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Kythblood rated it
City of Sin
October 12, 2018
Status: v3c111
This is one of my favorite novels so far, definitely in my Top 3 of all times. I don't understand how this great novel has a score of under 4 while other trash is getting over the 4.0 mark.
I have read nearly all novels on this site with 100+ chapters and even if a few people don't share my taste in literature, from an OBJECTIVE perspective this novel should have a score of 4.4 or 4.5!

Maybe some people didn't like it that, in contrast to other novels, the side... more>> characters aren't just brain-dead one-dimensional baggage but actually matter and are well written. They are more memorable and have more personality then most main characters of other novels.
Others might not like the fact that the MC is not the overpowered perfect being whose level of plot armor is higher then Mount Tai. SHOCKINGLY, this MC has flaws and actually seems like a real person that continues to learn and develop. He struggles, wins and sometimes also retreats.

You won't find the typical cycle of the MC getting himself into impossible situations and getting out of it by some ridiculous power-up. Richard actually thinks before he does something, despite having a lifetime less experience then most MCs. His actions and the ones of the other characters are understandable and fitting.

This novel feels more like a western fantasy novel series than a Chinese one full of cliches and word count oriented fillers. Every chapter contributes to the story. It's quality is a lot higher than most novels on this site.
Give it a try! <<less
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Kythblood rated it
I Alone Level-Up
February 3, 2019
Status: c92.1
Decent novel, but nothing special. It has the same problem as most Korean novels, after the MC gets his cheat skill, he becomes OP way to fast and with barely any work. He steamrolls over everyone and everything which takes away any tension and excitement. Reminds me of Everyone Else is a Returnee and not in a good way. I had to quit it (EEiaR) halfway thru because I couldn't bare to continue reading. It's a decent read while waiting for other novels new releases but nothing more.
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