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Peerless Martial God
January 4, 2016
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I am unable to understand why there are so many fives for this novel. If this novel is a five then I don't want to know what novel is a four because it would probably be written by a retard. Seriously, this novel is the simplest I have ever read. There are almost no description for anything. It's so boring and the MC has some big ego problem now. The story is kind of like "write as you get there" with no preplanning or anything on the author side. People... more>> in this novel have the capacity of 8 years old bully and the MC is a 9 years old kid who used to get bully but now turn around and bully others while talking about how he is only giving back what is due. Fighting is amazingly simple with no description of what is happening only people dying with one or two moves and characters standing around sprouting some nonsense about how the MC is courting death, insulting each other, being sensitive and getting angry at everything, while author describes how awesome, noble, handsome, courteous, righteous, intelligent the MC is without explaining why.

I think the people who gave it 5s are just too eager after they read a couple of chapters in the beginning and saw how much potential it has but then can't change their ratings later. Don't get me wrong I liked this novel in the beginning too but considering that this novel has a thousands of chapters and we are only at 300 and it is this bad I just can't imagine how trashy it will be later on that's why I'm quitting right now since there are so many much better novels out there. I'm really trying to help people so they wouldn't waste their time with this novel cause I guarantee that you will be disappointed as you read this. <<less
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