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LadyBlue rated it
The Charm of Soul Pets
May 24, 2017
Status: v2c67
All these amazing reviews for this novel made me very excited to give this a try.

As far as the plot goes, I have to agree that it's darker and faster paced than other xuanhuan novels (still wouldn't tag it as gore though). M.C is smart, does whatever he can do to survive, understands that sometimes you have to make sacrifices and works really hard. The abilities, cultivation mode is pretty fleshed out. Translations are fast and pretty well done. Kudos to the translator.

And now here are the issues that bugged... more>> me so bad

1. The m.c posses huge plot armor in the form of his main pet Mo Xie and his other pets in smaller amount. What bugs me the most is that Mo Xie seems to be able to do anything, and win against anyone.

2.M.C is very cool-headed, very smart, talented, and hard working. The writer never misses a chance to tell us how smart and cool the m.c is.

3. The villains are so boring and one dimensional. Each one is a copy of the previous one. In pretty much all of the battles the m.c wins because apparently, he is the only one who can think. The villains pretty much seem to have the IQ of seven-year-old kids.

4. The story flows pretty smoothly. Pretty much smooth sailing for the m.c who seems to be married to Lady luck--he always finds the most interesting soul pets and win all battles.

In short, I think this story is over-rated. Once you finish the first hundred chapters, it's not that different from all the other wuxia novels. <<less
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LadyBlue rated it
My Wife Always Thought I Did Not Love Him
August 15, 2017
Status: c16
Premise- XiaYao & Zhou Du have been together for 7 yrs. However, Xia Yao feels like Zhou Du does not love him and decides to break up. However, both of them have a car accident when returning home. And XiaYao finds himself 7 yrs in the past, in his high school days, just before he confesses to Zhou Du.

He decides not to confess to Zhou Du this time. However, ZH finds XY's diary (and never gives it back) and is like, "your diary says you love me so why are... more>> you avoiding me!!!!!!. ZY seems to be quite tsundere lol. From the first chapter it's quite clear that ZH loves XY, however, the misunderstanding seems to be because XY kinda blackmails ZY to date him, and has always felt guilty about it. ZY seems to have a hard time expressing his emotions. This novel has quite a bit of drama with just the right amount of sweetness. I recommend it to people who like cuddly, fluffy, dramatic romances <<less
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At the beginning I really loved this novel, but after 4 volumes it's becoming incredibly repetitive. MC meets new person, new person is incredibly intrigued of MC cuz she's so different. New person's joins harem and tries to competes with other harem members to try to win MC's heart.

Oh, and MC is incredibly dense as she doesn't realize she had a harem full of beautiful and talented men and women even tho they announce their love for her every day. The little to no character development also irks me.

Final verdict... more>> is I'd recommend this novel to people, as it is very good at the beginning, but I myself am stopping at the fourth volume. I'll probably mtl this one day to find out who the MC ended up with. But until then, this novel will be on my On Hold list <<less
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When I started reading the novel I thought it would be about a cool, strong, introverted MC... I was wrong

This novel has a very cutesy setting. Personally, I feel it's very slice of life-ish and hence my disappointment. I was expecting a cool female MC, but instead I got a child who is incredibly op but is terrified of humans and the slightest bit of social interaction.
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Elza, a duke's daughter, is single at 28 because she prefers to spend her time working and researching at the university. Her childhood friend Luca (also 28) is the most eligible bachelor in the country; unfortunately, he's gynophobic and is tired of being ardently pursued by women. So one day he asks Elza to be his pretend lover

There are only a few chapters out, but I honestly feel that it will be a sweet story. MC is smart and level-headed. I love how instead of immediately agreeing to the ML's... more>> request, she asks what she would get in return. The ML promises to fund her research. The ML is really sweet. In fact, he says quite a few times, that he wouldn't mind marrying Elza. Unfortunately, our MC doesn't take him seriously when he says stuff like that, so she kinda just ignores him when he says stuff like that. This novel does suffer from some of the cliches and troupes of J-romance novels but I ignored them since I'm sick of arrogant, rapey males leads. I would rate it 3.5 stars.

So in conclusion, I really like this story and will be looking forward to the updates ^_^. <<less
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LadyBlue rated it
Silent Reading
March 1, 2018
Status: c11
This novel takes a while to make sense, so please read at least 5 chapters before making up your mind about it. Good things are worth your time and patience XD

I know the summary above maketh no sense, so here's my amateur take on it with some very minor spoilers-

... more>>

Basically, our story starts with a murder. A gruesome murder on the poorer part of the city evokes much interest and outrage from the netizens, forcing the Police to involve the MCs team. Now let's introduce the main cast *clap clap*

Luo Wenzhou (MC/seme) - police officer, hates Fei Du, very gay, in love with his straight best friend

Tao Ran - police officer, very poor, straight best friend mentioned above

Zhongyi- murder victim mentioned above

Fei Du (ML/uke) - rich young master, playboy, good at playing detective, bisexual... maybe, also in love with Tao Ran, hates love rival Luo Wenzhou,


I find the MC and ML's relationship as love rivals very amusing... especially since the object of their affection has made it clear that both of them have a rat's chance in hell with him. I'm really looking forward to how they will go from can't stand being near 20 feet from each other to don't touch my boyfriend bitch.

One of the reasons I like about this novel is the fact that neither of the MCs are straight from the start. Most Bl stories start with one or both of the main characters being straight, then slowing becoming gay *insert air quotes* for each other. One of the things I hate most about BL is the "I'm straight but I'm gay only for you" trope *rolls eyes* which I'm glad this novel manages to avoid cuz I'm so sick of that crap.

I feel like many authors miss their mark when it comes to character-driven stories--this one doesn't. Priest is an excellent author and this was one of the top 3 books in 2016. There were a lot of small details I found when I was reading that I really found interesting and amusing.

Warning- I helped editing and QCing this novel so my opinion may be biased. <<less
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LadyBlue rated it
Quickly Wear the Face of the Devil
December 28, 2017
Status: c9.12
Looking at all the five stars reviews, I was desperate to get some alone me-time so I'd be able to savor this gem.

So our MC, a top hacker was forced by God to play the part of a minor cannon fodder in several hundred worlds in several different settings. Slowly he begins to gain control of his mind and decides to play out the role of cannon fodder while simultaneously doing little things that will slowly change the course of the setting.

The first world we began in was very interesting.... more>> We got to see what motivated our MC, got to understand his hatred for "God", his desire to break free of the system and his loneliness.

We watch as our MC breaks free of his cannon fodder ending, gets together with a supporting male character (our ML) and derail the God's world.


Now my problem started with the second world.

In the first world, the MC says how he will stay away from the main protagonist as that was a quick way for the God to notice that he was a virus and get crushed like a bug. In the second world, not only does he single handedly change the protagonist's (the ML) story-line, he does it in a way that can be easily be traced by God. Oh and did I mention he gets together with the protag in happily married kinda way. How is that staying away from the original protagonist so that he won't get noticed by God!!!!

However I was still enjoying the novel so I decided not to sweat the facts.

In the third world it was a xianxia setting with reincarnation.

And in this world, the MC escapes being cannon fodder, ruins the original female protagonist and gets together with a male supporting character (the ML). So pretty much the first world in a different setting


And in the fourth world........ Yeah, I'm not doing this anymore.

I tried to like this novel, I really did. But when I got to the ninth arc, I realized I didn't care for any of the characters anymore, so I dropped it

My point is- pros to the author for managing to think of so many different settings, but I really wish s/he had played around with the story more. MC is always drop dead gorgeous, ML is always obsessed with MC. The world's original protagonists are always jerks. MC is always so cool and intelligent that it's boring. Nothing truly bad ever happens to him. You'd think after ruining so many of God's world, God would at least send a minion or a warning or something but no, nothing ever happens. Each of the worlds is a predictable reincarnation-type story. For people who like pure romance type stories, this is for you. For people who prefer decent plot to romance, look elsewhere <<less
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LadyBlue rated it
Friends with Benefits
October 12, 2017
Status: Completed
I'm a sucker for this type of stories. The characters are a train wreck, but I can't help but ship them together. What I love most about the MC and ML is how their relationship is based on them wanting to use each other. There is no holier than thou feeling. I like the ML more than the MC because I can relate to his inability to come to terms with his feelings and voice them. He also seems to be a bit of an introvert. (Although it's mostly because... more>> he kinda reminds me of Laurent from Captive Prince lol) The MC is the kind of guy who has worked hard to get where he is now, can make friends with anyone, and is way smarter than he seems.

I came expecting smut but wow I got better than what I was expecting. I'm on the ride for the characters, none of whom are perfect, but I love them anyway <<less
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LadyBlue rated it
Masculine Puppy
December 11, 2017
Status: --
Ahem, so in this novel, the ML is a weredog- a really cute, small white cottonball.

Ji On, on her way back home after work happens to witness an accident. From the wreckage, she rescues a blood-soaked puppy and takes it home. The next morning, she finds a gorgeous, naked male in her house. For some bizarre reason the man transforms into a puppy and vice versa. Not only that, the man has no recollection of anything, not even his name. However, he seems certain that he is from a... more>> extremely rich family

he is

and for the time being, decides to squat at Ji On's place. Even though he's an incredibly ungrateful, obnoxious, arrogant prat, Ji On is unable to say no to him because of his puppy dog expressions.

Even though there aren't a lot of chapters out yet, this seems to be quite the funny read. The ML is incredibly spoiled, self-centered and lacks EQ. The MC might lack money but makes up for it in common sense and thankfully isn't a Mary Sue. Reading about the couple's clash of wills, as they constantly try one up the other in order to establish themselves as the master in the relationship is quite hilarious. <<less
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Invijible Panda
September 17, 2017
Status: --
When I saw the summary, I was expecting a Invisible Dragon clone...I was pleasantly surprised to discover that it wasn't (ノ◕ヮ◕) ノ*:・゚✧ (except for the nonsense grammar lol) This novel is surprisingly cute and funny. Would recommend to people who want something short and funny
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LadyBlue rated it
Rouged Lips
August 12, 2017
Status: oneshot
I thought this story was short but beautifully written. Translation is on point. This story perfectly captures the state of women in ancient times, when they were considered to be little more than brood mares and easily replaceable. This story definitely left an impression on me. Stop reading my review and start reading this story
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LadyBlue rated it
Takamura-kun is Cursed
June 10, 2017
Status: c12
So the basic premise is; a girl gets turned into a guy on her 17th birthday and has to kiss a prince (lol) aka a guy she likes before her 20th birthday or s/he'll be a guy forever.

So s/he gradually gets used to living as a guy. However the school's goddess/idol seems to have a crush on s/he and won't leave her alone. S/he's also constantly annoyed by the school prince who for some reason seems to like pestering her constantly.

I really love this story. In a... more>> sentence, this story is gender bender done right. I love the m.c, she's really cool and takes things at her own pace. <<less
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