend asked me for help in deciding what to read, eventually after much q and A we picked something out while he recommended I read this and so begins my journey, now I will say this novel definitely isn't the best but it definitely isn't mediocre, it's got the normal cliche summons to another world setting but the Mc's power and how he interacted with the world around him interested me, especially with the short checkups... more>> every now and then on his companions and the comparisons between them, now I could in fact elaborate on and on, about the pros and cons of this novel but as many people are with coiling Dragon I'm just gonna be Biased and tell you just to read it, it definitely ain't no Er Gen Novel, nor any mediocre half baked Japanese go lucky novel, but its definitely a fun tale that really doesn't take any thinking to read, it's just an exciting novel about some guy who just kicks ass no more no less, and sometimes that's ok <<less
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