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Grimgal of Ashes and Illusion
June 6, 2018
Status: v9
This novel feels different than the rest I've read. I have read far more popular Novels and ones which have ratings high AF (goblin slayer, Faraway paladin etc). But there's something special about this novel than those I've read or stated. The writing seems slow but is realistic as can get. This novel has a way with describing what a character is feeling at a moment in a fantastic way. You don't get novel like these and this one is a rare gem in my opinion, not just realistic but... more>> also as relatable as can be while still being enjoyable to read. Put yourself in the shoes of any character from any isekai genra of LN and you will find your self most relatable to Haruhiro the protagonist in this series. Dont let all the slow talk fool you about its tense action and suspense packed writing. I've changed after reading this novel. I would have regretted if I never picked this series up. Don't just give it a try, read it as you would your favourite book series because trust me this is gunna become one for you. I could go on and say so many great things but my words still wouldn't do justice to this novel series that molded my taste and thinking in choosing novels. :) <<less
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