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Lairger rated it
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February 20, 2016
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TOO much grinding repetition, MC might be good in playing games but quite stupid in real life getting penniless without home just because someone took your gaming account? He also get job in cafe which is to sleep in day eat then play game all night lol. Apparently it is possible to create your own cheat like weapon with codes outside of game I don’t get why MC is not using anything to get money if you had select gaming career you should at least make some money from it... more>> so you can keep playing.

Most of side characters in game also keep calling him god that makes them all very same with one dimensional personality just to show off MC gaming knowledge 1st time it is fun but if they all keep doing same every time then... Many stuff get too much ridiculous for a mouse game. Author also looks like have smoking fetish it makes you look cool? ༼ つ ▀̿_▀̿ ༽つ it is so harmful he don’t even exercise xD with such a routine it is going to be hard for him to stay pro in game for long without healthy body.

I just wish the main story line or goal was more interesting not just same episode every chapter even though I don’t really like possible female lead (?) some romance would be good too. <<less
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