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Lahan rated it
Overlord (LN)
January 13, 2019
Status: v13
Probably one of the better LN out there I would say.

The Bad:

  • Very cliche story setup.
  • MC can at times be mediocre.
  • The combat and fights are a bit mediocre.
The Good:

  • Amazing world building. I feel this is the best LN I've ever read in terms of world building.
  • Great characters. They are consistent and believable. It feels like all characters have their own motivations and reasons for what they do.
  • MC has flaws and they matter. This is something that many stories with completely OP MC fail at. However in overlord the MCs flaws are relevant (mostly for humour).
  • Very funny.
  • Extremely well written, I could have easily thought this was a book written by a native English speaker based on the quality of the writing / translation.
All over I highly recommend this novel.
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Lahan rated it
Nine Star Hegemon Body Art
January 13, 2019
Status: c230
So I've read up to chapter 230 and I can say this novel is pretty bad, not the worst but quite bad. The only reason I kept reading is because during the first book I kept seeing small good points, however mostly just super bad tropes. The second book is better but I will probably stop reading soon as allover it's pretty damn bad.

The good:

  • Occasionally funny
The Bad:

... more>>
  • A lot of plot holes and inconsistency in power levels. The MC can beat or resist anyone regardless of level it seems.
  • Way too much harem. All major female characters who are attractive are just there to fall for the MC, with one exception who of course is there to regret angering the MC.
  • For male characters you pretty much know how they will end up once they are introduced, are they a d*ck to the MC? He will allow it to escalate out of proportion and kill them.
  • Anything the MC does is hailed as brilliant, no matter what he does everyone around him worships him. And in some cases half a chapter can be dedicated to describing how amazing everyone around him thinks the MC is.
Problems with the MC:

  • The author makes a point repeatedly about how much the MC suffered and is suffering. But quite frankly he hardly suffered that much, he was bullied for a few years as a kid that was it. All "suffering" that happens after the story starts turns out to be good for him anyway.
  • The MC has a single flaw, he is too proud and never backs down because of the pill god memories he has. However this never bites him in the ass, it always works out. Which makes this flaw just boring.
  • Anything that he does / says will be pretty much taken as pure genius by everyone around him constantly and it gets annoying fast.
In closing, this novel had potential if the author had not turned the main character into a Mary Sue. He never does something wrong and he never truly suffers. If you look at good wuxia like I shall seal the heavens the MC has several flaws and not only does the MC suffer for it, other people also think him weird because of his flaws. I think if you are 13-14 and looking for a harem power fantasy novel then this is probably a great read. For anyone looking for wuxia with decent characters go read I shall seal the heavens or Upgrade specialist instead. <<less
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Upgrade Specialist in Another World
January 13, 2019
Status: c883
One of the best web novels I am reading at the moment.

The Bad:

  • The early chapters are not the greatest. It gets better later I personally think.
  • Could do with a bit more character building for some of the side characters.
  • Can be a bit slow at times.
The Good:

  • Great MC. It is nice to have a person that is actually sensible and reasonable as an MC in wuxia novels. Not just some idiot that goes around hiding his power as a poor excuse to let others escalate a situation until it ends in murder.
  • Cool premise, the overall context and the MCs cheat is pretty cool. It is not totally overpowered like some other MCs cheats.
  • Good world building. It feels like the author put some thought into planning his world not just randomly making stuff up as he goes.
  • The novel can also be quite funny at times, at least I think so.
Allover I would recommend this novel mostly on the strength of the MC. He is likeable which is pretty rare in wuxia I feel. He doesn't always just look for an excuse to commit murder even though it does happen of course.
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Lahan rated it
Warlock of the Magus World
January 13, 2019
Status: c1200
Really good web novel. I won't say overly much about it but I think it was pretty good.

The Bad:

  • The AI chip the MC has is a bit too OP at times.
  • The story feels a bit rushed near the end. Feels like the author got bored in the last 50 chapters and just wanted to finish the story.
The good:

  • Very good world building
  • Consistency in power levels and not too many plot holes with a few exceptions
  • MC is not a complete douche bag and generally sensible
  • Interesting side characters, they are not the best but you feel like at the very least they are mostly consistent. And not too many cases of characters introduced just to be the bad guy of that arc.
  • Interesting power system as well as there are multiple systems in the novel.
All over I enjoyed it.
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