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Kvothe_the_wind rated it
Seeking the Flying Sword Path
January 31, 2018
Status: c200
Very good novel. IET is my favorite author and he continues to write excellent stories.

I read some reviews and honestly they are unfair. They call the MC dumb because he can't recognize something that seems obvious to the readers because we KNOW what it is. It's like not finding the solution to a problem but once you have the answer it's so obvious.

As for not caring about the MC because he is already grown up is just wrong. IET likes to start the story when the MC is born or... more>> very little so a bond is easy to forge with him. Here he is 21 years old at the start so it just takes more time to figure him out but after that the MC's feeling, thought and ambition are easy to understand.

If you have already read and liked IET's other novels, this one is just as good. And for those who don't know IET, try it for 50 chapters and if you still aren't feeling it just quit.

The hero is talented and becomes powerful on his own and not because he has a special bloodline or a powerful artifact. Each progress in power feels like his hard work. He is compassionate with people but ruthless with his ennemis. He has experienced war and knows what is important.

The cultivation system is new. IET has always new ideas about that so that you don't have the feeling to read the same thing.

The plot is alright but the story is still too young to have a good idea about that. The story goes on naturally and you don't have the feeling some things are too exaggerated.

Just don't believe all the negative reviews because even if this novel ends up being the worst one of IET (and so far it doesn't look that way) it's still way above of the other LN crap that is popular. <<less
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Kvothe_the_wind rated it
Tales of Demons and Gods
April 22, 2018
Status: c400
Have you ever read a wuxia novel? If not you will be like me and enjoy this one.

This is the novel that started it all for me. I read the manhua and liked it very much. Unfortunately there weren't much chapters so when I found the novel I was excited. I read it in one go and liked it.

Then there weren't any chapters anymore and I tried other novels. Only after reading a few I realized how bad this one was. It is alright at first but as the story... more>> goes on it becomes worse and worse. I stopped when MC went up 2 or 3 major stages in cultivation in minutes just because.

The MC knowing the future is one thing but he has extraordinary luck, he finds rare and powerful artefacts as easily as you find trees in a forest. He was trash in his previous life but he is reborn with so much cheats it is sickening.

Also I stopped reading years ago and barely 20 chapters have been released since then. Some authors give us 2 chapters a day, this one write one in a month.

DO NOT READ IT. <<less
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Kvothe_the_wind rated it
May 11, 2019
Status: c890
I think most reviews are just unfair. They want a novel just like LMS and they are not getting it so they are unhappy.

Let's talk about the MC. People says he is the worst and they are about right at first. At the start of the story the MC is a loser. He isn't talented in sport and is slow to learn. He was bullied in school and doesn't have friends. He works in construction because he can't do anything else. He dreams of earning money by playing the new... more>> VRMMORPG Satisfy and borrows money to buy the capsule to play the game. Unfortunately he sucks at it and he is still low level after a whole year of playing. So he is in debt.

Then he gets his lucky break and receives a legendary class. In other novels he would become amazing right away. It's the story of the trash who suddenly becomes a genius. It's just unrealistic.

Here the MC is still awful in the game after his lucky break. He doesn't know how to be efficient and makes mistakes. He is also still selfish because he never had friends, but who isn't selfish in life and more so in video games?

However this novel is about the journey of the MC. Little by little he will change. He will make friends and be good to them. He will learn to be a very good gamer in terms of ability and not just items. But this takes time because this novel is realistic. The MC can't overcome all his shortcomings in the blink of an eye and he will never be perfect, but who is?

This is what makes this novel good and unique, the MC isn't perfect but he gets better thanks to his life in the game.

Also, the side characters matter. Unlike LMS where they are mere decoration, the MC's friends really help him. They form deep bonds and rely on each other. It's not a succession of solo plays. He wouldn't have gone far without them.

It's really a good novel about VRMMORPG and it's way more realistic than other ones like it in which the MC is always amazing. <<less
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Kvothe_the_wind rated it
King of Gods
May 18, 2018
Status: Completed
I read it all and it says a lot. I read all the translated chapters first and then I finished the rest with machine translation. Apart from IET's novels I always stopped the machine translation because it became hard to read but I finished this one so it means it stays interesting.

It is not an amazing novel. It has many strong points but also many drawbacks. However it is an interesting read and because all novels can't be masterpieces we need interesting novels. Sure I won't read it again like... more>> I could with other novels but I enjoyed reading it and that's all that matters.

Don't listen to those who compare this with Naruto because it's wrong. Maybe the author was inspired by Naruto with the Eye power but that's it. And it is good from the start. Like all good novels the progress are slow at first and you have to wait for the MC to be a little powerful for the story to get really going. It's normal because a real ennemy has to be powerful and you have to wait for the MC to have enough power to mix with him.

Good points :

-Scheming MC. He always has a plan and doesn't rush into things. (Except once)

-Love interests well developed. He doesn't built a harem and feelings progress over time. Sure there are many girls who fancy him but it is expected when you are powerful and nice. However it never goes any further.

-Cultivation depends on many aspects and talent and comprehension plays a huge part. You can win with a lower ranked battle skill against a higher ranked one if you comprehend it way better than your adversary.

-The MC stays in a area for a long period before moving to better places and even returns to previous locations from time to time. He has roots unlike MCs who go to different places after a while without looking back like they are just passing levels.

-The plot is good and entertaining. There is always a goal for him to leave a place and it's rarely to find a better Cultivation place (he does but it's not the primary goal)

-Timeline. The MC has time to grow. He doesn't become an expert overtime. He stays in a Realm for years before reaching the next (except at first but it's because they are sh*tty Realms not worth mentioning in normal places)

-Side characters remained for a long time, some the whole story.

Bad points:

-His allies are incompetent. They are useless most of the time and he has to do things himself.

-He makes ennemies so easily. Granted it's mostly for good reasons but it's still too much. He can't find a treasure, without everybody knowing about it. So it results in having one insanely powerful ennemy or having the whole world as an ennemy because his treasure is something everybody wants.

-The ennemies have too powerful means to deal with the MC. He can't hide and cultivate in peace, and with his special powers you would think he could find a mean to do it but no.

-Ressources play a huge role in everything. Sometimes you ask yourself if the MC is talented or if it's just because he eats pills and whatnot like candies to aid his cultivation. Even when he studiew the Dao he uses external factors.

-The ending is crap. The MC has to fight ennemies who are millions of years old and super powerful while he is barely one or two hundred years old. The final power ups are too fast. <<less
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Kvothe_the_wind rated it
Library of Heaven’s Path
March 27, 2018
Status: c600
Here's an example of an ordinary day for the MC:

-The MC goes to buy groceries, he sees a homeless man and gives him charity. The man then gives him a skill book as a thank you. To the man the book is worthless because he can't practice the skill but the MC finds out the skill is very powerful. After that he passes by a stall and with his ability discovers a rare artefact disgised as worthless junk. He buys it. He sees three man harassing a woman. He helps... more>> and the woman falls for him. She is the daughter of the king. He finally buys his groceries and goes home.

The story is good but everything happens so fast. Only a few months have passed since the start of the story and the MC has done so many things and went from lvl 2 to lvl 67 when normally it takes a year to go from lvl 2 to lvl 3. If the story took place over 10 years instead of 4 months it would be much better. The MC is a teacher and it's a job you have to take your time to mold your students into becoming experts. So much happens in too little time.

I like the library in his mind. The fact it is able to see flaws is good. What I don't like is how easy for the MC to correct those flaws. If only he had to work hard to gain powerful techniquesby eliminating the flaws one by one the story would have been much better. I don't feel like the MC is talented, his cheat is just too powerful.

Some say the story is repetitive and they're right. But what storyisn't repetitive? The MC always fights for the same reason and the bad guys are the same everyime. At least in this story the MC doesn't fight to the death every two chapters. The confrontrtions are related to the different occupations (alchemy, formation, blacksmith,...) and not always deadly. If a character loses ace he tries to make the MC loses face, not kill him.

This story has many flaws so it is not one of the best novel but I enjoyed reading it and will continue when new chapters are translated. Just try it for 20 ~30 chapters and if you don't like it you won't like it even after reading more chapters. But if you like it, you'll enjoy it for a log time. <<less
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Kvothe_the_wind rated it
History’s Strongest Senior Brother
March 14, 2018
Status: c180
It seemed interesting and original in a way but it's a miss.

The MC isn't the destined hero, that's great. Unfortunately the "destined hero" isn't developed much and this arc conclusion is horrible. He should have been intonthe shadow of the "destined hero" and fight his way out to break his fate but the author didn't do it.

For once the MC has a vefy background. He is the young master of a powerful family in a powerful sect. He is involved in intrigues because his father is one of the candidate... more>> for the next sect master so the other faction tries to undermine him to gain power, lots of potential. Problem is, MC seems to see through all plots. With practically no clues he knows the others intentions.

In his former life MC was in a super library so now he knows powerful martial arts, alchemy, forging and formation. He is too OP and after 200 chapters I don't think he was wounded once. Each cultivation level supress the one before but MC can fight with people 2 or 3 levels above him.

I never really get into it and after 200 I just stopped because it never got better. It's too easy for MC and I can't relate to him, his personality is like an old man.

You can try reading it but if you aren't hooked quickly just stop. <<less
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Kvothe_the_wind rated it
Divine Throne of Primordial Blood
July 8, 2019
Status: v3c62
I don't like writing a review if I didn't read the entire novel because a lot of them start good and became trash. I'm making an exception because I almost got discouraged to read it thanks to certain reviews. I would have missed one of the best LN out there.

The critics about the novel are pure trash.

I read the author likes to put out information when it suits him. It's just wrong. The MC comes from a third class city lost at the border of the Kingdom. Of course he... more>> doesn't know a lot of things that are 'common knowledge' in the Capital.

The MC isn't cruel enough and he offends people right and left. What a laugh!

The world is dominated by Nobility Clans who think commoners without a bloodline are barely human. The MC is someone without a bloodline. You can't expect the MC to bow his head to them right? They dominate everything so if he wants a place in this world he has to clash against them. But he can't go all out and have them as mortal ennemies while he isn't strong enough. The world has still some sort of rules so the MC uses them to be safe. If he pushes too far his ennemies will disregard rules and just kill him. But don't worry when he has to be ruthless he can be.


I find the novel very well constructed. Each book covers a part of his life and they are each very interesting so far. The cultivation isn't clear at first but it's normal. The MC doesn't know sh*t at the beginning and we learn at the same time as him. The more I learn about Cultivation the more logic I find things. It doesn't look like other Cultivation Novels and that's good.

And I love the MC. He is obsessed by knowledge. It's funny to see him excited by discovering books during his adventures while his friends look at him and think 'why are you excited by those useless books and don' t care about that incredible herb worth millions'. <<less
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Kvothe_the_wind rated it
Heavenly Jewel Change
April 22, 2018
Status: c800
I recommend to try this story. It has no major flaws.

No arrogant young masters who offend MC over nothing which lead to MC gaining a powerful ennemy. MC has ennemies but for good reasons.

No bullsh*t power up just because luck. MC has a powerful cultivation technique but it has major drawbacks. You can't have only advantages.

What I love about this story is the characters. The MC is a scoundrel and a con artist. Any means are good for winning. He is a good guy but tricking ennemies is a must... more>> to win easily. I love the MC.

Other characters are unique too and won't disappear when MC is powerful. His friends grow strong with him. Each woman of his harem has her own personality and doesn't transform into and innocent and obedient girl when they get with MC.

The cultivation and fights are really good. Sometimes it seems game like when skills are involved but it isn't a bother. At first it feels like the MC is strong because of external factors but as time passes he shows his genius side more and more.

The only things I don't like is his how his harem forms and the plot. For him any beautiful is a target and will easily take hold of his heart. Romance is short and he is more like a hunter on the prowl.

The plot is okay and the main reason for only 4 stars. MC doesn't have powerful ennemies until late (I don't talk about ennemies just more powerful than him but a real unbeatable ennemy). There is no foreboding for what is to come until the later chapters so it feels like the real plot starts late. Things happen too quickly. At a moment he plans to do something and thinks it will take years. Three months later his goals are achieved. It's just too easy. The author seems to want the MC being the most powerful expert before his 25th birthday. Why?

In conclusion this novel is a good one and deserves you give it a chance. <<less
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Kvothe_the_wind rated it
Release that Witch
March 30, 2018
Status: c600
For once we have a real story.

In typical Chinese LN it's all about cultivation. The MC roams the world to get stronger and completely forget his home. He is surrounded by beautiful women who loves him but he just doesn't seem to be interested in sex.

In RTW, there are no cultivation but it's alright. The MC's goal is to survive and everything he does is for that goal. If he doesn't get enough power he will die. He is a prince so he is immersed in the political game, showing... more>> weakness means dying. You'll never question him about what he does because it makes sense in his plan.

The real ennemies will gradually come to light and it makes things better than just get ennemy because the other party lost face. The MC mainly builds his nation by beginning in a backwater town. He improves his home little by little to resist his ennemies so he doesn't travel far to get strong. It means characters stay important for a long time. He doesn't leave his friends behind because he became too powerful and they are useless. If you like a character he won't disappear after 100 chapters unless he dies.

Side characters are extremely important and aren't just decorations.

There is a real love story. Things progress way beyond just knowing they like each other.

The MC is well constructed. He knows a lot about science because of his past but not all. He is familiar with military, politics and other stuffs thanks to movies and general knowledge so appart from having a fresh point on view in these things, it's clear he is not an expert.

The only thing that differs from middle age is the witches. It brings an interest tool to the MC because even if he knows how to do things, he can do them because he doesn't have the modern tools he knows. Sure he can create them but it will take him years to do that. Magic helps to accelerate things.

I recommend greatly to read this story. <<less
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Kvothe_the_wind rated it
Praise the Orc!
October 21, 2017
Status: c91
It starts not great but as the story unfolds itself it becomes better and better. If you think it's a story about a vrmmorpg like LMS, Ark or whatnot you'd be wrong. The game doesn't feel like a game at all but like it's another world. The NPCs are all unique and deep like human beings so it's easy to understand why the MC gets so immersed in the game. Sometimes I even ask myself if levels are relevant.

And also the MC doesn't depend on the game to live like... more>> other stories of the genre where the MC has to either get money from the game because he is sooo poor and the game is the mean to change his destiny or the game has impact on real life. Here the MC is doing ok in his life and starts the game for fun because he wants to protect her and help her level up. <<less
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Kvothe_the_wind rated it
World of Cultivation
January 21, 2018
Status: Completed
Only a few chapters left to read so while I'm waiting for the translation, here is my review.

What a fantastic novel, very few LN can compare to it. A lot of strong points and very few weakness present.

1. The world is well thought and interesting. Different races, cultivation methods and jobs. We have glimpses from the higher tier of class to the lowest. What motivates the big sect and how live the weak cultivators are things you will know.

2. The story is great. It's slow at first but it gets... more>> faster and faster until even those who like a lot of action will be satisfied. Little conflicts will never turn into something big. The MC won't meet arrogant young masters who will annoy him because they want his table, weapon, pet, clothes or what not just because they are from a powerful sect and he seems weak. Jerks still exist but they aren't at every turn and won't cause too much damage. The MC's ennemies aren't evil, they just have different (or same) interests as him. The actions people make are rational for their goal. A big sect won't throw every thing for revenge, if the situation isn't good they will think of other methods.

3. The MC is great. He is weak at first so he just want to survive. Making money is important to him. He will evolve but he will always be greedy. His talent isn't great because his sect is focused on something he isn't very good at. He will build his own way to become powerful.

4. The MC's companions. In every other story the MC is so talented his friends are left behind when he powers up. The authors response are abandoning those characters, have them much more powerful than the MC to start with or give them a cheat item that power them up greatly. In this story the side kicks are also talented and grow with the MC. Without them the MC wouldn't accomplish a hundredth of what he does.

5. The wars are so well thought. In other novels only powerful experts counts. So what if you have 5 times more people than me? I'm level 3 and you 2 so I win. It isn't like that here. When real battles begin a powerful expert is powerless against a well trained battalion. Tactics in battle is important so you might be more powerful than your ennemy but lose because he is smarter.

The only thing I find lacking is the doubt about the power level of characters sometimes. There are cultivation stages but we don't know where they are at. It isn't always but still a lot for me.

If you aren't afraid of a slow pace at first, you definitely have to give this novel a try.

Edit: I just finished reading the last chapter and while I still think the story is great I am a little disappointed by the ending. It lacks drama, it would have been better to add a few chapters and go into more details. The way it all plays out is not a problem, I actually like it, it just feels rushed. <<less
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Kvothe_the_wind rated it
The Desolate Era
May 9, 2017
Status: v45c17
It's my favorite novel so far. I eat tomatoes is an excellent writer but this one is the best.

The novel is well balanced between training and adventures. It's very easy to read but hard to stop.

It's good to have a hero who doesn't make enemies wherever he goes for no reason. People are reasonable in this novel (generally) and don't offend other people with no reason. He isn't treated like a loser even though he is very powerful for his age (I hate when the hero isn't viewed as a... more>> genius when he is more powerful than others his age) and most people try to be on his good side when there is no blood feud or things like that between them.

Of course there is a lot of fights because it's the law of the jungle so don't worry, the action is there. Treasures are precious and rare so the stronger one gets it.

What I like most is the cultivation, it's not just absorbing energy, you have to comprehend techniques and Daos (natural laws) to become more powerful. You have to be intelligent to be powerful, there is no shortcut to be powerful. <<less
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Kvothe_the_wind rated it
Destroyer of Ice and Fire
August 22, 2019
Status: c245
I recommend his novel. It might not be to everyone's taste but it is a real novel. There is none of the chinese's LN's cliche.

I read about people calling the MC's naive but it's not true. He used to live in an abandoned town with zero contact to outside so when he leaves and discover the world he doesn't know much. Imagine someone traveling through time from the 40's, they wouldn't know anything about the modern world so they would appear naive even if they aren't.

He also lived in a... more>> place without hope but he still persevered. So when he joins an academy his life is radiant for him and that's why he is full of life and optimist. He knows what despair is and it didn't beat him so school drama doesn't affect him.

I really like the fact that every disagreement isn't met with a life and death battle. The story happens in an academy at the beginning so there is competition but you won't get kill just for looking a senior in the eyes like in other novels.

The plot is also good. The MC isn't thrown into something huge right away for no reason. The beginning is very slice of life but the novel very naturally brings in the big plot. It starts small but it gets bigger as the MC becomes more powerful. I'm not saying the ennemy's power follows the MC's but that nobody will ask him to fight someone much more powerful than him when there are others who can. He will join the more dangerous mission when he has the power to do so or if he stumble into the action for some reason.

All in all it's a good novel without major flaws. You might like it or not but it will not be because the MC is facing the 367th crisis of his life because he refused to cede his table to a young master. <<less
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Coiling Dragon
May 9, 2017
Status: Completed
Just read it. The translation is complete so you won't wait for the next chapters.

If you still don't line it after the end of volume 1 (23 chapters) then you can quit.

I started Wuxia with TDG (after reading the manhua) and then MGA. It was frustrating they weren't finished so I read CD and other novels were forgotten. The characters make sense unlike the novels I mentioned before. The hero even know heartbreak and knows true love, he doesn't collect girls who are interesting before falling in love with the... more>> MC and then become ornaments for him.

Not I eat tomatoes's best novel but we'll forgive him because it was one of his first. <<less
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