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Lazybuns rated it
The Returner
July 21, 2018
Status: c46
I've been seeing a lot of bad reviews, so I decided to just put my two cents in:

1) If you're a reader who NEEDS the personality of the MC to have some shred of moral integrity or maturity, just. Stop. Right there. This is this not the novel for you. If you were expecting the MC to have a turn around, squeezing out some effort for a brighter future or take some responsibility, I'm gonna tell you now he's not. He's really a genuine lazy scum and a self-centered brat... more>> and he himself is aware of it. But he doesn't give a darn about it and will always do what he wants. He might do something responsible from time to time, but those are out of personal motives. Those are mainly for his family and peaceful life. He's like the annoying type of person who leeches off of group projects in real life. Not far from how a normal lazy person would act, except he has an OP demon king level of strength. If you want a more proactive MC, better skip this one.

2) So far (c46), this story is turning out to be more of a comedy kind-of-idle life in a post-apocalyptic fantasy setting, with more conversational banters between the characters. There's hardly any action, but this bit of engaging premise makes the story interesting. Basically just think of it as a comedy slice-of-life in a fantasy setting (as of c46). Plot progression is SLOW. So far though, there's already a few signs of the story shifting to more action.

3) The summary is all you need to describe whats happening in the story. MC who's tired of it all comes home to a changed society with monsters in it. He sets a goal of helping his family, but seeing that theyre living off quite well, decides to 'take a break' by living as a normal bum and idling away. The government and monsters invading earth keeps him from having a normal life however.

If this kind of story is your cup of tea, honestly this a great novel. Story flow, translation, and plot elements are really nice. It's well-paced (albeit slow), and the action and fantasy elements are great enough to keep it interesting. So far, no glaring plot holes yet. For now, that 46 chapters is worth the read. <<less
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