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Rakuin no Monshou
September 3, 2017
Status: v8
Stumble upon this LN and glad I gave it go after reading the summary. It get interesting as the story progresses but due to the slow pacing, it might requires a few volumes to catch on. Simply a hidden gem I must say, would have missed it if I had given up early. The story plot is rich but slow, building up strong backgrounds for the characters, world and conditions as its necessary in the LN as it goes on. (E.g. To make you feel connected with the characters, emotional... more>> roller coaster as every minor details plays a role.)


To be honest, it didn't capture my attention at the beginning, but don't get me wrong, the story is still well written & there's action to keep you going, just not to a grand scale event & vast of vol.1 is dedicated to build up the MC as a "Fool" can be boorish. Knowing this is an old classic LN, things tend to start off slow. This is one classic example as towards every ending and hence forth, the story shift up a gear again & again. For every ending is breathtaking, kept me going for more. New gen LN I call it, tends to start off with interesting plots or an OP character instead. Not all but mostly turns sour, repetitive and goes stale later in my experience. A complete opposite for this LN.

PS: Maybe not everyone's cup of tea but truly a lost for those who dropped this interesting story at early volumes.


As for Rakuin, it's engaging to follow, how self justice contradicts with morale, strategy and scheming, politic and conspiracy, ally/enemy? Friend or foe? With a huge background for our MC making him human, mortal, without any supernatural gift or cheats pit against opponents that gets stronger one after another while keeping his identity a secret. If you're going to give this LN a go, my advice ; think of 2-3 volumes covers an arc instead of chapters, read on and enjoy. (5/5) <<less
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The King’s Avatar
May 8, 2017
Status: --
Thumbs up for the comedy & character interactions :) story is developing & isn't about MC being OP (he is one of the best but he did lose some of the championships) as some fans in the story do support other club's Pro Players etc. The characters build up story is good (MC using despicable methods to return, loves the game & does have a life plan or will return to his family when he's done (will be explained later), SuMucheng's childish behavior, SteamedBun's being an airhead etc

for every single... more>> character in the story). Scenario of hardcore gamers/addicts.

The plot does grow as it goes especially after 350+ chapters onward & just like football waiting for that 1 moment of action "comedy" to happen as you read.

If there's demerit it would be majority of the combat narrations : skill names

& repetitive to readers, basically a wall of text every details of the fight & weapon stats. Only some of the combat narrated is worth while.

    • Do not tie this story with VR, scene is always story characters in front of PCs.
    • Game settings is very common for Wuxia type of Chinese MMOs. (Open world PK etc & likely adapted from it)
    • This story is a FICTION-comedy, might not be everyone's cup of tea.
PS : Chapters on the ninja 'Deception' is gold. (",) <<less
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