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Legalt rated it
December 23, 2016
Status: c345
*Small edit* Caught up to c345 and still loving this. It's been getting more and more interesting to me, especially the MCs abilities and growth. Unlike most of these MCs that stick to sort of one cultivation path and their weapon being just a sword, fists, spear or stuff like that, he's more versatile and his moves vary, which is nice. Story has gotten a lot more interesting as his strength has grown, as is the usual case for 1k+ chapter Xianxia/Xuanhuan.

Also, if you're looking for romance, this is a... more>> VERY slight spoiler, but I'm pretty sure there are just going to be like 2 love interests or something. I prefer some semblance of romance in the stuff I read and usually no full blown harem where the MC has every female instantly fall for him, so this is also a good read if you want something like that.
I'll add this to the top so people can understand my reasoning for the 5. I've read tons of Xianxia and Xuanhuan novels. If you're like me as well, you know that they're all VERY similar in many aspects. When you come into these novels, you shouldn't really expect something incredibly fleshed out and innovative. Emperor's Domination is incredible, as is HSSB, as is Coiling Dragon and most IET novels, but they ALL follow similar patterns and you can predict how things will turn out to a certain extent. Situations repeat themselves in different ways very often, and that's not necessarily a bad thing in these novels.

Most of these have a thousand to several thousand chapters, so it's not going to be very original. What truly matters, is enjoyment. This novel is very enjoyable, which is why I gave it a 5. As far as I'm concerned, Invincible is AT LEAST better than a lot of others, at least at this point in time (c198). So, remember... Enjoyment is what truly matters. Try something out first. Look at the tags, not the reviews and ratings. You might hate a 5* novel and love a 3* one, and vice versa. Now, my actual "review" is below.

**Edit at c163** Still really good and has been holding my interest. There's A LOT of timeskips in this novel. Although MCs cultivation is incredibly fast compared to others, it still takes a VERY long time to move to the next order in the current realm. An example (Coiling Dragon spoiler)

When Linley or others get to the higher planes, cultivation takes hundreds/ thousands of years for improvements. Even early on in Invincile, that slow rate of improvement seems like it's gonna be the norm.

Anyway, other than the insanely slow cultivation (overall), which warrants tons of timeskips, the story has still been fun.

The MC is like Yan Zhaoge from HSSB, in that even though he's lower level, he has insanely strong loyal subordinates. There have been the typical villains and arrogant fools, but it's been handled very well so far. Although HSSB is probably the best Xuanhuan currently being translated (imo), Invincible is far above a lot of the other ones atm. The raws have 2400+ chapters so I don't know how it'll hold up, but if you're like me and love reading all these Xuanhuan/Xianxia novels, definitely check this out as it's honestly at the higher end of this genre (so far).

**Edit** Caught up to the current chapters (103) and I'm still thoroughly enjoying this. Review still holds... for now.

Incredibly good as of Ch. 48

The MC is super young right now, but the fact he was reincarnated helps a lot since he's not a kid, mentally. His personality and character is great so far, even if we haven't seen enough to totally determine things. Definitely confident yet not arrogant. I'd say currently 50% ruthless since it seems like he can hold back from executing people instantly without thinking about consequences, which is nice. Not too soft or too hard. I like how he's willing to learn things, especially from his "people". Might not seem like a huge deal to most, but this MC has been one of the best I've seen. Honestly reminds me of Forgotten Conqueror a bit.

Story has been nice so far. Pace and cultivation is pretty quick atm, but that doesn't hinder the story at all. If anything, it makes it better, especially when it's been foreshadowed how damn massive the world is. The first dozen or so chapters might seems a bit annoying because the MC is so secretive, but it's honestly not as bad as people make it seem.

One HUGE thing that's refreshing is that people with cultivation realms above the MC haven't really appeared. It's not like the MC against the world where he offends huge ****ing powers non stop, where everyone has the power to squash him like an ant. Where all these people have the power of Mt. Tai and everyone else doesn't know the difference between heaven and earth. It's a BIG deal since that hasn't happened... And it's fantastic.

There's a bit of romance, I guess? She's pretty likeable but they're just kids atm, and the MC is mentally an adult... Like I said, a bit like Forgotten Conqueror if you've read it.

As for the HIDDEN ABILITIES aspect, which I assume a lot of people would worry about, like me, it's not that bad and I feel like it isn't detrimental or irritating. He doesn't reveal all of his power, but enough... Trust me, it's good. Like I said before, the first dozen or so chapters are the most annoying, but I think it fits. Still, don't skip some of the important introductory info in those chapters. As for if he hides things non stop, it's a bit like Emperor's Domination. He uses his full capability on people he's gonna kill. He'll also reveal things about himself to his "people". There's an incredibly satisfying moment when he reveals something important to two of his "people"... Especially satisfying since most writer's chose NOT to reveal something and then I start raging really damn hard because of it.

I'm not a good reviewer, but yeah... This novel is really damn good so far. It's been incredibly promising and I look forward to the day when Wuxiaworld accepts this series as an official translation. <<less
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Legalt rated it
The Magus Era
June 12, 2017
Status: c454
Ok, I'm rating this a 5 because of my enjoyment and interest.

This novel is crazy and way over the top, and though it was a little rough the first 100-200 chapters, it's gotten a lot more interesting to me. So yeah, if you mind crazy power levels, numbers, and distances, like miles/kms in the blink of an eye, this probably won't be for you. Some very slight spoilers below.

Anyway, the story up until now has been the MC building his power, allies, and influence. Unlike most Xianxia that have a... more>> MC solo or with very few companions vs the world, large scale battles (War) play a huge role atm. Eventually the MC gets a master and disciple brothers/sisters, which is definitely something I've been really enjoying and haven't seen much of in other Xianxia... I like it.

It's somewhat of a brutal story and not too lighthearted. Life is relatively primal and savage, with slavery and death as a norm, but there are many hints that point in the direction of sooo much more. The MC has more unique abilities compared to nearly everyone around him, and his friends are also pretty unique and interesting as well. Though he's more powerful, they develop with him and aren't just useless side characters, which also applies to several other characters, something that isn't really a norm in these kinds of novels. The MCs companions and their ACTUAL usefulness is something you rarely see in Xianxia and is another thing I've really enjoyed.

It's fun and interesting, especially if you can get past the starting phase of the novel, as it gets progressively better imo, albeit a little more crazy with the scale of things. This novel is definitely better than a lot of Xuanhuan/Xianxia stuff on here, which is surprising considering the ratings. Give it a chance, it's honestly not that bad. <<less
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Legalt rated it
Limitless Sword God
February 20, 2017
Status: c350
***Update at c350***
This novel is still really great and interesting to me. Just like anything, peoples opinions and tastes differ. Someone who's new-ish or has only read stuff like HSSB, Emperor's Domination. Coiling Dragon or any IET novel or Er Gen novels will probably be unsatisfied with most CNs because of a few very high quality ones... But to people like me who're reading dozens of different CNs, I would think that we look at things a bit differently. If you've read dozens, like me, you know you've seen... more>> your really low tier ones, but we still read them because we love this genre. As someone who's read so much, Limitless Sword God is in the upper tier of this genre. My reviews on other novels are very similar as I only really write one for those I like and feel had a "meh" rating or barely any reviews at the time... Like this one. LSG always manages to hold my interest and keep me wanting to come back. Everything about it is truly better than most of those in this genre, at least at this point.

Even though this is a review and me trying to convince you to read this, try not to listen to these that much. If you like the tags, try it out regardless of everything else. Dislike the rape tag? I wrote about it below, but I'll still talk about it here. I absolutely hate rape in any form, but I still thoroughly enjoy LSG. It was far, far less infuriating compared to others I've dropped because of that. The situation sucked and it did irritate me, but it was something that was "justified?". It wasn't like others where they would rape someone for some like Netori sh*t or someone innocent or some kind of pretty grievance... A small spoiler

It was someone pretty "evil" and trying to kill the MC. Instead of him killing her off, he forces himself on her because of a certain situation. She lives and they both heavily benefit from what happened.

Anyway, as you can see from the tags, they also become lovers. I said this below, but she's definitely very interesting and a great character. She's not just discarded and never to return. Imo, all of the love interests are interesting and great characters. LSG has some of the best character development I've read in this genre and it's not limited to just the MC and his love interests.

Listen, just try this one out. And do the same with other novels. Reviews aren't everything. Something that's a 5* you might dislike and something that's 3* you'd love. Look at the tags more than anything :D.


*Updated for current chapters (264) since I caught up. Opinions still hold!

*Caught up at 296 now. Still the same opinion. This story has just been really holding my interest. I'm reading a ton of different Xianxia/Xuanhuan etc novels and not many make we wanna come back and catch up when there aren't many chapters piled up, but this is one of them, and LSG shares this excitement with great novels like LXY, Emperor's Domination, Swallowed Star, TTNH, Invincible Conqueror, etc etc. It really even surprises me that a novel under 4 stars on here can hold me so much. Like I'll say in my review below, definitely give this story a shot, especially if you like most of the tags.

Not REAAALLY an in depth review, but I honestly really like this one. I'm reading/read a lot of different Xianxia/Xuanhuan/etc novels and LSG is one of the few that I really look forward to reading when chapters pile up.

My biggest concern when coming into this was the rape tag, but it's honestly not that bad at all. It was pretty "justified" I guess. Rape is a HUGE turn off for me and can make me literally drop a novel because of it (didn't try to continue reading MGA for a LONG time), but it's really nowhere as bad as other sh*t I've read (imo obviously). **Rape tag is gone as of now, and it makes sense. It's very minor as far as I'm concerned since it's NOWHERE near MGA levels of that bullsh*t.

MC is like most reincarnated/second chance MCs, personality wise, but that just makes me like him even more. I just love when you get a more mature and knowledgeable MC compared to the usual (which LSG does right imo). He can definitely be a bit rash when things stir his emotions, but it's a CN, comon. The MC and his interactions with his "harem?" and side characters have been really great so far. Not to mention his "harem?" so far has been waaay more interesting than other novels, and is actually refreshing tbh. I especially like

The girl that was raped, as weird as it may sound. Like I said above, the rape isn't as bad as people make it out to be, seriously, and nowhere close to as bad as other novels. Anyway, I quite like her and her interactions with Su Yun. They have the most complex relationship compared to the others and I just really like their interactions. Very refreshing haha.

This is definitely better than a lot of Xuanhuan in that regard.

The story has been really fun to me and hasn't dimmed my interest even in the 264 chapters I've read so far and I love it. Cultivation is typical, but MCs speed is pretty slow for a while, but it's not a big deal at all. His past (being second chance and all) is a cool part of the story. It obviously won't last forever, as he wasn't like some omnipotent/omniscient existence (Emperor's Domination style) in his past life, but it has definitely been a good foundation for things. He has some solid expertise in stuff, but he doesn't know everything and hasn't been everywhere, and the latest chapter's have really started to open up the possibilities of things, especially his abilities, which seems like it'll be interesting.

Point is, it's a good read and I've liked it a lot so far. Obviously I'm not sure how it'll hold up with it being 1500+ chapters, but yeah. The tags are accurate and if most of those appeal to you, definitely check this out. The 3.9 rating doesn't do it any justice imo because there are MANY novels out there that are worse. If it's like 3.5 or below, that's when I start worrying a bit. It's a Xuanhuan, how high of a rating are you expecting? It won't always be as fresh and exiting as the first few you've read (but I still love this one).

And again, if the rape tag bothers you, please still give this a shot if you like the other tags. For real. <<less
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Legalt rated it
The Strongest Legend of Dragon Ball
April 22, 2018
Status: c118
Honestly, it's pretty good, especially if you like these types of novels based off anime/manga.

MC reincarnated into a baby Saiyan several years before the destruction of Planet Vegeta. He knows how the story went and the general strength of people, like Frieza, so it's nice seeing his preparation for things.

He's pretty mature I'd say and definitely not stupid. Not a genius, but not a moron either. He progresses in strength and age, and though he obviously will become the strongest Saiyan, much like Goku and Vegeta, he's also not the... more>> only one to develop high strength.

Many characters you know appear throughout and it's super interesting to see how it's gonna play out. How it starts diverging from the original story and the fates of certain characters that change due to his existence.

Anyway, those are the points to know right away. It's a really fun story if you know the series, with a good translator as well. Check it out and see if you'll enjoy it. I definitely do. <<less
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Legalt rated it
Way of the Devil
March 19, 2018
Status: c192
The tags and genres say a lot about this novel, as with the name. I've read A LOT of different Chinese Novels, so it's pretty rare for me to find one that makes me so in love with it, and Way of the Devil is one of them. I mention a bit more specific things in this review, mainly because I always appreciate reading a review like this one before I dive into a novel... I like to understand slightly more about what I'm investing my time into. If you... more>> like the tags and my review, even if you just skim through, stop wasting your time and start reading!!

These are the words from the author himself "Way of the Devil tells the story of an ordinary mortal fighting against the entire world. Only a path of extremes can lead him to defeat the malice and darkness of this whole world. To pursue a world that he believes in and to transform all that he wants to change–he will tread on the way which crushes all other ways!"

The premise and a lot about it is just really different compared to others, and what the author said also says a lot about this. The MC, Lu Sheng, has been one of the most satisfying ones I've ever seen when it comes to his growth, and DEFINITELY more unique when it comes to combat. He's not an idiot and a complete brute; he can think and plan things ahead of time very well. The below will be more about him and has slight spoilers, but I think it's a good way to alleviate confusion about this novel when you see the negative reviews.


The MC starts off as a reincarnated weakling in a world that's more than what initially meets the eye. He also doesn't start off really young as he's nearly 20, which is an older start for a CN. After realizing the worlds peril, he starts to get strong pretty quickly and has a pretty big transformation, physically. I likened him to Toguro from Yu Yu Hakusho, as I consider his body VERY similar to him. As a negative review mentioned, he becomes totally bald and gets increasingly muscular, but don't let that deter you (honestly, it made me more hype haha) as it doesn't last forever... Well, imagine all those other CNs where once you get strong enough, you can change your body. That's what happens, but that incredibly muscular form is more of his "true" form when it comes to combat... So, like Toguro haha.

His personality takes a bit of a hit as well. A genre tag is "horror", so you can expect the things he'll see and witness. He's not really evil, but the title "Way of the Devil" says a lot, personality wise AND physically. A lot of things end up being done mostly for his own benefit, as he can't afford to act otherwise.


Anyway. The writing has been good and the translation quality is excellent. There's a lot of mystery involved, and though it starts using some common CN tropes, all of them do. Just look at Western Style fantasy/RPG stuff: Mana, HP, Elves, Magic... All common tropes if you think about it that way :D.

As of now, this doesn't seem like it'll head the harem route, but it's eventually possible. As of now though, I've quite liked the romance between the MC and his interest, even if there hasn't been a ton. The characters have been pretty good and the antagonists as well. No typical arrogant young master crap.

The tags don't say it for some reason, but I'd consider "sect development" and "loyal subordinates" as being added... I like those tags, especially "loyal subordinates" haha. "Weak to Strong seems apt, but his strength develops quickly. He's far from some weakling pushover, which I always love.

Anyway, don't miss out on this novel. Check it out and enjoy! <<less
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Legalt rated it
God Of Soul System
November 17, 2017
Status: c126
Pretty fun read, but ONLY if you like and know One Piece (mainly) and Bleach.

So far it's been very enjoyable to me, which is why I gave it 5*. I'm biased. I don't review stuff I dislike and usually give high ratings just for enjoyment.

Anyway, as a fan of OP and Bleach, the only downside to this novel (so far), was the translation quality. It was very rough the first like 50 chapters or something, but the translator has slowly become better and also gained an editor.

The story has been... more>> pretty good. You see other characters, like Garp, Sengoku, the 3 admirals, and many other familiar characters that are a lot younger, as the story is about 10 years BEFORE Luffy set sail to become a pirate. As for the characters themselves, I'd say the author has done a pretty good job at keeping the feel and personalities of the ones we know, albeit not 100% all of the time. The MC is pretty much OP and I like him so far. The tags have "weak to strong", but he becomes strong quickly. Imagine how quick Luffy/Zoro progresses in strength (weak to very strong within 2-3 years), but not having to spend 500 chapters getting there.

But, the biggest concern is also his strength. As of now, this novel is still ongoing and the raws are at 445+. I'm not sure how it'll work, but at this pace, he would most likely be the strongest in the world before chapter 300... Hopefully the author does something new and interesting that doesn't turn something that started pretty well, into trash.

Anyway, I think the author has done a pretty good job with this story SO FAR, as it keeps the feel of One Piece but obviously takes the story in a different direction from the real one. I like it. If you know One Piece and Bleach, definitely try it out. If not, this is definitely not for you and I highly doubt you'd enjoy it very much. <<less
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Legalt rated it
Galactic Dark Net
December 5, 2016
Status: c147
Honestly a very enjoyable read. It's not the best writing at times, and the translation does have a decent amount of typos (not really that bad), but this story is definitely very unique compared to CNs I've read so far, and it's a good thing.

The most similar novel I've read so far, is probably Swallowed Star. It's modern and has very futuristic technology, cultivation is pretty unique, deals a lot with the vastness of space, other planets, and alien races, amongst a few other things.

The action and the MC... more>> are definitely very strong points for GDN, though he does power up sorta quick. He's a typical, super hardworking and determined CN MC, ruthless to enemies, VERY fearless, indomitable willpower, etc haha. He's definitely powerful, if not, somewhat OP, especially compared to people his level and a level above, but a big part of his strength is the fact that he has intelligence! He uses various tactics and strategies when he fights and doesn't really just mindlessly attack, even though his base strength and abilities are great. He'll use various things to survive and kill his enemies, most of which are illegal and taboo in his galaxy (Galactic Dark Net, illegal stuff haha). Anything to prosper. I also love how he likes to learn different things and skills that are beneficial and not just practicing martial arts. It's a good change of pace.

I think the side characters are pretty good, but mainly his teachers (which are awesome! Really make this even more enjoyable) and his love interest. I especially like his love interest and the subtle romance so far. She's a very likeable character with an actual personality. Even when there's not much romance so far, and big gaps in between, I'm looking forward to the future of it. The one downside is there aren't really any strong female characters so far... His love interest is definitely powerful, but... not even really a female presence in general. There's still over 300 chapters left, but yeah.

The adventure is also great, I mean, obviously, it's space with tons of planets! The world building and pace are also good.

I'm not some expert reviewer. Or someone who's very scrutinizing. Even with some faults, this novel is very fun and interesting. I like everything about it. It gets 5 from me mainly because I read through 147 chapters while barely skipping paragraphs along the way.. which is rare for me after reading through many "well known" novels.

Putting this on hold until more chapters get released. Hopefully this stays consistent as a good read. <<less
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