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Kuzero rated it
Martial World
February 22, 2019
Status: c1500
It's good as far as cultivation novels go.

It doesn't have any incredible qualities but at the same time doesn't fall into the usual pitfalls. It doesn't have any strong parts but neither does it have any boring ones. Quality is constant, progession is steady and 'believable', plot holes are minor enough, it is not too blatantly repetitive (hey, it is a CN cultlivation level, I already know it will be repetitive, I only ask for it not to be slapped in my face)...

However, while it doesn't do any real mistakes,... more>> it's so generic it becomes boring.

Still, I would say that it's one of the best generic CN novels I've ever read and easily gets into the top 20 (maybe en top 10) of xianhuan/xianxia. That's a real compliment here. Generic chinese novels tend to have so many flaws that's it's refreshing to have one actually doing good. <<less
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Kuzero rated it
Strike the Blood
July 21, 2018
Status: --
Let's just say the protagonist is hard to bear. And others too.
For example, in volume 2 I seriously raged when... (mild spoiler)

... more>>

Kojou apologizes for involving Yukina in the Armed Apostle accident, and expressed his gratitude to her for her help. I have three things to say.

First, don't speak as if you somehow caused the accident. You are just a random victim. Actually, if I had to be perfectly objective, isn't Yukina the one who worsened the accident, unvoluntarily helping the antagonist?

Second, don't speak as if she involved herself in the accident because of you. Instead, she one sidedly decided to involve herself even though you wanted no part of it.

Thirdly, don't make it look like she is the one who helped you. Instead, she guilt trapped you into helping her. She should be thanking you.


More generally... It seems like the author is trying to make characters as unrelatable and unreasonable as possible. Especially Sayaka : (not a spoiler but a rant explaining how much I hate this character) :


I really dare the author to properly explain her thought process without making her look like a mentally ill person fit for a mental asylum. And it makes me hate all other characters for forgiving her that easily. Yes, she is cute, so what? In my eyes, she is a much more dangerous individual (and much more of a criminal) than the main antagonist of volume 1 (mentally unstable people with lots of power are generally dangerous and tends to do crimes).


I mean, in this kind of novel, when you feel more respect and interest for the main antagonist of the volume than the newly introduced heroine (instead hating her), you just know there is something wrong. Actually, on that note : while most characters are awful, antagonist are pretty good.

At this point, the author would have done better making his character follow cliche. Because while making original characters is obviously great, if they don't make any sense what's the point? <<less
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Kuzero rated it
Release that Witch
August 27, 2018
Status: --
There are already many reviews so I won't go into details.

Though, I feel like the plot armor is not stressed enough in most review as well as how forced the plot sometimes feel.

For example, when was the MC transmigrated into Roland. If it was 5 years earlier, a lot would become easy. If it was 5 years later, he wouldn't be able to do anything.

... more>> Still, he was also transmigrated in a great time, with plenty of incredible opportunities to become 'strong'.

The first few witches he gets as subordinate are so useful it's incredible. He really struck it rich when he got those incredible subordinate so easily. My point is that most witches are, while useful, not that incredible, but the first three witches he met happens to be top tier.

More generally, things don't always go as the MC plans it. But it always go in a way which makes him and his territory stronger. Sometimes it felt like the whole world was moving to make a convenient situation for the MC. When it happens once, it's luck. When it happens twice, it's great luck. When it happens 10 times? I call it plot armor.

But well. I will admit that in most cases it's not that bad. Often, I can still barely tell myself that he just makes the best out of the situation. Sometimes though I'm forced to admit 'Wow, how convenient'.

...I mean, one of the greatest example...


Roland really needs a certain witch. She, however, is a noble and isn't willing to give up on everything to come with him (well, can't blame her). It's at that moment that the church decides to comes knocking, having discovered she is a witch, and wants to hang her. How convenient. I mean, she has lived hidden for tens of years.

If I didn't know better, I would have thought Roland was the one to call the church over.


Another fact that bothered was was the romance. Wow, it's bad. I mean, seriously bad. The average chinese novel will try to offset how bad a romance is by making a harem but it doesn't seem like this novel will have one.

Anna is such a 1D character it's almost impressive. Well, I agree that perhaps the two most unidimensional character of the story - Roland and Anna - might make a good couple in a way, but well...

I would rather there isn't any romance at all than this.

Last but not least... The MC becomes an idealist at some point. I'm not saying I want him to be a great villain. But around chapter 900 he states wanting to stay a righteous man and decides on a stupid course of action fitting of an idealist with only demerit for himself, his kingdom, his friends, his descendant, the world, the human's race, etc, just so that he can proudly says 'I'm a righteous man!'. Funnily enough, while it is quite unrealated, his attitude at this moment made me think of polluters not caring what will happen 50 or 100 years later, which is pretty different from what a 'righteous man' would be.

Which is kinda funny considering all the things he had done until now. I mean, he had done a lot of worse things for personal interest and for the well being of the kingdom and the human race until now, so why not now?

I have nothing against idealist (ok, maybe a little). But pragmatic characters suddenly going full idealist just to look cool? Hell no. <<less
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Kuzero rated it
The Novel’s Extra
February 23, 2019
Status: c250
At first, I didn't understand what was so great about this novel. The beginning is rather boring and it takes some time to get going. Actually, even after it gets going, the author takes too often the 'easy way out' which makes it seem like lazy writing.

The 'power up' system is quite bad. Also, I don't know how to say it, but there is kind of a lack of consistency in how powerful people are.

Regarding characters... My problem is that there are too much misunderstanding, especially in the beginning. It's... more>> like every character misunderstand each other and it gets annoying.

Still. Despite all that, it's a great novel.

Good writing, good characters, interesting enough plot. What I found incredible was how everything was so cliche at first (by at first I mean in the first 30 - 50 chapters) but then it slowly but surely grows out of them. <<less
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Kuzero rated it
The Death Mage Who Doesn’t Want a Fourth Time
August 8, 2018
Status: c170
This novel showed a lot of promise. And, how shoudl I put it... While there a lot of 'Isekai' novels, I really don't know of many good ones.

With a rather interesting premise in the familiar 'isekai' setting, it started great. Add in the fact the world was taken seriously (mostly) and it was at least a half serious novel and I should have been charmed here.

There are however many, many problems. The fact I give it a 3/5 considering the ridiculous numbers of flaw really shows that it also has... more>> a lot of qualities.

I think there are a lot of interesting characters. The world is interesting and developed enough. The global plot direction is decent enough. However, it sometimes makes little sense.


I never understood why Vandalieu tried to become an adventurer and a nobleman. Funnily enough, even others characters have remarked to him how stupid his objective was (in more respectful terms though).


As for the whole revenge plot that a lot of people have problems about. Well, yes, revenge is strange in this novel, in many ways. The one point that disturbed me the most was


how much he hated Heinz. That's a fine example of 'hating the gun but not hating the one who fired it'.

In the end, sometimes he forgives, sometimes not. It's impossible to predict whether he will forgives someone or not - it totally depends on the author mood and whether if he needs a new forced antagonist for the arc or not.


Also, beware. A lot of food related stuff will happen in the novel. I repeat, A LOT. What is especially strange is :


Of course, on Lambda (a different worlds), japanese ingredients (which are even 'rare' on earth) can be found everywhere.

Of course, japanese cuisine is the supreme one, and is liked by all species existing in all worlds. Be it humans, elves, goblins or even undead!

Of course, nothing is more important than recreating japanese cuisine in another world and all ressource and energy should go into that direction.

And of course, regardless of which world (earth, origin or lambda), the supreme cuisine will be present.

I mean, it's funny that he learnt most of japanese food production method on Origin, only to reproduce them on Lambda.


Well, there are many others problems, but I think I touched on the most important ones.

... Oh wait, there is just a tiny little thing. It's not much of a flaw than a complaint about how little this pretty important detail is almost never mentioned by anyone.


I mean, the MC is basically evil incarnate. He is the kind of guy to kill you and then brainwash your spirit into loving him. Most people surrounding the MC are mind-controlled into worshipping/loving him and that fact is far too easily dismissed in the novel. Add in that he is constantly f**k*ng up the reincarnation system and risking the destruction of many worlds (thankfully the main 'antagonist' of the novel is here to prevent the MC from accidentally destroying all these worlds) and that he has overall the mentality of a brat, I can't blame some of his enemies thinking the world - nah, the multiverse - would be a much better and safer place without him.

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Kuzero rated it
The King’s Avatar
September 28, 2018
Status: --
I've only read about 70 chapters so far but there are a few things I need to say. I mean, seriously. For the love of god. Did this author every play a game? Or a mmo for that matter?

The mmo in this novel is supposed to be one that could exist even today. It is not a VRMMORPG or anything like that, just a mmo you play with a mouse and a keyboard. But the author generally assume that the player has a level of control over his character as... more>> if it was virtual reality. And god, the game is so incredibly boring it wouldn't survive one year if it got out in 2018, so hard to swallow it's the most popular game ever in the novel.

Ok, let's get over that. What about the story? Well, so far... It's incredibly repetitive and mindless. Also, there is no goal at all.

I mean, in this kind of novel, the protagonist generally go from weak to strong. But it feels meaningless here. The protagonist had already been at the very peak, praised as the Battle God. The premise is basically that he loses his account and that he has to start over but it hardly matter. He still has his skills as the Battle God and, the game being extremely dependant on the actual skill of the player, he only needs to create a new account and get it to level max. Which obviously means lots of mindless grinding. And that's what most of the 70 chapters I've been reading have been about. Not very interesting to be honest.

And even if you anticipate the day he once again is truly strong... So what? He is already at retirement age (as far as pro gamers go according to the novel) so rather than waste time playing game, maybe he should have taken it as an opportunity to think what to do with his life. Because spending 100% of your time not sleeping playing a game is not exactly living.

The protagonist might be 'cool' in the game, but all I can really see is a kid who refuses to move on and get a life (he started playing the game at around 15), instead spending all his time on one of the worst mmorpg I've ever seen. I find it hard to root for him. <<less
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