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You see a lot of these otome games and reincarnated or transmigrated villianiness who never actually becomes the villian. She becomes a perfect lady, etc. Sometimes you even have a heroine who also knows about the game. There are some good ones out there but this has a twist and I’m already hooked

So far it’s the main character overhearing a conversation which makes her realize that her behaviour is rude. It’s not completely her fault it seems her parents and her brother indulged her. But basically she’s suppose to meet... more>> with her fiancé and finds out that she’s being referred to as a villianiness and has a bit of a breakdown.


The person reincarnated or transmigrated is actually Prince William who is a capture target and ships his brother with the heroine. He tells his brother that he has to get engaged to the villianiness in order to meet his true love. His brother thinks he’s slightly crazy though.

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KyuubiKuroba rated it
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July 11, 2018
Status: c31
This was such a great story. I wasn’t expecting much to be honest but it’s actually quite a cute love story. And smutty. Though they are filming a gay av so...
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