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Kyril85 rated it
Castle of Black Iron
August 26, 2017
Status: c244
There should be r-18 tag by now for this novel.

This novel is about futuristic setting for place similar to earth but due horrible deed done by humanity, karma struck by changing most of the elements in this world. Therefore previous knowledge about nuclear, explosive and much more are obsolete. Furthermore demon/alien has arrive and devour humanity and now only remnants survive. MC live in business driven rural country and poor. He is like frog in a well and ignorant about the world due to life difficulties.

About MC, this is cultivation... more>> novel and MC has a interesting cheat. By absorb something, he gain access to a field and special tree. Special fruit come out as a result day-to-day event encounter due to karma generate. All good event will produce special fruit that increase MC ability and so on. Plant can be planted at the field and there is much more.

Overall the pace is slow but interesting. Sometimes author did not prolong scene and action feel quicker but sometime there is an event that I think MC speak too much especially when he plotting something. Most importantly I think MC is not stupid, decisive and not truly annoying.

Chinese supremacy is there in the novel. One interesting to note is that MC is a Chinese that living in a English speaking world. English is common lingua franca.

This is a harem novel that is truly ridiculous. S*x scene is funny as author and translator choice of word to portray the action.

Overall, I truly enjoyed this novel. Did not expect to find another gem. Although not perfect, it feel different than most novel especially the good unexpected karma part. <<less
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Kyril85 rated it
Legend of the Supreme Soldier
December 29, 2017
Status: c283
This novel is quite roller coaster ride. Earlier part are quite messy (I expect translation inexperience) but interesting and able to hype me up. Later on, as translator gain experience, this novel become truly hidden gem if you like mech genre.

This is a novel that world around evolved because of one person activity and he doesn't even know it. If you done your analysis a bit, everything MC done has influence on other parties and it become phenomena. Sound cheezey but it is really is done in a marvelous way.... more>> Unfortunately he become a hot item and always runaway from parties that interested in him. Like some reviewer said, give him a break, he just want to settle down.

MC like most FX MC are dumb in romance and ruthless. At first, this MC quite ruthless since he always follows jungle common sense but later on he improve and so does his skill.

Plot jump quite a lot and it feel pity because it could be better and wonderful if he managed to stay but his enemies are a lot and he value his freedom highly.

Good read and quite a hype train with all the refinement/mech/ weapon that involves. For someone who are good at imagination and fond of star war or Gundam, this novel are good sources of enjoyment. <<less
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Kyril85 rated it
Throne of Magical Arcana
August 21, 2017
Status: c104
First time making review,

Just read this novel without much research on it and unexpectedly I really like it. It has moments that it is similar to most novel but opposite of it. The first part remind me of release that witch that he woke up and about to see a witch to get murdered but unlike that novel, MC just a peasant and the witch get opposite treatment than that novel. It has a cheat but just a passive cheat that book from previous world and copy book from... more>> this world. Overall MC need to work by himself to protect himself. He got the witch inheritance and the story began for him to become a able sorcerer.

Story are fine for me and some minor plot convenience are ok for me. The MC is acceptable and not annoying for me. Other characters mentioned a bit but MC work alone.

Currently he is dangling with musical theme and this remind me of Nodame cantabile as I grew my love on classical because of that Manga. I can pretty much sure that author only know little about classical due to his choice of famous song. I hope he could continue on musical and conquer the world through music. I really hope there a good novel that are like this but have good musical background. <<less
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Kyril85 rated it
Skyfire Avenue
September 20, 2017
Status: c631
Glad I decide to read it.

One of the best novel that I read. Feel like read a novel than a web novel due to how different it from other typical web novel that are full of filler to are just reactions and repetition of stuff by author and different characters. It also did not have useless chatter that are frequently used by author to set up face slapping event.

MC is overpower from start, cool and has a good head. Not annoying and made useless decision without the right reasons. Righteous... more>> but has power to back it up. Like typical MC, he like a catalyst of thing happening and people flock to him.

Side character are good and being introduced and well developed. Evil side are not really evil just can be treat like war on resources. No harem while girls flock to him.

For plot, at this point I can say it has two major plot. Public plot and personal plot. Public plot related to his continuous development character in public and right now fight for survival for humanity. Personal plot more on his quest to find the truth about his wife death.

This novel are about high standard of living and theme like alcohol and food are frequently introduced to enrich the characters. Cultivation part are quite ok but not as polish as coiling dragon/other iet novel but has same principles like in desolate era (later chapter). The humor on this novel are quite good and easy to understand.

As usual for futuristic drama, I usually don't fact check about their theory regarding science but for alcohol and other are quite good. Even as a Muslim, it made me want to taste it.

For those who give it a 1 star, shame on you. <<less
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