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So far I would say this is a 3-4 star. Interesting premise behind the story that's somewhat unique (not the whole reincarnating part). I won't spoil anything for those that want to read it, it's only a few chapters so far. Now you're wondering why I rate it fairly low, well it's due to the fact of how reliant it is on "status" and skills. Most of the story so far to me feels like - Look at this status, Oh I gained new skills, Let me just use this... more>> skill and all of that poor writing. I have no idea why these authors need to put in so much stuff about "Game like elements" which actual games have less of. So in short interesting plot so far if only it wasn't drowned out by that garbage <<less
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Kye rated it
Possessing Nothing
April 20, 2018
Status: c56
This novel is really well done so far. This novel actually has a plot to it instead of being one of those plot armor, insert basic tropes and harem novels.

This novel has a lot of character development, especially considering its up 56 chapters only. What I got from reading the novel was the premise around the MC is about an ordinary guy (for their world, kinda meek if anything) who dies and comes back to life. From coming back to life, he doesn't want to live the same way again... more>> and wants to strive to be better. This is where the progression of the character comes in, as he grows stronger his personality changes for the better. This makes the MC relatable and really likeable because we get to see his changes through his struggles. On top of that, there's a fleshed out plot and world.

Overall probably one of the best novels for this genre and I highly recommend reading it. <<less
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Kye rated it
Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu
July 4, 2017
Status: c268
There were so many times that I had to put down this novel in frustration. A lot of the early arks make you want to put youre face through a wall but after all of those times I kept comming back and giving this novel another chance. Good thing I did though because the series eventually gets really good again. This series has really slow character development which you only start to understand after at least 150 chapter (don't really remember when the series really started picking back up, close... more>> to 200 I think). Anyways if you can live through the pain you might find a novel you actually really enjoy but be warned you might rage on youre way there. <<less
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